NIS America To Publish Ar noSurge Limited Edition In North America

By Ishaan . July 11, 2014 . 5:00pm


Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star will be localized and published by Koei Tecmo, but NIS America are pitching in with a limited edition release of the game in North America. The limited edition will contain the following:


  • Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star for PS3
  • Full color, hardcover art book (approx. 26 pages)
  • Original soundtrack with jewel case
  • Ar nosurge poster (16″x23″)
  • Collector’s box


The limited edition will be released on September 23rd, the same day the game launches in North America. The LE is available for pre-order now.


Meanwhile, Koei Tecmo Europe have confirmed that the game’s localization will include dual-audio, featuring both Japanese and English voice tracks. A collector’s edition has not been announced for Europe yet, though.

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  • Sentsuizan_93

    That LE…. I need it!!! *o*/

  • Still not sure if I will pick this up, but the limited edition is cool. Would look really nice beside my Ar tonelico 2 collectors edition.

  • Jesse

    So THAT’s that their tweet was about. ..they should have said this sooner to avoid all that confusion. ^^;

  • Jin Kisaragi

    This is great. I will pick it up if it’s reasonably priced. I guess NISA isn’t localizing the Vita version.

    • Considering the Vita version won’t include much new text based content, you should expect to hear some localization announcements for Ar nosurge Plus after the Japanese release in October.

  • AlphaSixNine

    I had a small glimmer of hope that their tease was for Ciel noSurge localization lol. Oh well… This is great too.

  • DesmaX

    Seems pretty basic, but fine enough

  • lordsofskulls


    this is like >.> 4th game from NIS release in the same month why cant it be OCTOBER give my wallet some rest XD

    I mean seriueslly… Notion, Disgea 4, Fairy Fencer, Dogopoorra 2 (cant spell it name)

    and Destiny Ghost Edition comeing out same month…

    now this on top of it all XD

    • Cheesy12

      It’s easier if you just break it up, Dan-gan-ron-pa. Also, I’m pretty sure Disgaea 4 releases in August, though that is still pretty close to September.

  • Red Antares

    I love you NISA! :D

  • criperro

    $65 is a good price for what it offers. Thank you NISA!!! :3

  • Bob Slim

    WOW really nisa doing this cool

  • Taylor Greene


  • HellMuT

    Finally a LE for a Gust game.

    • Yuuki

      Back in the day(When NISA brought GUST games), we got limited editions for everything. Ar tonelico 1,2 and 3 and all the Atelier Arland games,but now…

  • Eh looks alright. I’m not sure why Koei Tecmo couldn’t do this themselves, it’s not like they don’t have the resource to bring something like this.

    • They seem sorta oddly allergic to doing any LEs anymore for Gust games, so it might be why.

      • Then considering how badly priced Nis Europe store is, this is probably one of the worst news I heard for this game. That’s only if they decide to take preorder in Europe. I do hope that LE stay in the US else it would be a piss take.

        • DesmaX

          Play-Asia is stocking NISA’s LE, I believe.

          You could try buying it from them

          • Yeah I know but I’m going to pass buying any NISA’s LE and also the fact that all my ar tonelico games isn’t LE…well with an exception of the second game.

      • pimpalicious

        The only TK LE I know of was for Dead or Alive 5.

        The Warriors games don’t get them.

        • I wonder why it is, anyway.

          TK is evidently an established company that would be capable of this. Do they think there’s no market for it, and that’s why they’re giving NISA a go at it instead? I imagine the only reason they are doing this is cause people’ve been asking for LEs for a bit now, especially with Gust’s stuff (since we went from having LEs every game to 0.)

    • chibidw

      The idea of a CD full of Hymnos music alone is worth it.

      • Uhhhhhhhh you do know the original soundtrack is 3 discs right? this probably is a selected soundtrack unless they already stated it’s actually the full soundtrack put into a DVD..

        • aquagon

          Five discs if we add the two Genometric Concerts. And I think there’s no way any of the Cielns or Hymmns are going to find their way to the soundtrack for the LE, given what we had happen with the Hymmnos songs with the LEs for the Ar tonelico ones.

        • chibidw

          Uhhhhhh I fail to see how this makes my opinion any less valid.

    • It might actually be that TK USA does not actually have established supply channels for the custom box/content production contracts, while NISA does already have those established.

      I think the thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that the overseas companies for these companies are more like ‘associates’ and less like ‘departments’ for the parent companies. NISA is more like a separate company from NIS, TK USA is really more of a separate company form TK JP as well.

      As a result, it may have been more cost/time effective for TK USA to farm the LE production and sale out to NISA since they already have the production channels for the additional items established, while as you may have noticed, TK USA doesn’t really do LEs probably because they do not have those production channels/contracts setup (yet).

      On specifics, I think this LE sounds really nice honestly. The JP agent pack was cool with the music box, but that was it, just a music box. I do wonder about the “Soundtrack” CD though. My Gust Shop Ar nosurge special combo order included 3 separate CD cases, one of which was the literal soundtrack case containing 3 discs for a total of 5 audio CDs. Just one CD sounds like short change to me.

      Otherwise, a hardcover art book AND poster? Sounds awesome. Though I do enjoy my music box…

      • aquagon

        It is, as if we go by how they handled the Ar tonelico games, the soundtrack is just going to be a lite version of the JP soundtrack only including the opening theme and several of the BGMs, but none of the songs from the Genometric Concerts.

  • r0gamer940

    is it on amazon yet?

    • Jin Kisaragi

      NISA limited editions are only sold on their online store. It is already available on their online store.

  • NegativeZero

    Dammit, they had to announce this *after* locking everyone in PAL regions out of their store. I’m assuming this is a NISA store exclusive.

  • O_O!

    *Runs off to pre-order*

  • Eric Harris

    I was gonna wait for a hopeful Vita physical edition. This is all I need. Will still hope for a Vita physical edition. Might keep this sealed for a bit and see if one is coming out.

    • chibidw

      Considering it’s supposed to be better than even Ar Tonelico 2, I’m gonna buy it, play it, then buy it again on Vita, and then play it again. Screw it.

    • The Japanese release of the Vita version, Ar nosurge Plus, is scheduled for October 2nd. You probably won’t hear anything about a localization of that version until after the JPN release date.

      Personally I’m concerned about the Vita version — The Atelier Plus games have all suffered from framerate and other performance issues over their PS3 versions, and Ar nosurge’s main PS3 version suffers from use of an less than optimized graphics engine (there’s some frame rate drops through out), so the Vita version may actually result in a less than satisfactory play experience.

      Tsuchiya’s Surge Concerto team is a lot smaller than Okamoto’s Atelier team, so Ar nosurge Plus will be a test of how well they can handle a Vita port.

      Point is, I think going for the PS3 version first and foremost is the best move for quality of experience.

  • bigboss09

    I can’t imagine Ar tonelico without a touch from NISA
    PRE order it Already
    hope we will see ciel no serge in future

    • Shinobikens

      But NISA literally shit all over the Ar series. So much so that KT took the series away from them

      • Err… Koei-Tecmo took the license away to cut out the middle man now that they own GUST. Don’t pretend there was any other reason. NISA did the same thing to Atlus with Disgaea.

        KT hasn’t exactly been giving much attention to their translation work for Atelier. Every single one has a few glaring mistakes. Let’s not pretend they’ve been doing a great job with translating GUST’s stuff. The only thing I can vouch for them on is that they listen.

        • SupaPhly

          NISA changed Esty Erhert to Esty Dee for no reason
          no one can defend that

          KT does a better translation job than NISA ever will

          • Yes, because changing a character’s name to make a bad joke is far worse than the trainwreck that was the English text for Escha & Logy. I’m sure NISA has had menus and effect descriptions say the opposite of what they do and translated two completely different items under the same name in one game before.

            Of course, NISA also accidentally left a line in Japanese like KT did for Rorona Plus, right?

            KT has done a horrible job from a cursory standpoint, not the localization end of things. Which is even worse, since even people who don’t know about original names being changed and the like will notice.

          • aquagon

            Actually, Escha and Logy was handled by Acttil, which itself was formed by former NISA employees.
            And if we get technical, I’d say that NISA’s own track record is even worse due to them introducing game-breaking bugs in Atelier Iris 1, Mana Khemia, Ar tonelico 2, and Mana Khemia 2, as well as the notoriously infamous bad localization Ar tonelico 2 received.

          • Barrylocke89

            I’m honestly kinda scared to try AT2 after hearing about all of the bad localization stuff with it. Which is a shame because the core game looks better than AT1. More cool music and Hymmnos, interesting world, and a battle system that actually looks enjoyable (AT1’s battle system got old, and the game never really presented any challenge).

        • Shinobikens

          KHEMIA 1 and 2

          o Bad string handling leading to complete
          crash against specific bosses (AT1, MK2) / major part of the extra dungeon
          enemies (MK1). MK2’s crash is rather easy to avoid, though.

          o MK1: Unnecessary and flagrant name changes
          to a variety of playable main characters.

          o MK2: Lack of testing in the extra chapter
          leads to crashes when doing certain tasks if Ulrika is the main character
          instead of Raze: Student handbook and Job post usage crash the game.


          o Typographical errors, missing words, and
          shaky sentences, mistranslation of important game terms, inconsistently-adapted

          o Localization introduced or exposed
          game-crashing bugs in the game.

          o NISA marketed the game based on Sex Appeal,
          when, in fact, AT2 was intended to be a more serious and thoughtful game, with
          less emphasis on cheap hooks and a greater focus on the plot, than Ar Tonelico

          o In order to fit English voice acting onto
          the disc, they cut approximately half of the Japanese voice-acted scenes,
          leaving many important plot points lacking appropriate impact.


          o Typographical errors and untranslated text
          in various spots on top of their “translation” not even being
          remotely close to the japanese track and english voice track, what little there
          is, not even matching the text in some areas.

          o Binary Field (DLC episodes) scam where they
          put out each chapter separate then a few days after a bundle pack which didn’t
          work if you had downloaded the first episode.

  • Mika Moreno

    C’mon Vita version, c’mon Vita version!

  • Kornelious

    O_O…….I CAME!!!……..Back to life from a nap after i read this article XD (What did YOU think i meant :P)

    This is an amazing yet unexpected surprise! I never thought NISA would make a limited Edition (An awesome looking one if I might add) of a game they weren’t even Publishing….Now THAT’S devotion! And it’s already up for pre-order…….consider it ordered last week :D

    This brings the thought to mind though….If NISA can create LE’s for games TK is publishing……Then WHY haven’t they done any for the Atelier games!? X(

  • Considering KT seems to be against doing Gust game LEs themselves, this is actually a pretty good set-up.

    It might at least set a precedent for allowing other companies to handle things that fans might demand for, like premium sets or LEs or anything like that, and sell them through their channels. It allows for a split risk instead of the whole one, this way.

    I’ll have to consider the LE, that’s for sure.

  • doubleO7

    Very tempting, but I’m holding out on the chance that the Vita version will be localized. Hopefully that version might get a Limited Edition as well.

  • MSJ

    looks nice. would really love if they localized Ciel no Surge, but chances looking kinda slim…and maybe a rerelease of the first two Ar Tonelico games.

  • Learii

    I bet is $100

  • darke

    Shame there isn’t a version that just comes without the game; or with a digital code. I don’t want to buy the game twice just to get the art book, even though it looks cool. :(

    • doubleO7

      If you were already going to get the game, but you also want the LE bonuses, then why not just go with the LE so you only buy it once?

      • Revyatheworldeater .

        It looks like gamestop has some significant pre-order bonuses for ordering from them, including a couple of the dlc visual novel chapters and a dynamic theme for the ps3.

        • aquagon

          It’s actually the packs for unlocking Kanon and Nay as conversation partners for the Purifications (each with their own set of talk topics for each party).
          And looks they are also including the pack that takes off Sarly’s glasses, which was only distributed as a download code during a Gust Live in Japan.

          • Revyatheworldeater .

            Thank you for clarifying, I am not sure how large this content is. Hopefully they’ll add it later for people who don’t order from there.

      • darke

        Why do I want yet another coaster lying around cluttering up the place? (And I’m heading to Japan soon too, so it’s be yet another thing I’d need to pack. :( ) Plus, flatmate’s young kids aren’t the most delicate with them either.

        I only really buy digital nowadays, like I have on the PC for the better part of the last decade; I’ve already got too many PS3 games that don’t have digital downloads, it’s quite annoying.

    • DizzyGear

      You could keep an eye out on CDJapan for an official artbook instead.

  • MrTyrant

    I guess I could buy this before buying (if localized) the vita version. I’m kinda crazy for these universe even if I found obvious flaws both plotwise or in gameplay for previous entries I still consider it as one of my personal favourites.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    This. Will. Be. Mine

  • ThunderGod_Cid


  • Raw

    Obligatory Original Japanese Audio Master-race (or, OOJAM for short) post.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    That’s a gorgeous price for what you get.

  • GamerLegend

    THANK YOU NISA, a Ar game without a LE is like cereal without milk. Was hesitant since I was waiting for the vita. Plus how many tracks on the soundtrack?

    • Eric Harris

      I agree, I’m glad Gust/TK or whoever is acknlowledging fans like us who love our LEs. Even though this looks pretty good I have a hard time wanting to pay $49.99 for a new PS3 game like this. Because I’m more of a Vita collector. LE’s change that totally.

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      If it’s on par with the other localized sound tracks we’ll get some of the key bgm and the intro song (謳無き丘へ-Harmonics Pre=Ciel-). It most likely won’t include any of the songs on the Genometric Concert CDs. So basically it’s most likely the lite version of the official soundtrack.

  • xXDGFXx

    Unexpected, but hooray for Limited Edition!

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Do I need to play the other games to know what’s going on?

    • brian

      I read that ideally, people should play Ciel no Surge first because Ar spoils some Ciel plot stuff and makes it lose some of its intended effect.
      “Having actually played Ar nosurge without Ciel it really does feel like you’re missing a lot.”
      As for needing to play Ar tonelico, you should be okay in that regard.

      • ShadowDivz

        is Ciel no surge available in english/localized?

        • brian

          Nope, but if this does well, I guess it could be at some point.

  • Eric Harris

    We know a Vita version is out in Japan. How about Fairy Fencer F? Is there any reason to hope for an eventual vita version? I know TK are bringing out the Neptunia vita versions so maybe FFF is a long ways away.

    • brian

      Idea Factory is actually releasing Neptune Re;birth themselves.

    • NISA just publish IF/CH titles. So if you want to know about future releases or things they have lined-up, you’re asking the wrong people.

      Forward your enquires to IFI (Idea Factory International).

  • LDM

    Not that I am complaining or anything (I just pre-ordered this edition), but aren’t KT and NISA rival companies or something? I find it kind of odd NISA would make a LE for a KT-owned game.

    • doubleO7

      I don’t think “rivals” is the right word. Most of the niche JP game localization companies seem to be on pretty good terms with each other. There’s also the fact that NISA brought ever pretty much all Gust games before KT bought them out. If they were going to collaborate with any outside company on this release, NISA was the obvious choice.

      • brian

        Also the fact that Koei distributed a lot, if not most, of NISA’s games last generation, just check the backs of their boxes.

      • Not to mention that KT would have had to be on good terms with NISA in order to get the voice and translation materials of the Arland Atelier games for the Plus versions, and I believe NISA was the one who started work on Ayesha before the shift happened– KT just finished it.

        Gust themselves would have a pretty good relationship regardless with the company, as well, so it counts too.

  • Callonia

    Preordered! Now all I need is Ciel nosurge localization and then I will go out and buy a vita.

    • Kai2591

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Ciel nosurge won’t get localized. Nobody in the west would touch that gameplay with a 100 foot pole (kinetic visual novel embedded in a communication game, with social media side component..).

      I’m working on spoiling the entire thing in-depth right now (just finished chapters 1-4) so people can play ar nosurge with a comfortable knowledge of the Cielno story.

      And knightless has a pastebin with a faster spoil available if my write-ups drag on too long:

      But yeah, Cielno won’t see a localization. It’s almost a given. (Though i’d love to be wrong, I really like Ion..)

      • DizzyGear

        I’m still placing my bets on the upcoming Offline version of Ciel no Surge if Ar no Surge sells decently.

      • Lynx

        People said the same thing about “Key” titles being brought over and yet…

        Never say won’t.

        • Cheesy12

          Most Key titles have already been fan translated.

          • Lynx

            People said for years that Key titles wouldn’t get an official release because of their attitude towards western releases and all. I wasn’t talking about fan translations.

          • Cheesy12

            I was trying to remember what I meant by my reply and realized I wasn’t clear at all, hence trying to remember the point of my comment. What I meant is that the official releases of that Key title will be using the existing fan translation meaning most of the work has been done which cuts down on the risk. Ciel no Surge has no such thing to its advantage.

            Though, on the flip-side, it is typically(not always) a bad business decision to do an official release of something already fan translated as part of the audience will be missing from the start.

      • neocatzon

        I, really, really want you to be wrong.. but, hard to disagree. With Ciel offline maybe there’s a slight hope?

        • Yeah, if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen with Cielno off. But that’s not going to even be out in Japan until October, and there is seriously an intensely huge amount of text to translate in that game since it’s not just the story stuff but also the communication sections with Ion (of which there is a huge amount).

          Honestly, it’s a huge localization project and while Visual Novels are getting slightly more traction these days, Ciel nosurge just deviates even further, with the Visual Novel actually just being a meta component to the main game.

          And the main game is a Girlfriend simulator. So think Love Plus, only even more niche because of the sci-fi and other meta components, and you can probably start to understand why Cielno doesn’t really stand much of a chance, even with the Offline edition coming out.

          In the end it would be a huge amount of work for a localizer and they probably wouldn’t sell many copies at all.

          • neocatzon

            In the end, Ciel no Surge affected by too many things. Hell would loose if Love Plus get a localization within a year from now, but that seems unlikely…. I’ll just end up reading your summary, prior to US Ar no Surge. Good work.

      • Callonia

        Ha! The joke’s on you for I live in the west and I want to touch Ciel noSurge with my bare hands!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    This AND Love Live at once?

    NISA may hate everyone else, but they sure love my wallet.

    • Yeah, I’ve also just placed an order for this and the concert edition of Love Live season 1. Some people seem to be mad at NISA, but they’ve been hitting a bunch of correct notes to me.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Doubled up on the game just because thats one I want to keep a sealed on. Know $80 for a single cour show is STUPID but it looks like even by their standards of a LE release, Love Live is getting the best.

        Getting the CDs over here alone would cost near that.

        • Honestly, I justified the Love Live price tag in 3 ways:

          1. It’s an excellent show that I don’t mind paying top dollar for.
          2. It’s still cheaper than most of Aniplex USA’s more desirable licenses like Madoka, as well as still being ~4-6x cheaper than importing the Japanese release.
          3. The thing you mentioned about the CD’s price.

      • Now image those two preorders being canceled because they don´t ship to your location.

        Would you still be happy? I don´t think so.

        Or imagine if you had to pay 160US for the game and 45US for shipping? Would you still be happy?

        • Oh, don’t misunderstand me, the EU store complaints are just about the only ones I agree with the complaints on. Money grab move, plain and simple.

  • Yan Zhao

    Hell yes! Thank you NISA! Pre-ordered on the spot before they disappear!

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Does NISA’s Online store ship to Europe? -_-‘
    Seems like there isn’t anywhere else yet…

    • Wodki

      not anymore

    • Shady Shariest

      Nope. They quit after founding the EUR store.

    • FX102A

      They blocked it after opening the EU store. However it isn’t available for preorder yet and it if does eventually, I hope you have a sizeable wallet for the crazy mark-ups (It’ll be £65 + shipping if they follow the same pattern).

      • Shady Shariest

        They need to make up for the start up-costs. =W= It’ll get better when they start supplying it properly independent from NISA-Store :3

        • FX102A

          Personally I think that’s a pretty poor ‘excuse’ if that’s the truth. We’re customers not investors. I don’t stand to make any return in providing start-up costs and it’s not like we have a guarantee that prices will drop. If they successfully sell at current prices (still too early at the mo to tell) then you can bet your bottom dollar / pound / euro / etc that prices will remain that way as that’s the way all companies work.

          Despite the excessive mark-up in prices, it isn’t that which bothers me, it’s the fact that some arm twisting must have been done to stop the U.S. store from shipping to Europe & Australia / New Zealand (not Asia, Africa, Middle East, Antarctica, etc) to force this single choice on us.

          • Shady Shariest

            “Poor excuse”
            -Oh no. The most common practice in any industry isn’t viable! They should sell the games without profit! THAT’S the way to start a new business branch with costs that we cannot know because we have never done this and should maybe shut up about it and stop presenting our opinions as facts.

            “then you can bet your bottom dollar / pound / euro / etc that prices will remain that way as that’s the way all companies work.”

            Oh. Another gamer who “Knows”. Okay -_-‘ Is this like the time NISA would surely censor the hell out of Criminal Girls :P

            “Despite the excessive mark-up in prices, it isn’t that which bothers me, it’s the fact that some arm twisting must have been done to stop the U.S. store from shipping to Europe & Australia / New Zealand (not Asia, Africa, Middle East, Antarctica, etc) to force this single choice on us.”

            It was so that the EU store would actually be used… Meaning it would actually be viable someday. It’s a common practice across the board. Heck, even Sony does that with PSN. Holding it up against NIS, who actually need the support, is just unfair :/

          • Wodki

            it is a poor excuse to use 1$=1£ and not change it after so many complaints

          • Shady Shariest

            Well, considering we WIN this way… I am not gonna whine about it. (Also seeing the special children treated like us Europeons is delishus =W=)

          • Wappuli

            Well you seem to be pretty big fan of NISA, so I can somehow understand you wanting to defend them on this matter, even though I dont think those start-up costs would justify 1$=1£-pricing.(1$=1€ maybe)
            But please explain in what way do WE win anything on this?

          • Shady Shariest

            Wellp isn’t it obvious? And European store =W= The possibilities incoming are enough for me to allow the conversion on these games. Except for fairy fencer, that is just robbery.
            (Yupo. Biased as hell)

          • Shady Shariest

            And hearing complaints over something they can’t really change without it hurting more than doing good won’t really do anything.

            If complaining would magically make things better, we wouldn’t pay for heat, electricity, games or food. And there wouldn’t be no corruption or problems in developing countries.

            edit: And Bitcoins would be real money. Zing!

          • But PSN gives you the option of buying value cards, enter them into the US account PSN and be able to buy stuff from them that way.

            With the Europe Store from NISA well they force us to pay about 40-50% more than before for the game, then we have to add on shipping costs. Which is also 50% more costly.

            I liked the idea of them opening up a EU store. But with prices like these ending up way and beyond over what others take for their LE it´s just not worth it buying from the NISA EU Store.

          • Shady Shariest

            It was illegal to have a foreign PSN-account for a long while. It violated the TOS.

            And do consider that they just opened the place up, the first slate of products naturally reflects that. They can’t just poof money from nowhere.

          • It was? I never encountered that and I had a US account almost the day after I bought my first PS3

          • Shady Shariest

            It broke terms of service, but nobody cared. I think Sony just eventually gave up. I use US-PSN on my Vita :3

          • I use US-PSN on my Vita as well. I also buy things from both PSN stores. That works the very best.

          • Shady Shariest

            I have three. One local (Finnish) U.K one i used to buy DLC to PS3 with, and the recent one for U.S

            edit: Learning Russian and Japanese is on the horizon, so i will add the JPN-PSN to the collection someday :3

          • Alestaos

            How did you add the US one? Im in EU but have some import games and there dlc is only on US so just wondering? ^^

          • Shady Shariest

            Hmmmh. The same way you do with normal accounts. When you get the damn thing, just log into PSN with the US-account.

          • Alestaos

            Yeah but to set up a US account dont you need a US postal address or can you just select one now?

          • Shady Shariest

            Oh. You can just make that up. The Zip and state are the only things that need to match :3

          • Alestaos

            Doesnt that require you to have a US address etc, i dont have one to set up an account, so wondering how you could do it was all ^^

          • Wappuli

            Yes, you need a US-address, but something totally random may also work(haven’t tried myself though). Personally I just googled some random address and used it, apparently my US-address was some hotel and my JP-address some pharmacy.

          • Alestaos

            And thats not illegal, they wont ban me for it? ^^;

          • FX102A

            I never said they shouldn’t earn a profit. The aim is to find a happy medium, especially for a niche publisher that rely on good relations with its customer base. If this is the price they HAVE to sell it at to make the minimum acceptable profit then fine I’ll accept that, just expect backlash (which they got plenty of) and possibly reduced sales.

            Also, I’m not “in the know”, it’s just basic common sense. If you succeed selling at X you continue selling at X, unless competition appears or sales are unsatisfactory. I highly doubt anyone’s gonna permanently reduce prices out of the goodness of their own heart, the shareholders will riot. Also I got no clue where censorship came into the equation, I hadn’t even heard about that.

            Yes, I understand sales were blocked at the US store to ‘help’ the EU store. But it doesn’t stop it from being anti-consumer choice and makes it seem all the more nefarious (even if unintentionally) considering the higher than usual mark-up.

          • Arrngrim

            “Despite the excessive mark-up in prices, it isn’t that which bothers me,
            it’s the fact that some arm twisting must have been done to stop the
            U.S. store from shipping to Europe & Australia / New Zealand (not
            Asia, Africa, Middle East, Antarctica, etc) to force this single choice
            on us.” – This. It would be the most insulting thing to me if I were in Europe wanting to import from NA.

            And bottom line, anyone in Europe wanting this LE and it DOESN’T get offered on NISE…they’ll have to pay even more (maybe 2x) to get it off of eBay/Amazon….where people commonly try to turn a profit ordering up the LE’s and reselling higher…

          • FX102A

            I actually just ordered it via the shipping service Bongo International. Its the first time so I wonder how it’ll go. Shipping I believe will be around $20, though I’m hoping to be able to convince them to go via an alternate method as Fedex is likely to be caught by the Tax Man.

      • Arrngrim

        Best way to handle what NISA is doing, find/make a friend in NA and arrange to have them buy products/ship for you. Still kinda sad that NISA decided to do this, but I’m sure there were a lot of politics involved.

        • Kamakuma

          Yea this is what I have to do for a lot of my friends who lives in Europe. Seriously they really should have talked with the community first before throwing up those numbers… It’s honestly a shame. v__v

        • FX102A

          That’s what I’m thinking, but it’ll have to be a forwarding company. Still, wouldn’t be surprised if it still turns out cheaper.

  • FX102A

    That last line about Europe just stings. Usually I’d order ASAP but the U.S. store has blocked shipping to Europe. Question is whether they will offer it via the EU store (and will they finally acknowledge the criticism aimed at them and offer it at a fair price?).

    If not, guess I’ll have to find me a forwarding company.

    • Why would they post this LE in the EU store when Koei Tecmo is handling publishing it in Europe? That would be competing with eachother for customers in Europe and i don´t think either NISA or KT are willing to do that.

      • DizzyGear

        Honestly i lost track. KT could have published this themselves in both territory’s and NISA does publish in the EU and even opened a EU store selling LE with exorbitant prices that that no sane person would pay.

        • True true. With how this just popped up today it´s easy to lose track.

          Also, truth about the EU NISA store. What´s even worse is forcing us as customers to pay those absurd prices. But oh well. Let´s hope others have this LE in the US and not just NISA Store.

      • Razzlero

        I think Tecmo Koei are still the ones publishing it in NA, but NISA are just doing this special edition. (If you look at the packaging it even shows the KT logo on the packaging and not the NISA one)

  • Kai2591

    This. Must. Get.

  • Kai2591

    With the fastest delivery service! woohoo!

    Thank you NISA! Glad they still remember how much we LOVE these LEs….and I’m glad they still ship to southeast asia :)

  • greavah

    I am so happy that Koei tecmo is localizing in europe and NOT nis america, Nis sucks in eu, those prices are way to much on the eu store.

    • chibidw

      NISA isn’t localizing it in the US either. They’re only handling design and manufacturing for the LE.

      Which is a very good thing, considering their history of utterly manhandling the localizations for the Ar Tonelico games. Their localization of 2 especially was just shameful – the fact that it was still a good game was despite NISA, not because of NISA.

  • Now that’s a cool CE package :)

  • Ozymandias

    aaawww yiiiis… but where and when can we pre-order?

    • Wappuli

      It’s already up in NISA’s online store.

    • Ragnawind

      The LE is exclusive to the NISA Online Store and can be ordered now. Someone else already posted the link, which the article failed to include. They usually include links, though.

  • artemisthemp

    Now i just hope TecmoKoei will make a LE also

    • doubleO7

      No, NISA is making the LE for TecmoKoei. There’s not going to be two LE’s.

      They could make one for Europe though, if that’s what you meant.

      • artemisthemp

        Yes that’s what I mean

  • Istillduno

    Hope Temco does something similar for us Europeans, apparently despite having bought from then since the store was called Rosenqueen, NISA no longer want my filthy Europe money and instead want to try and sell a grand total of 4 games to Europe at almost double the US prices.

    • Arrngrim

      I hope that NISE (see what I did there) would give you guys the same package…

      • Demeanor

        Ahah that’s actually pretty clever XD
        How is Ar no Surge anyway? Good game? Better than AT3? That le looks quite beautiful, but you know, I live in eu… :|

        • That is a good question! I too have been wondering about the actual quality of the game, because it’s obvious it looks + sounds pretty rad. But no one’s talking about the gameplay.

          It didn’t sell too well in Japan. First Week: 27k copies. Placed fifth in the charts, then proceeded to drop and just exit (which is probably what cemented a western release; those terrible Japanese sales are good for the rest of the world). But Famitsu gave it 32/40! And it’s GUST, who has been making good games all gen. So I’m guessing it’s pretty good.

          Still, I’m gonna wait for hands-on previews, Quick Looks, video reviews, etc. I don’t see the point in pre-ordering pretty much at all anymore.”

          • aquagon

            The thing with the sales is that the people playing it abandoned the game right after starting it because they weren’t getting some things that were explained on its prequel (Ciel nosurge) and told everyone else to not buy it due to that, as well as the fact that the figures don’t take in account the sales from the Gust Shop or the digital ones.

        • aquagon

          It’s on the same level as AT2, according to the Japanese players, and it is an opinion I happen to share.

          And it’s “Ar nosurge”, as the “nosurge” is a word coined for the Surge Concerto series.

      • BizarreJelly

        For double the price!

    • Man, Rosenqueen! That brings me back. Think the last time I heard that name was when I ordered my copy of “Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love” ( ^ – ^ )

    • Zoozbuh

      I know, right?! When they first announced the EU NISA store I was pretty excited, but now I see they have BARELY any games on there, plus the prices are pretty much direct copies of the US price (not conversions, just the same but in pounds) … My excitement died pretty quick. It would have been cheaper for us to just order from the old store, but I guess that’s why they stopped it.

  • sakiu

    I hope NISA is not handling LE in Europe as well…. I can afford that overpriced Fairy Fencer LE, but I refuse to support such policies that punish European players. 70 GBP (120$) for a game and 15 GBP (25$) shipping to Poland from the UK? Total 145$ to get a game that US gets for 75$ and probably free shipping?

    People really need to value their money more…

    • Callonia

      You plebian, I have ordered Japanese manga from japan and brought it here overseas! Shipping costs! Even when I cannot read it :D

    • nobitakun

      I hope you can afford FFF means you have money but didn’t buy it…else youre contributing to this senseless situation.

      • sakiu

        I did not buy it, I am insane in some aspects… I did pay that much for Fate Extra CCC Virgin White, but that edition was worth it, those editions from NISA aren’t worth that much (in Europe) in my humble opinion.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Time to prepare body….and wallet.

  • My wallet tried to throw a tantrum about me pre-ordering… I gave it an IOU. Let’s see how long it lasts before catching on that I’m not paying it back :D

  • Dkmariolink

    And now people love NIS again.

    Which is why I called you NIS haters peasants. So ignorant.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      That might mean something if the folks here were the same ones doing their thing in the Criminal Girls thread. But there is very little overlap.

    • Towel

      Looks like your trolling attempt backfired, lol.

  • Jesse

    That limited edition is VERY tempting.

  • Konnoke

    One of my biggest regrets was not getting the Ar Tonelico Limited Edition. I’m not going to make the regret even though I have less money than as a kid…

  • Eric Harris

    I hope KT has Nisa do more LEs for them. That would be great, NISA could work on their share of games, then also box up KT releases. We could get a dozen LEs a year and I wouldn’t complain.

    • Kai2591


    • Except there is no outings of confirmation those LEs heading to Europe. Thus NISA and KT is royally screwing us EU fans over. So no. I would complain and I will complain.

    • bob

      Yeah, KT probably bought the series’ rights after seeing the success NIS had with it and thought “now those sales will be our sales!”, and when their half assed attempts repeatedly didn’t pan out, they realized they needed NIS to help their sales. I don’t think this’ll be the last cooperative release from both parties.

      At least they realized it instead of killing the series over here and blaming something else.

  • Lucky America

  • Codex

    TODAY IS A GOOD DAY. Please same for Euro/NZ :3

  • laurenhiya21

    Are they putting up non-LE copies up for pre-order as well? I checked their site but only saw LE ones… I’m not really interested in any of the LE things but I want to make sure I get a regular copy before I forget and it gets expensive :(

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