XBlaze Code: Embryo – Fanservice For The BlazBlue Fanatic

By Jenni . July 8, 2014 . 2:30pm

I have conflicted feelings about XBlaze Code: Embryo. I really enjoyed reading this story, and feel much more informed about the world of BlazBlue after all of these hours spent reading. Yet, I also can’t find myself ready to tell every visual novel or BlazBlue fan I know to rush out and purchase this now.


Any fan of BlazBlue will undoubtedly benefit from the wealth of knowledge XBlaze provides. The thing is, XBlaze requires a lot of patience and dedication. As enjoyable as this tale is, it’s really a kinectic novel in disguise and thus is even more of a niche product than a general visual novel.


That’s because Arc System Works already knows the way the story is going to go. In fact, the first time through, every player is probably going to get the character ending that involves reading every single TOi article. It’s only after a second playthrough, when characters’ faces start appearing on TOi articles from chapter 6 onwards, that different results become possible.


Which isn’t bad, per-say, just that someone should know going into XBlaze that they’re going to probably be told one specific tale. It’s the story of one young man named Toya Kagari, who happened to be the sole survivor of a devastating and mysterious event known as the Wadatsumi Incident. He came away from it with no memory of his past, except the sound of his mother’s voice saying “Protect” as he looked at a little girl with glowing, blue eyes.


The city, and Toya, haven’t been the same since. The area where the incident happen has remained devastated and unchanged. Gangs fight within the ruins. Strange murders have been happening. Not to mention, some people have been exhibiting strange abilities.


Toya runs right into one of these people. The ringing of a bell lures him to the ruins after school and work one day, and one of these super-powered people immediately declares him an enemy and decides to attack. Fortunately, a young girl named Es steps in and saves him. Yet, Es’ intervention leads to more trouble. She’s a soldier from the Mitsurugi Agency and her boss, Soichiro Unomaro, tasks her and Mei Amanohokosaka with keeping an eye on Toya. Because his hearing the bell is not a good thing, as only Unions, super powered people infected with Crystals, are supposed to be able to hear that sound.


You all just squealed with delight, didn’t you? You recognized the name Amanohokosaka. XBlaze is full of moments where things are suddenly familiar or make sense. I’m both proud and embarassed to admit that there was audible squeaking and squealing whenever I noticed one of these callbacks. (Be glad you weren’t in the same room when Izayoi was mentioned.) These moments were often accompanied by Google searches, as I’d attempt to see how XBlaze‘s incarnation of something tied in to BlazBlue‘s. It was satisfying every single time, not to mention enlightening.


The craftmanship in XBlaze in general was wonderful. The character portraits aren’t like general visual novel designs. They’re far more dynamic. Characters appear to be in motion, constantly moving or ready to move. Yet, at the same time, they’re all totally natural. I wish more visual novels took this approach to character art. (It’s much more appealing than, say, those creepy character portraits that appear to breathe.)


Not that I appreciated all of the character art. Now, I consider myself fairly desensitized to fanservice. I enjoy Idea Factory and Compile Heart games on a regular basis, so I thought I was used to over-sexualized characters. Yet, XBlaze managed to stun me. I think it’s because here, I didn’t really expect all of the female characters to be DD or higher. Yet there they are, and many of the storylines feature half-naked or naked-but-with-strategically-placed-bubble scenes.


The fanservice is one of the things that I think may keep people away from XBlaze. The other is, as I mentioned earlier, it’s kinetic nature. As I said earlier, Arc System Works doesn’t really offer people traditional visual novel choices. Instead, there is the TOi system. Think of TOi as a aggregator device. It collects articles of interest to Toya. Whether or not the player reads said stories influences the course of the story. Avoiding important articles early on can lead to an early, “bad” ending. Reading specific articles that other characters have read will put you on course to an alternate storylines and endings. Basically, knowledge is power, and if Toya knows about certain things, there will be different endings as a result.


I appreciated the creative decisions Arc System Works made with XBlaze Code: Embyro. The dynamic character designs really made it feel like a more active and dramatic affair. The implementation of TOi was a unique idea as well, as it really exemplified the idea that knowledge is power. Yet, there were times when I felt like I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I do with more traditional visual novels. It really feels more like a kinetic novel with the illusion of choice, and after my first play through I didn’t feel compelled to immediately play again and see a different side. XBlaze Code: Embryo is an intriguing tale for sure, and one any BlazBlue fan should read to keep up with lore, but a part of me thinks an anime would have been a better choice than a game for this story.


Food for Thought:


1. If you turn on the “auto play” option, XBlaze actually does turn into an anime. Just remember to check TOi often.


2. There is a way to die early and get a “bad” end if you miss an early TOi article, so I’d recommend reading every TOi article initially, getting what’s probably the “best” general ending, then going back and going for character specific endings.

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  • 하세요

    I couldn’t have been the only one that thought Chie had a major overhaul in that last picture.

    • NeoStrayCat

      Wait that’s not, oh I see what you did there, lol. :3

  • spyro20

    i thought they were gonna show a hot naked guy…..T_T

    • NeoStrayCat

      Might be in the game, but you never know. @[email protected]

    • Shippoyasha

      Second episode here we come! Now with hunks!

    • Black Heaven

      Technically, there IS a skinny guy (aside from the protagonist Touya) in trunks enjoying the pool alongside the girls. Does that count? :)

      • spyro20

        no. -_-

      • DevilMayCry898

        You sir have just given the definition of: Harem. :( It should’ve been a fighting game with story pieces. Waiting for the day(Considering I’m a guy)when I see the “Reverse Harem” done more often.(I believe I pissed off a lot of Harem fans, LOL)

        • Black Heaven

          Well, the fighting game part would be Blazblue main series. I guess they might’ve decided to focus on the story for XBlaze.

          If you look hard enough, you’ll find a few otome games and anime. Down below somebody mentioned La Corda, Hakuouki and Angelique. I add Arcana Famiglia, and Vampire Knight from the top of my head.

        • DyLaN

          Actually, otome games/anime have been getting popular lately. And in Japan there no shortage of otome as well. Just that they don’t get animated/translated as often as galge.

  • Just bring it to europe………… damm

    • NeoStrayCat

      Well, BB:CP did weeks after the US release, though digitally, hope the same for the PAL/EU region too, but stuff is always subject to change anyways. >_>

      • DizzyGear

        They did not even release BB:CP in a large part of Europe.

        “BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA: Not available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine.”

        Between that and the sloppy localisation job with BB:CP Arc Cutting ties with Aksys and Zen was about the worst thing to happen for western Blazblue fans.
        That being said how is the localisation with Code Embryo when it comes to typos etc?

        • NeoStrayCat

          Currently in Ch.2, can’t really speak/type about it much yet, but some gamers should know if they already completed it. :)

          And yeah, kinda dull it didn’t get a full PAL release, only certain countries got it. >_>

          • nonscpo

            I’m in chapter 3 myself and with everything written so far about the Toei system I’m guaranteed the bad ending first :(

          • NeoStrayCat

            Unless you read all the articles (or certain ones) so far, you might be guaranteed a good ending, of course there are guides to get them, but its better if first timers can guess it out, maybe…

      • but BB:CP only got released for Germany x.x (lucky my account is from there)
        But we still don’t have P4U nor GG:Xrd and it has been quite some time now. =(

        Honestly I don’t mind physic or digital (I rather digital actually) I just want it…

        • Herok♞

          You do have know that they only been out in arcades and no where in the world has them on home console yet

          • aside from BB:CP (thats alredy there) the rest has been already announced to be released in Usa :o

          • Herok♞

            Oh you meant tentatively, I really hope you guys get it as well.

        • NeoStrayCat

          Though not announced for EU/PAL for those titles yet, hope they do sometime soon, I know importing is a chore, but what else can you do. >_>

  • Well, for the most part, while it would be better suited as an Anime show, I kinda like it that it was made into a Visual Novel. The interactivity is always good, and the different was it can go. In any case, this is a good buy.

    • AkuLord3

      Idk most things are better told in VN or Light Novel kind of thing so its fine as it is though seeing the actions in anime is fun (just depends on who you get to do it well).

  • Shippoyasha

    The fanservice doesn’t really seem that big a deal to me. Kind of out there, but it actually fits the over the top Blazblue aesthetic.

    Nice to hear the story delves into the Blazblue lore seamlessly. I do think it may get a chance at being an anime as well. But otherwise, this is a lot more financially lean to produce and to buy as well. Solid effort no doubt. But I do think Blazblue newbies will likely get lost.

  • Jesse

    How timely, I just finished the demo. XD I’m interested in getting it now.

  • Manny Being Manny

    The fanservice is no different from any harem action anime out there.

  • Brimfyre

    US Gamer gave it Half a Star. Their lowest review yet.

    • Manny Being Manny

      Why is it not surprising that “US Gamer” hates a game in a genre that America has never embraced?

      The review is by a disgruntled old anime fan who probably watched stuff like Cowboy Bebop and hates current anime and how moe is the big thing now, so I didn’t really take it seriously.

      ” I actually cut my teeth on anime reviews as a young freelancer, and watched countless series for years until the dark cloud of moe descended on the industry and made everything… icky.”

      • Black Heaven

        Do reviewers really have to watch an anime genre they hate just to give it a very biased low review score? :(

        While I also cringe a bit on today’s anime being saturated by moe, I just skip them all and pick the better gems. We’re not obliged to watch them, right?

        • Shippoyasha

          To be fair, most moe is smoke and mirrors. It’s light visual appeal, usually not the singular motif of a product. If you really hate it then more power to ya. But sometimes that bias runs so deep, people can’t be knackered to check out what other things they aim for within the cute exterior.

          There always are some games, manga and anime that comes out looking cute on the outside until you realize they have way more depth.

          Game reviews are kind of at a tough spot, because not all reviewers have time or the patience. Deadlines are there as well. Not to mention patience is tantamount for VNs in general. Not to mention this game kind of requires one to have some familiarity with Blazblue lore to truly enjoy it.

          • Black Heaven

            Yes, of course, there would be exceptions I do recognize that. For those that are really good (Clannad on top of my head) I do watch them for the depth of the story. But it is also undeniable that many of today’s moe setting include a “regular high school boy” being swarmed by girls of all kinds, with shallow story and much focus on the fanservice.

            I know a few of them as my brother watches some of those anime, and then recommend me some knowing my criteria. No Game No Life is his latest recommendation for moe but still quite enjoyable.

          • Shippoyasha

            I think vast majority of moe harems are there to make fun of it or put a twist on the formula than being a proper harem though. Sometime in the early 2000s, that was played much more straight. Nowadays, most harems are pure comedies or even dramas like Clannad.

            It’s actually kinda refreshing when there is a straight harem with no other hooks sometimes. I also personally adore reverse harems with a girl and groups of hunks though. Stuff like La Corda, Hakuouki and Angelique are fun franchises too.

      • Shippoyasha

        He had a heavy bias and wore it on his sleeves. Maybe he could have had the self control to not review it or give the job to another staffer. I personally detest Adam Sessler, but at least that guy knows not to review JRPGs because he trashes and rants about it if he does.

        • DizzyGear

          I gotta admit and agree with the guy that locking a player into a dead end without warning with no option to rewind back to an eariler point is rather poor design and i can imagine how it could really piss someone off.
          But yeah half a star and his wording went a bit overboard.

          • NeoStrayCat

            Well, you can rewind to a point, but gotta make sure what “Toi” choices you make and also “Saving” in certain spots as well to reach different paths/ends.

            And I really don’t care for reviews more or less, I just play the games I’ll like no matter what.

    • zeroroute

      I haven’t looked at the review, but I feel like I should’ve gotten it used (bought it day 1). People complain about BB being tropey, but after doing all the endings the characters in this feel so dang one-dimensional. Luckily I got $12 back.

  • NeoStrayCat

    Just got this from AX (with a sweet poster too, lol.) and currently checking out how the game goes, just starting it, but will go real smoothly soon. :3

    • Shippoyasha

      AX this year was nuts. So envious of you guys.

      • NeoStrayCat

        Yeah, but the “Nuts” part is really putting it lightly, there was (more or less) problems/concerns at AX that majority of the attendees had, but I’d rather not discuss it here. Since, this is Siliconera, of course.

        Other than that, back to reading the story of XBlaze, I guess, lol. :3

        • Shippoyasha

          AX had a lot of positives and negatives for sure. Anime cons are so popular nowadays, they need bigger venues and better attendee control.

          • NeoStrayCat

            Yeah, just hopefully it can try to get better, more or less.

  • roockie112

    it sounds interesting I just hate reading too much, the reason why I still haven’t beat Blazblue lol

    • k.b.a.

      B-but its a fighting game

      • roockie112

        is a fighting game with too much reading lol

  • Revorse

    I don’t really care about fanservice too much, but damn that picture is a bit alluring.

  • Kornelious

    I havent’ gotten around to playing my copy of XBlaze, but played the demo and wasn’t to enthraled(That may just because I don’t play many Visual Novel’s) But i feel if I play through ALL of Blazblue that I’ll get a better understanding so I’ll probably do that first…..One day -_-

    • NeoStrayCat

      Aww, don’t be sad, but yeah, even though this takes place before the BB series, you may might wanna play all of BB first to get a clear view of XBlaze, but its your choice to decide where you want to start it, anyways, cheer up and have a happy face! :)

      • Kornelious

        Aw shucks, Your happiness is too powerful for me to stay sad! =D

        • NeoStrayCat

          I do what I can! :3

  • Black Heaven

    Most anime and VNs featuring teenage girls would almost always have the (mandatory) swimsuit episode. Not that I’m exactly complaining. :)

    • NeoStrayCat

      No need to complain, there’s always (if not any exceptions) that there will be a swimsuit episode or scene here or there.

  • Astrotrain

    No mention of the framing error in the PS3 version?

    • Godmars

      What framing error? You can change that in options, though the option isn’t called “framing” or anything related. I forget what it is.

      • Astrotrain

        People keep say that. Obviously, changing the display
        options was the first thing I tried. It didn’t work. The error is that the image doesn’t fit correctly the TV screen. It’s either to big that the text is too close to the bottom of the screen (part of the text got cut out) or too small for my TV screen. I know other people experience the same problem.

        • nick_54g

          get a better tv?

          • NeoStrayCat

            Actually, I think what Astrotrain was mentioning is the Screen Type, like in BB and P4A where there’s 3 types to fit your screen (Type’s A, B, and C.), and yeah, its also prevalent in both the Demo and the Full game, kinda dull (I think) you can’t manually adjust it, you can only select the 3 types that automatically does it for you.

          • nick_54g

            i see my tv has that prob with BBCP so i had to deal with a bit or bordering or just clipped portraits and stuff

        • disgaea36

          yes i have that same issue to have to play it with the second option.

  • Heath Bunch

    I enjoyed the story and characters for the most part (mostly as a Blazblue fan), but the actual localization quality left quite a bit to be desired, imo. There are a few typos (even in a trophy name), several weird mistranslations (i.e. Akira’s conversation with Acht), and just some quirks in general, like occasionally popping up an article to read on T.O.I. will bring up the text but leave the previous screen’s background. There were also a lot of cringeworthy lines that seemed like huge embellishments off of what was actually being said in Japanese.

    Overall, I enjoyed it, but it still left a bit of a weird aftertaste in my mouth. Hopefully Aksys will work on bettering their QA in the future.

  • Rose Spinoza

    Ooh! Hey, I actually love kinetic novels, so I’m actually MORE intrigued now. And there’s a demo? I did not know this *_* .

    The fanservice thing worries me a bit, but still, I’ll probably check this out someday. (hopefully there’ll be a sale or something one day!)

    • NeoStrayCat

      Well, there was a 1 week release sale for PS+ members, though it wasn’t much, but its already over. But yeah, it’ll be a long while for this to drop in price since it just came out recently.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      The TOI doesn’t count as a choice system?

  • JohnNiles

    Whoops, should I have waited for more reviews before purchasing the game? Someone has to go first, though. Plus it’s been a long, long road to seeing visual novels localized, so I thought I would take a chance.

    My biggest concern is whether it’s too heavily tied to a fighting game backstory or not. I have not experienced or heard about a fighting game whose storyline I liked. (I use a simple litmus test – I read the fan wiki summaries, which are written by the people with the most positive viewpoints).

    • nonscpo

      I feel you pain there are dozens of visual novels id have preceded localized before this one, however if we don’t support this one we won’t get more.

    • thnkgod4mentlillness

      I really have not heard good things about XBlaze, whether it’s from BlazBlue fans or visual novel fans (especially visual novel fans, since it’s mostly a novel…). Actually, this is really the first “somewhat positive” review I’ve seen.

  • MSJ

    >relevant to my interests

  • MaidKillua

    “You recognized the name Amanohokosaka.”. I’m a big fan of Blazblue and I have never heard this before. Is it from Chrono Phantasma? Still can’t play that because I don’t own a PS3, Vita version needs to come out. Then I can import it since I assume we will only get it digitally like the PS3 version and i’m not up for that

    • Mr_SP

      Isn’t the US digital version of Chronophantasma Vita already out?

      Though I’m also waiting for the EU Vita version, physical or not.

      • MaidKillua

        I have no idea, I don’t follow digital releases and until the day they become the only thing available (which sadly some day they will) I have no intention of doing so. I’m not waiting for the EU version i’m waiting for the US physical version. If it’s out already then i’m an idiot and I need money
        Edit: I looked it up and both versions have been out in the US for several weeks now. I am slow and just blew the last of my money on Virtue’s Last Reward. I must wait…

    • Suzaku

      Without spoiling Chronophantasma, yes, the Amanohokosaka family is extremely important.

    • k.b.a.

      Not gonna lie after reading that whole paragraph I poured more cement on my tribute to ‘glad I never got into blazblue’ even though I’ll look into things that dont regularly appeal to me, and i’ve always found the characters’ designs white a few of them cool, too tropesy. Like s class hardcore tropes. I couldn’t ignore that, try as I might, and I really did try.

      • thnkgod4mentlillness

        BlazBlue is actually really fucking awesome. Has a cool story, but the gameplay is incredible. Fighting games aren’t just about character design, you know ;^)

  • Go2hell66

    Never got why the character designs in this game are so bad. Everyone in blazblue looks so cool and everyone in this game looks… not so cool…

    • Shippoyasha

      Yeah. They seem to be using a whole another artist’s style for this game. That being said, it is kind of striking how ever Blazblue game had a different artist do different character portrait art as well.

  • Hexodious

    “The fanservice is one of the things that I think may keep people away from Xblaze.”

    Then those people should stay away from visual novels in general, simple as that. When I speak, I believe I speak for the majority. The one thing people should expect from a mile away in visual novels is fanservice.

    ..While that being said i’ve never played a Blazblue game without fanservice, so speaking for myself, this game is no different.

    • MaidKillua

      “Those people should stay away from visual novels” – Filed under reasons VN’s are hardly ever localised. Many people, such as myself, dislike or are uncomfortable with heavy fanservice. If there were more VN’s that didn’t have it, they would DEFINITELY be more popular in the west, that’s just unarguable. Case in point, Zero Escape, one of the most well received and critically acclaimed VN’s in the west. No fanservice. Also my favourite VN. Do we need more like it? Hell yes. Your attitude is damaging to our chances of getting more VN’s. In western markets, people who will put up with copious amounts of anime titties are in the minority, and probably always will be

      • Hexodious

        If attitudes start damaging big things than i’m a magical girl in a reality 3D movie. But seriously, quit making shit up that’s total bullshit, if i was aware if i had such ability, I would continue to do so for my own personal benefit.

        Zero Escape? Get your facts straight, it’s a puzzle adventure with visual novel elements, not an actual visual novel no matter how much you try make it out to be.

        In the minority, eh? Buzz off with your nonsense unless you’ve actual numbers. Senran Kagura Burst, a game full of aggressive watermelons sold fairly well and even became a #1 seller for a few weeks. Face the facts, “anime titties” aren’t an excuse anymore for a game of any kind to sell less or more.

        Do we need more visual novels with less fanservice? Sure. But expect fanservices from a mile away, that’s all i’m saying. People should stay away from visual novels in general if they can’t handle fanservices, 80% of the visual novels in this time and day got fanservices of all kinds.

        • MaidKillua

          The attitude thing meant attitudes like yours in general, not you personally. It came across as if you just believed that there was no point in non-fanservicey VN’s and that people who don’t like fanservice should simply never get to play them. Which is a terrible opinion. Maybe you worded it wrong, maybe I misinterpreted, whatever. As far as Zero Escape goes, it is far more VN than it is puzzle game. The majority of time is spent reading and the puzzle sections are the side stuff, not the other way around as you seem to suggest. And as for Senran Kagura, call me when it can sell the kind of numbers that popular series in the west do. If it were a top seller here, it would have been in a week where nothing else came out. The numbers won’t compare to games that AREN’T shallow excuses to show off boobs. And more to the point people who bought Senran Kagura are people who wanted it EXCLUSIVELY for the boobs, since if you look pretty much anywhere it’s commonly agreed that the gameplay and story were both lame. I never said there is NO audience for anime titty games, just that the audience for quality games with NO anime titties (which more VN’s could stand to be) is larger. Which it is

      • thnkgod4mentlillness

        Mmmmmmhm ;^) we’re ALL uncomfortable with heavy fan-service.

  • Calintz YT

    “The fanservice is one of the things that I think may keep people away from XBlaze.”

    Those people don’t play most VNs anyway. Blazeblue is a massive fanservice game, so your comment was a little stupid, tbh.

    • MaidKillua

      Blazblue itself is pretty light on the fanservice honestly. There’s just very occasional jokes about Litchi and Makoto’s boobs, and Platinum’s lack thereof. I can’t stand heavy fanservice and i’m a huge fan of Blazblue. It could be worse

      • Calintz YT

        You’ve never played Blazblue beyond the first five minutes of the game if you feel that way. We can sit here and split hairs about your limit for fanservice vs mine, but the fanservice in BB is anything, but light.

        • MaidKillua

          I’ve finished the entirety of both of the first 2 games. There is no REAL fanservice in it because everyone stays fully clothed. The moment they have any genuine nudity in it i’ll be the first to complain. Women just HAVING large boobs isn’t really fanservice, otherwise real life would like to have a word with you. Also it’s all just static character portraits, it’s not like they have DoA style jiggle physics going on

          Edit: Ok yes she is pretty bad but she’s in CS for like 5 minutes tops and they never actually show her like that image specifically. Plus the way I see it her robot parts are much more eye catching anyway, if you’re looking at the exposed parts you’re PROBABLY doing it on purpose. I don’t know what it’s like in CP though as I have yet to play it

          • Rafael Budzinski

            …man, clothed characters =/= non-fanservice. Makoto, even full clothed, is a fanservice force to be reckoned with. Every Arc System’s game has it’s share of fanservice (and it’s not “small”). Period.

          • MaidKillua

            I only really consider it REAL fanservice if the fanservicey content is the focus (which in Blazblue it rarely is). If it were a game such as Senran Kagura which is literally 100% about anime titties and has nothing else going for it then fine, but Blazblue is just a great game that happens to have some questionable character designs. Like I said before, in most of these cases they have other features that are more eye catching unless you’re actively choosing to look at the boobs

          • Fitzkrieg

            >Senran Kagura which is literally 100% about anime titties and has nothing else going for it

            I don’t even own a Senran Kagura game and I know there’s more to them than that. You can’t sell an entire franchise on fanservice alone, you have to have the game to back it up, and from what I have played and seen, it doesn’t fall short in that department.

            Congrats, you made me reply. Ignorant/10.

          • MaidKillua

            100% may have been an exaggeration but I was just using it as an example of what I consider genuine fanservice, as boobs are without a doubt that games major focus point. Anyone who believes the appeal of SK is the gameplay or story is just a deluded pervert, which is worse than an honest one. I never said there was anything wrong with people liking it, simply using it as an example of why I consider Blazblue to be light in terms of fanservice. Also saying “congrats” just because you replied makes you sound pretty arrogant, as if your input has some kind if inherent value in your eyes. Conceited/10

          • thnkgod4mentlillness

            >You can’t sell an entire franchise on fanservice alone



          • thnkgod4mentlillness

            Actually, Senran Kagura is fun as hell… Has its problems, such as a shit story (typical for a fan-service based game though) and frame-rate drops, but the game is fun as shit if you like beat-em-ups.

            I’m pretty excited for the sequel, as well as the Musou-like one coming to Vita, all tits aside.

          • thnkgod4mentlillness

            Fan-service isn’t just nudity or partial nudity or tits. And tits DO jiggle… It’s just not 3D characters like in DoA.

            If you can’t see the fan-service, just look at Makoto… She’s the walking, 2D epitome of fan-service, depending on what you’re into. Animal ears and tail (whatevermimi for those who like the Japanese terms), big titties, barely any clothing, bounces around a lot with tits jiggling with the animation…

            Or what about Litchi Faye-Ling? Her tits are basically flopping out of her clothes and she has cloth covering her crotch, and she’s showin skin from the hips down. The chick’s all tits, hips and legs dude…

            Or Taokaka? Leg fetish people are utterly obsessed with her.

            Platinum the Trinity? Lolifags are crazy about her, not to mention there’s also Rachel Alucard…

            I think you don’t have quite a correct definition of fan-service in your mind, because there is LOTS of it in BlazBlue, whether you’re looking for it or not. I’d say majority of fighting games have fan-service, whether mild or a lot. Hell, majority of games have fan-service…

          • MaidKillua

            My point was never that there is none, just that it isn’t even remotely a focus and you only really notice it if you’re into it and looking at it on purpose. I am the FIRST person to complain about fanservice when it’s a major thing. I hate sexual things, they make me uncomfortable. I drop a lot of anime because of it. I am saying that in Blazblue it takes enough of a back seat that if you’re really noticing it that much you’re probably really into anime titties or lolis or furries yourself (and before anyone gets angry at me about that last comment, at no point did I say there was anything wrong with you being into that stuff. Though I am not). But yes, it’s definitely there, but it’s not heavy or in your face and never diverts or detracts from the gameplay and story. Though judging by this article and the images in it, I may not be able to say the same about Xblaze and may even have to pass on playing it -.- (Also just HAVING a couple of lolis doesn’t really constitute fanservice since they’re never really portrayed in a sexual manner, that one is DEFINITELY all on the people looking at it whether you agree about the rest or not)

          • thnkgod4mentlillness

            I’m not into furries nor lolis, yet it’s still fan-service. What I’m saying is you don’t have to jerk it to furry porn or little girls to notice the obvious fan-service. And no, it’s not heavy and in your face, but it’s there. It’s literally in everything somehow, whether it’s sexual fan-service or references. Fan-service isn’t just sexual stuff, which is what I don’t think you’re getting. Not a cop out, I just don’t think you completely know what fan-service is.

            For instance, XBlaze isn’t “fan-service for BlazBlue fans” just because there are “sexy” parts to it. It’s fan-service because it caters to fans of BlazBlue a lot, with references to things a lot of us know from BlazBlue. Then of course there’s the sexual fan-service with the partial nudity and titties and all of that.

            It’s kinda like how Star Ocean 4 has a lot of fan-service for fans of the previous Star Oceans by visiting planets from the past games or totally referencing the first Star Ocean. THEN there’s the shower scene with Reimi, which is merely sexual fan-service.

            But, as for BlazBlue, there’s tons of sexual fan-service, absolutely. And you don’t have to have a specific fetish to notice it. But, I guess it’s good for you for not noticing, because that probably means you’re a lot more innocent than the rest of us… And luckily, BlazBlue isn’t mere fan-service. It has a ton to offer, unlike fan-service based games.

            Hell, Catherine has an absolute fuckload of fan-service, yet it’s one of the greatest games I’ve played on PS3 for sure. Amazing story, loveable characters, extremely fun gameplay, awesome settings and themes… Yet there’s lots of sexuality involved in the game. Which, that’s exactly what sets Catherine apart from, say, Criminal Girls or Akiba’s Trip (although I think Akiba’s Strip is actually a lot of fun, although really sexual).

          • MaidKillua

            Well like I said, my point was never that Blazblue doesn’t have it at all, I only said it was light to begin with because as I explained, I never thought it was that noticeable personally. I don’t know if it’s due to me being asexual or if I was just sort of blinding myself to it out of a biased love for the story and characters but whatever. My point still stands that I found it light. If you disagree then that’s fine I guess, it just seems some people got confused as to where I was coming from. As for the different types of fanservice, I am aware, though the image in this article does make it look as though Xblaze is of the sexual kind and those boobs are DEFINITELY more in your face than anything in Blazblue. I’m sure a friend will bite the bullet and buy it first then let me know if it’s too much for me to be comfortable with or not

          • thnkgod4mentlillness

            “Also just HAVING a couple of lolis doesn’t really constitute fanservice since they’re never really portrayed in a sexual manner, that one is DEFINITELY all on the people looking at it whether you agree about the rest or not”

            I disagree completely. A loli doesn’t have to be sexualized for it to be a fan-service to the loli fans. Do you think BlazBlue would’ve incorporated Rachel and Platinum if there weren’t loli fans? Yea, I highly doubt it. It’s not like everybody’s jumping to go play a seemingly eight-year-old girl. However, loli fans are, whether they’re sexual or not. And you don’t have to be a lolicon to like lolis, you know? There are a lot of people who really do just think lolis are cute, and then you have lolicons. I don’t think Rachel or Platinum are really that great of characters, but a buddy of mine thinks lolis are really cute, and whenever I joke with him that he’s a pedo or a lolicon, he’s always says with a straight face that he merely thinks they’re cute. Nothing sexual about it. It’s like how you may think a cat is cute, or a baby is cute or something. Doesn’t mean you wanna fuck them, although there are people that do.

            You can’t incorporate people who like things to actually always have a fetish surrounding those things.

          • MaidKillua

            Ok I guess i’ll concede on that one, I sort of warped that point into everything else I was saying without thinking it through properly. Once I get going I tend to just keep typing after a certain point. lol

          • thnkgod4mentlillness

            It’s alright dude. We all tend to do that.

            Also, I’ve been around the net and Japanese shit for perhaps too long, so all that sorta stuff kinda just blatantly sticks out to me.

        • Guest

          Ok but how many times do you actually see her like that at any point in the game itself? Close to 0. Her sprite isn’t in any real level of detail comparable to that and character portraits are usually profile during dialogue, ignoring the fact that in CS she’s in the story for like 5 minutes tops

        • thnkgod4mentlillness

          Keep em coming

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