Capcom Is Closing Dragon’s Dogma Quest

By Spencer . July 30, 2014 . 2:43am

image In Japan, Capcom adapted Dragon’s Dogma as a free to play game called Dragon’s Dogma Quest. This was originally announced for PlayStation Vita, but ended up coming out on iOS first. Both versions of Dragon’s Dogma Quest are closing.


The iOS version will shut down first. Players will not be able to purchase items starting on August 26. Service will end on October 14. In-app purchases will end on the same day on PlayStation Vita, but those players can continue adventuring until January 30, 2015.

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  • shadowind

    I’m surprised that Capcom never did a App for Android and iOS devices that acted like a interactive guide with maps and general information.

    • Jeremy Noble

      they did do one for a library of sorts, it wasnt very useful though. better off reading gamefaqs.

  • Randgriz

    There goes my hope of playing ths in the west

  • samsneeze

    I wonder when or if they’ll ever get around to making a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma. Maybe we’ll hear something at Tokyo Game Show this year. Although, I don’t think we’ll see too much until Deep Down is released and goes its round.

    • Demeanor

      They should definitely pump out a PS4 sequel to DD(DA), a true masterpiece in my eyes. Lately Capcom is always associated to bad policies/unpopular games etc, but they really did something right with Dogma…

      • TrueDefault

        A current-gen Dragon’s dogma… That’d definitely make me go to the store and grab a PS4!

      • Gustavo

        Not realy, DD is amazing but you have to buy another copy to play DA.

        • Demeanor

          It’s true, but DA is way cheaper (I paid no more than 25-30 at release day) and it adds SO much awesome stuff that I feel it’s worth every cent.
          They said the lack of a separate expansion pack was due to technical reasons, meaning the devs couldn’t just integrate something as massive as DA in vanilla DD; wherever the truth lies I wouldn’t bash them too much, given that DA was not nearly at full price.

    • Mordina

      I really hope to see a sequel! I really love Dragon’s Dogma.

    • Audie Bakerson

      I’d take a PC port that actually ran at a stable framerate and full resolution.

  • Alter

    One step in the right direction, capcom. Seriously, i can just hope the BoF6 is not facing the same fate.

  • Nan

    Aw, I wanted to play this. :(

  • Yaro

    I would have played this on my vita. Oh well.

  • Armageddon

    I hope they can put in efforts into Dragon’s Dogma 2. Red Dragon(Gregory) really left an impression on me.

  • Lemski07

    THEY SHOULD PUT DD on vita. like the one’s in 360 and ps3

  • Shippoyasha

    Dark Arisen was one of the true masterpieces of last gen for me personally. It had a sense of dread, a really nice sound/music direction, incredible monster design and animation and some of the best looking character customization of its type. Very gratifying physics system too.

    I truly hope Capcom stops being such scared little kittens and go all out with a Dragon’s Dogma 2. I hear they cut more than 60% of the game content from the original game because it was getting way too ambitious. They could start from that 60% onward.

    • Đặng Tấn Đức

      The 60% was mostly put into the Dark Arisen expansion.

  • Kornelious

    But whhhhyyyy? :( It didn’t even have a chance to be localized…

    UNLESS, they are stopping this because they need more resources for DRAGONS DOGMA 2! O_O….Yes yes that must be it! XD

  • leingod

    Well, that was short-lived.

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