The Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s Premium Edition Package Made For Japan

By Spencer . July 6, 2014 . 11:39pm


Atlus will release a Persona 4 Arena Ultimax premium edition in Japan. This version includes the story mode from Persona 4 Arena, a glasses pack for all of the fighters, Teddie as a navigator voice, Mitsuru as a navigator voice, and a soundtrack CD with twelve Persona tunes. This version will ship with a special cover pictured above.


The songs in the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax premium edition include:


From Persona 3

Burn My Dead

Memories of You

Deep Mentality


From Persona 4

Pursuing My True Self


Quelorie Magic

It’s Show Time

Never More


From Persona 4: Golden

Shadow World

Let’s Hit the Beach

True Story

Time To Make History


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax comes out on August 28 in Japan and it’s a PlayStation 3 exclusive there. Atlus USA will release the fighting game this fall with a pack of Persona tarot cards and a Teddie punching bag as a pre-order bonus.

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  • Smiech

    Man, I’m really diggin’ that cover art. I hope they keep it for the western release.

  • One word: swag.

  • Edgar Nieves

    My reaction.

  • Xmas Lopez

    How much more than the standard edition does this cost? I mean, if you already own Arena then this LE won’t do much for you (unless costumes and navi voices mean that much to you).

    Personally, I’d prefer an LE that includes the arcade stick.

    • Anon-non

      “if you already own Arena”

      Are you referring to Arena or the sequel Arena Ultimax? Because the sequel isn’t out yet in Japan.

      • Triplicity

        Probably talking about the part where the story mode of P4A(1) is free DLC for P4AU in this LE, along with other stuff that was already in P4A.

        Honestly to me it’s a grave semi-confirmation that DLC you bought for the first game probably won’t work with Ultimax. Bought the glasses? Colors? Sorry, buy them again for Ultimax.
        I only hope to be wrong.

    • Triplicity

      It’s about ~88 USD retail without discounts. The regular version is ~74 USD.

      • Xmas Lopez

        Well that’s not so bad then. But still, it’d be nice to have an alternate LE for ppl who don’t want/need the stuff from the first game.

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      That’s true, both navigators can be unlocked in game quite easily if you’re decent, and the soundtrack isn’t anything special. I’d wager that this premium edition would run upwards of $80 if you combine the cost of the DLC and add it to the retail price of the game ($60)

  • fyi1191

    That spot should be Akihiko’s.

    • Harvey Tejada Loto

      wait for p3u

  • I’m not really sure if I like the box art or not hmm….

  • Shippoyasha

    Very Ashita no Joe.

  • Vesperion

    Can i trade my tarot cards for this?

  • Covnam

    I want that soundrack. I hope that’s the “and more to come” part Atlus teased. I’d probably change my mind about pre-ordering it.

  • Ecchitori-san

    Hey, that’s my birthday. I guess it’s the perfect day to release it, eh?

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Can we get this everywhere else too? Please?

  • ThatGuy3190_7

    I love the cover and limited edition cover, but at the same time I’m kinda disappointed because I was hoping that the soundtrack would be an arranged one like we usually receive, not the songs we’ve heard for the past 8 years.

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      You’re right. I probably own all of those songs on one ATLUS CD or another. Still, I’ll gladly add another one to my collection.

  • Namuro

    That is one cool cover art…

    That pose is enough to make a man faint…

    • Harvey Tejada Loto

      that man pose i already fainted *O*

  • ForteWily

    That swagger…

  • XaviIniesta

    Will the Story Mode from P4A not be included in the regular version of the game then?

    • HerokÔÖ×

      I don’t believe so, unless they are just going to do a blazblue style this important stuff happened, which works for this game since you only need one P4 character’s story, one P3 character’s story, Elizabeth and Labrys for the whole story

    • Scarlet_Devil_Slave

      It is not included. There will a DLC available though.

  • Skye Johnson

    That cover art. Part of me wants it for the English release, the other half thinks that’s just a bit too much swag.

  • Ziggy Wish

    I would be more incline if they add the pallet swaps. since that what I want the most.

  • Freud_Hater

    I do envy that neat cover box…

  • Kami nii

    “Made For Japan” I’m Dying a little inside I want this premium pack :(
    BTW stupid question is this still Region LOCKED?????

    • Desk

      They haven’t said yet

    • Abysswalker90


  • Desk

    I really hope North America gets that cover art

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      The cover art is so amazing…

  • Mirai

    “The songs in the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax premium edition include:

    From Persona 3

    ‘Burn My Dead'”
    I think this confirms a certain individual will be making an appearance in P4AU.

    • Desk

      Nozomi Suemitsu, The Gourmet King, is hungry for battle!

      • ShinNeoGranzon

        Akinari, Maiko, Bebe, and Mutatsu are ready for battle!

    • Vitor Duarte

      I’m finding that more and more possible… Even though I don’t want it.

    • Arz

      Shinji, definitely Shinji.

    • MSJ

      wouldn’t it be Burn My Dread -Last Battle- for P3MC tho?

      • it’s funny because that song is already in the game too.

    • also pretty obvious since persona q is canon…and if he isn’t i would be disappointed.

      • ThatGuy3190_7

        Persona Q takes place between P3’s cultural festival in September, though it was canceled due to a storm in the game, and the last day of P4’s cultural festival. During that time in P3, all of the cast were assembled. How P3 and P4 met was some kind of time travel or something of that sort.

    • James Reilly

      “Burn My Dread” was the P3 Opening and you shouldn’t look too deep into that considering the P4/P4G opening is present too. Burn My Dread [Last Battle] was shown present in one of the atlus streams when they were cycling through the music that didn’t include the dlc.

    • DeadLineDance

      I swear, Minato has become the Half-Life 3 of the SMT-verse. Just give it up already.

  • bob

    I had a feeling the foil cover wasn’t going anywhere outside of Japan, the US site still says “more to come…”, so I can only hope that’s part of “more”.

  • Arz

    Yu’s hair looking less and less of a bowl cut

  • Kotori Itsuka

    P3 music!? Hold my beer

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    I seriously can’t resist the box art… please come stateside too! I would consider importing if not for the possible region lock and wanting to enjoy the story in my native language. So hype for this game I can’t stand it.

    • Abysswalker90

      There’s no region lock.

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        Do you have a source? From what I have gathered, it has not been announced yet whether it will be region locked or not.

        • Abysswalker90

          Because they never stated it was going to be.
          aaand because Video Games Plus listed the game as region free.

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            This hardly seems reliable. They didnt state that vanilla p4a was going to be region locked, and yet it still happened, regardless of the fact that sites listed it as region free

  • ninjabart122

    I miss the “Ultra Suplex Hold” part of the title for western release…

  • Snorlaxation

    If I wasn’t sure before (I was) I sure as hell am now. Pre Order!

  • Yan Zhao

    Dat Narukami swag on the cover, i cant…

  • Rabbit

    And I’m going to assume we won’t receive this addition…

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