Final Fantasy’s Greatest Battles Remixed In Final Fantasy Record Keeper

By Spencer . July 17, 2014 . 1:10am

imageSquare Enix and DeNA unveiled Final Fantasy Record Keeper and this should satiate fans who have fond memories of earlier games. You play as Deci who works in the history department under Dr. Mog. You’re the best student and Dr. Mog uses magic so you can dive into paintings to see sealed stories and memories of different worlds. Of course, these are past Final Fantasy games.


Each numbered Final Fantasy game has its own world. Clear the dungeons in a world and you unlock some of those characters. It’s possible to mix and match unlocked characters from different Final Fantasy games into one party. So, you can bring Cloud with you to fight Golbez or Terra with you to face Baigan. Characters can be further enhanced by equipping weapons and abilities you collect.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper will have memorable fights like the Battle on the Big Bridge against Gilgamesh and will bring players to Final Fantasy X’s Zanarkand.


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Final Fantasy Record Keeper will be released in Japan for iOS and Android this summer. The game is a free to play title with additional items available as microtransactions.

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  • NLucafs

    I can’t imagine anyone trusts Square Enix with a F2P mobile game after All the Bravest, so this one better be REALLY good!

    • SMT

      Agito is F2P and I’m hearing it’s decent, so who knows…
      This does have a visual similarity to ATB though, and that will always raise a warning flag.

    • Suzaku

      Agito and KHX are both solid F2P games.

  • Heropon

    Meh , Another All the Bravest type game

  • Thatguy

    So… basically FF All the Bravest 2?

  • wererat42

    This sounds like it might have actual gameplay.
    AtB was just a screen tapping simulator that expected you to throw money at it for nothing.

    • Suzaku

      It has a version of the ATB system with actual commands, yes.

      Judging from the official site, premium elements seem like they’ll be restricted to the likes of equipment, abilities, crafting materials.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Final Fantasy have been sealed off in smartphone world.
    The might of Square Enix has been extinguished from console.
    Not to mention, the possibility exists that Square Enix will kill themselves with FFXV hype at some time in the future. Until then, our playing games efforts will continue.
    Oh. And a personal addendum regarding my observational target, Square. Perhaps this is beyond my functional requirements as a player, but I cannot shake the feeling that somehow, somewhere, Square is still alive.
    And that, someday… Someday, i will see great game from Square Again.

  • Postnjam

    This sounds quite cool, I liked theaterrythum where I could make a FF dream team.

  • revenent hell

    See, I think this would be a fun lil Final Fantasy……. if it stayed original and didn’t include the past games in it.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. So they bank on people being nostalgic for these old battles, but I wonder. What will the fights be like for, say, XII in this style? Will they just have every battle play out with the same system, o rwil lthey try and emulate the differences in each games system for its respective battles?

    • Suzaku

      Based on the screens, the battle system looks to be inspired by Final Fantasy XIII’s ATB, where the gauge for each character is divided into sections and you select commands until it’s full.

      The icons on the bottom of the screens represent the different commands. The first two are attack and defend, the others appear to have limited uses and represent actual abilities which can apparantly be crafted and assigned to characters.

  • Ethan_Twain

    What? No! Who thought this was a good idea? Great boss fights in JRPGs are the result of narrative context, unique twists to combat scenario rules, or level design buildup. Final Fantasy has featured all three of these types of good boss fights. But plucking those fights out of their games and featuring them in some sort of boss battle crossover game makes no sense.

    What is the final boss fight of FF X without hours of developing Tidus and his relationship with his father and developing Spira and it’s relationship with religion?

    Is the boss fight in FF VIII against the mech defending the missile base at all memorable without that fight being on the clock as you race to escape the detonating facility?

    Is the boss fight against Golbez in FF IV at all difficult if not for the extended dungeon of vicious enemies preceding it?

    When these fights are disconnected from the context and mechanics that originally defined them then they aren’t great battles anymore! They’re random fights in “Boss fights the video game”.

    I’m gonna be honest, I just do not understand fanservice. A crappy game idea justified by Final Fantasy characters/branding? Who would get excited about that?

    • DeepSleeper

      I would.

      There are two kinds of people.

    • So do you hate Dissidia and Theatrythm?

    • Göran Isacson

      To a newcomer? Those battles are nothing that will interest them.

      To a fan that recalls them, but wants to have a nostalgia chock without going through all that story? This little thing might just be a timesaver they approve of, and SE is apparently banking on that most likely small subset of gamers to pay their mobile development bills.

      Of course, if they REALLY wanted to bank on nostalgia they would have made it so that the battle system actually matched the boss you fought instead of creating this here hybrid system, but I guess that’d be more money spent on a project like this than SE is willing to spend.

    • If it wasn’t a cheap iOs title I’d be interested in some sort of Dissidia with RPG elements, I don’t really care on how these fights would work. all it would need to please me is crossover logic, everyone gather for some reason unnatural reason and when it’s over everything is forgottten or nothing was canon to begin with, end of the story.

      The point of cross overs is that, get excited to clash or do a co-op with characters from different universe, that alone is exciting.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    It’s just recycled assets from All The Bravest!

    Square REALLY wants to push back XV in favour of unwanted titles like this and that Monster Hunter-clone.

    Come on! Look at how other companies are able to release bigger titles more consistently. Project Zero, Yakuza, Dynasty Warriors, Legend of Zelda, Shin Megami Tensei, etc.

    • Suzaku

      You don’t really think that they’re pushing back FFXV to develop these games, do you? This game isn’t even being developed by Square Enix.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        I KNOW that XV is being pushed just to push to release cheaper quick F2P mobile cash-ins because they require less effort for a more anti-consumer experience.

        Square-Enix isn’t making the game? Well they’re certainly boasting those games, that’s for sure. We’ll 30 more All The Bravests like this one before XV actually comes out.

        • Stuart Nisbet

          LOL what? XV is a completely different team. This doesn’t even factor into it.

        • Chip

          Ever heard of the term “Outsourced?” All these ‘microgames’ are basically major companies giving assets to lesser companies, who in turn get a small cut of the revenue while the IP owners reap benefits. Stop being a jaded fanboy.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Remember how instead of getting Type-0 or hearing anything about XV when it was still called Versus XIII, the much hated XIII was stretched into a trilogy?

            I imagine Square is more eager to make another Lightning game before ever talking about XV again.

          • Chip

            There was no place to release Type-0 in the U.S. PSP was dying, the Vita wasn’t announced, and nobody would have purchased a stop-and-go episode Vita game ported to the PS3.

            You’re starting to smell like a troll in love with your own hyperbole driven humor. EIther that or you have no idea what you’re talking about in terms of game business strategy.

  • Rocco

    First Artniks Dive, then this All the Bravest Ver. 2 crap. SE just keep on diggin’ deeper into their own grave. I see the Final Fantasy Committee is doing a mighty fine job counting the profits from all these crappy FF mobile apps.

    • Arrngrim

      No profits from me, that’s for sure. I won’t touch any of these FF iOS/Android apps with DLC…far too obvious what they’re attempting to do. (crazy cash grabs)

    • Chip

      The FF committee is only concerned with major FF titles. Stuff like this is negligible side revenue.

  • Tincho Kudos

    Hey SE, when we say make FF go back to its roots we don’t mean play the exact same battles of yore :/

  • Yan Zhao

    Sigh…was really interested till I read the very last sentence…

    • Arrngrim


      “The game is a free to play title with additional items available as microtransactions.” – No thank you.

  • shenlong234

    Honestly, I wish SE would stop trying so hard to appeal to older fans and just make games like the way they used to. But apparently, they’re just not getting the message.

    • Chip

      “Trying hard”? They aren’t. They’re handing the rights and assets to another company, and reaping profits. All their inhouse efforts are still focused on console games.

  • DrakeClawfang

    So it’s All The Bravest with actual effort put into it. Well if there is indeed actual gameplay and strategy I might look into this, might be dumb and simple but for a gaming device I whip out to play for a couple minutes while waiting at the bus stop, it may be worth while.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Quan Chi

    an all the bravest rehash? terrible. capcom ain’t it :P
    they could have at least used psp sprites….

  • Izzeltrioum

    And I thought Inafune and his Nostalgia Business practices were astounding. Forgot totally how SE is trying so hard to profit from nostalgia.

  • Invisbin

    I want

  • Chip

    In case anyone’s confused as to why this kind of micro transaction succedes so well in Japan, it basically emulates capsule toys. If you’ve ever seen those little 25cent bubblegum/sticker dispensers, Japan has taken those too a whole new level with unique collectables that have a lot of trading value. All The Bravest and now probably this as well feeds on that style of collect&gamble.

  • Sirerdrick

    Funny that three out of the four pics posted are of FFIV

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