Marie Will Be Free DLC For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax For One Week

By Spencer . July 30, 2014 . 5:40pm

Marie from Persona 4 Golden joins Adachi as a downloadable playable character for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. For the first week after the fighting game launches in North America, Marie will be free to download. Afterwards, Marie like Adachi will be paid DLC.


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Marie has Kaguya as her Persona and uses skills that immobilize opponents. Take a look at this video to see what the Tsundere Poet of the Hollow Forest can do.

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  • no more complaining about buying her now

  • Hmm so day 8 DLC?

    • Zeik56

      It sounds like both Adachi and Marie will be available day 1.

  • Shippoyasha

    Making a playable tryout is a wonderful idea. They should try that with every character.

  • Hector Velar

    date pls… precise date range

  • Tetris

    This keeps getting better and better. We just need a release date now. *_*

    • The Old Shopkeeper

      i think it was September 30

      • Tetris

        That date’s been floating around but Atlus hasn’t said squat other than ‘Fall.’ The November date for PQ ended up being accurate so I’m hoping Sept. 30 is an accurate date as well.

        • Vesperion

          Pretty sure that may be the set date. Even Yu Namba said late september

  • $18114340

    Not going to be able to buy this within the first week unfortunately… any word on how much characters will cost afterwards? Are we looking at BBCP prices here?

    • Zeik56

      It shouldn’t matter, DLC does not require you to own the game to download.

      • NeoStrayCat

        Exactly, don’t need the game for the DLC as long as you can get it on either your PS3/360 acct (Until you get the game later on, that is). Also, no one knows yet how much they’ll be after that first week anyways until announced.

    • Qunton C.

      There’s almost no excuse to not get them, as both stores allow you to download DLC without owning the game. Dont have access to the system? Add it to your account’s download list via the online PC/Mobile versions of the XBL and PSN stores.

  • Zeik56

    I can’t help but find it funny how much people got their panties in a bunch each time one of these DLC characters were announced, only for them to make them free well before the game even launches.

    • Qunton C.

      You really think it couldnt possibly be a response to the negative feedback? That’s what my money is on. This way they can still get money from those who forget or become interested and purchase later while also making sure those who responded negatively (myself included) have no excuse for not getting it while free.

      • Zeik56

        I sincerely doubt it had any affect at all. While there were complainers, the outcry was not remotely great enough for them to change their plans to something like this if they had planned to make everyone buy them.

        I don’t think you realize how much of their potential sales they’re giving up here. The vast majority of the people who would have payed for these characters are going to be the ones that download them for free. This isn’t the type of game that will have steady longterm sales. The majority of the people who care are buying it early.

        Whatever caused them to decide to do this, it was not a last minute decision.

  • The Watcher

    Smart move

  • LordHyper

    I really hope that Marie and Ken end up being high on the tier list just to make people angry.

    • Mirai

      I don’t know about Marie but from the gameplay footage I’ve seen of Ken, he will most likely be a high-tier character.

      • LordHyper

        I’ll find it funny if Ken ends up being loved by the fighting game crowd while at least half of the Persona fanbase still hates his guts.

    • LightningFarron19

      I don’t get why Atlus keeps pushing for Marie. She’s not even on the top 20 any of the popularity polls of recent. If she was like top 5 or 10, maybe. She’s no Lightning Farron (who has always gotten top 3 on the popularity polls of females in Final Fantasy).

      She is truly not beloved or popular as Atlus is trying to push.

      • Desk


        • Vesperion

          Naoto’s on a bike. It has to be Golden then

          • Desk

            yeah it was my bad i made a mistake i was just only saw the second pic, sorry

        • LightningFarron19

          These was taken after Persona 4 Golden (2012-2013). Besides, that should not stop fans from voting for their favorite Persona character, and Marie is a character from the Persona series.

          • Desk

            i know i made a mistake, my bad

          • LightningFarron19

            Now I see. Thanks for noticing!

      • Vesperion

        I actually like Marie. I don’t get the hate at all. Also these characters have been around for almost 7 years

        • LordHyper

          Yeah. I mean, sure, she’s a new character that’s suddenly canonized despite not existing in the original game, but it’s not as if her presence ruins the franchise either.

      • Zeik56

        I’m not really sure how putting her in as a DLC character after practically the entire cast of P3 and P4 (and then some) were already included equates to “pushing” her.

        • LightningFarron19

          They are forcing her to be canon (since she was not in the original P4.)

          They made an entire 13 episode anime that revolves around just her (cutting all plot, characterization and suspense from it).

          They forced her in Persona Q as a canon part of the Persona 4 cast

          Now she is going to be DLC for this game. I would not be suprised if she showed up in Persona 4 Dancing ALl Night.

          • Zeik56

            What’s so surprising about them making her canon? They made The Answer canon as well, despite not being part of vanilla P3. They went to the trouble of adding her to Golden, so it seems perfectly understandable they would consider her canon.

          • LightningFarron19

            1. The Answer was not good. It really regressed the characters and basically was pointless due to the character having to fight the same thing that Minato had to seal away anyway.

            2. The Answer is just a small part of Persona 3. It has not been forced on in several other products.

            3. The Answer is not a character that has thoughts and feelings and can act.

          • Zeik56

            Quality is irrelevant to whether something is canon. It doesn’t matter if you liked it or not, that doesn’t change canon.

            And Marie is also a small part of the overall story of Persona 4 and practically everything she has been included in since. There’s nothing to suggest she is at all central to the plot of Ultimax or P4Q (she’s not even included in the base game of Ultimax for crying out loud) and the only reason she has so much focus in the new anime is because she was completely absent from the original anime.

            You’re making a way bigger deal out of this than it deserves.

          • Tyler Beale

            Um…Remember Chrono Phantasma? Where Terumi was a 2MB download but you had to fight him in the Story regardless (and therefore all of the assets are already in the game’s code)? It could be the same deal here. Characters might have to fight Marie in their storylines, not to mention fighting those who want to use her online. So while she may not be available to play as in the “base game”, the related assets will most likely be on the disc (or part of the download) anyways.

            The same goes for Adachi too.

          • Zeik56

            I’m not suggesting she will be completely absent from the game. I bet she and Adachi will have stories and could very well appear in other characters stories. That’s a far cry from a central focus in the story. One character in such a large cast is pretty insignificant.

            And there’s no way she’s the final boss or anything. I’m quite certain of that. She’s a minor character.

          • Arizato

            1. Wait, what? Minato/Makoto fought and sealed Nyx. We knew nothing about Erebus before The Answer showed it to us. We didn’t know that Minato/Makoto became the seal before the answer, we just assumed that he just fell asleep or that he died. The Answer had alot of impact on the main story of Persona 3 and 4.

            2. But it has. Elizabeth’s quest revolves about getting him back from the seal, which was mentioned in Persona 4 and was a full storyline in Persona 4 Arena.

            3. True, but as shoehorned as people think that Marie is, she can be somewhat ignored, just like the rest of the P3 and P4 parties except for those that have a more major role (Mitsuru, Yosuke, Akihiko, Teddie and Elizabeth).

            I just don’t see the hate for Marie and The Answer. Sure, people have the right to their own opinions. But they also need to take a step back and calm down a little.

          • Vesperion

            What’s wrong with that? It was kinda weird that she was the center of the the new anime, but do i really wanna see all of that same plot again in a 13 episode format after watching 26 episodes of it not even that long ago.

            Also who isn’t in Persona Q that wasn’t a playable/velvet character anyway? it’s just another character.

            You speak like she ruins the game.

          • LightningFarron19

            They are forcing a character that wasn’t part of the investigation team in an established group of characters that we got to really know and contributed to the plot.

            And it’s really grinding my gears because I’m one of those “purists” who likes associating the source material as the true canon.

          • Vesperion

            So this is all because you’re one of those “purist” people? You had a had a whole 6 years to get to really know your characters and have fun with it. Golden was made with a bunch of new and fun features. Marie hardly alters anything.

            social link
            ties with a certain person
            that’s it and story is the same.

            but of course if that’s how you feel, then i respect your opinion.

      • Cazar

        Go home Yhwach, you’re drunk.

        Seriously this argument has been beaten to death and holds no merit anymore at this point. She is here to stay whether you like it or not. And those character polls don’t mean jack because every character on them that can feasibly join the P4A roster has already made it in. More characters are never a bad thing.

  • Samuel

    No! I don’t like her :V Gimme Adachi.

    • Zeik56

      They are.

    • LordHyper

      Sir, you literally have Adachi’s Ultimax picture as your avatar.

  • CK Blaze


    Trust in BasedAtlus.

  • Mirai

    Even though I said before I wasn’t going to buy her DLC, is she’s for free in the first week like Adachi, then there’s no reason not to get her.

  • Well I had pre-ordered the game to get free Adachi and those tarot cards, but free Marie too? Awesome.

  • Raymond

    Taking a page from skull girls huh?

    Skullgirls also made there new DLC chars before you had to pay for them.

    • PowerSerg

      except they were free for a lot longer.

      • MrJechgo

        Be free for 1 week or free for 3 months… it’s still free stuff in the end, no?

        • PowerSerg

          Free on disc dlc made before the game is released by a company established in the medium for less time.Then free dlc that was made after with community input by an indie studio. Yah totally the same thing.

          • MrJechgo

            It’s still free stuff, although Skullgirls is a digital-only game… so good luck having “on-disc DLC” for that XD. Digital games cannot be compared to retail ones when it comes to DLC really…

            Also, any proof that Adachi, Marie and Margaret are ON the disc? If not, where’s the problem? I can understand placeholders, but not actual characters… like how hackers discovered SFxT’s hidden content.

            As for ASW, I’m glad that Atlus themselves are handling DLC… because if it was ASW, each character with have been added at a 3-month interval each, at $8 each and with the barebone minimum each. That’s how Makoto, Valkenhayn and Platinum got packaged for BlazBlue Continuum Shift: no arcade mode, no story chapter, no use for other single-player mode, only training, challenges and online compatibility. And then they have the balls to release Extend with that missing content for cheaper… and they will do it a second time with CP 2.0.

            What do we have here? 2 (and maybe 3) DLC characters, free for the first week after launch, meaning you can download them EVEN if you DON’T have the game yet, each with their separate story chapters and arcade runs (I think). Even if they do release an upgraded version with all characters included, it’s less harmful if you bought the content for free… unlike having bought 3 DLC characters for $20 total for CS or $15 total for 2 characters in CP, only to have another version with free content.

          • PowerSerg

            Adachi was so obviously done before development since he was teased from early trailers. Marie maybe she was done after. I imagine Margaret started before the game wrapped but won’t be done until a bit later.

            The thing is DLC is still a problem, over time it devalues the game and devalues the game for people without internet. One day, most likely not even that far way. Ps3 servers will be shut down and good bye DLC. Oh don’t have the saved data of Adachi because your data corrupted and ps3 servers are down, to bad never again will you enjoy that. I think for fighting games DLC characters shouldn’t exist at all since they are the game it’s self. Skull girls makes sense because it’s to small of a team to make a new title but they could make Persoan 4 ultimax 3 and include a bunch of new characters if they needed the money. This is marketing, it’s the same reason you only get half the tarot set, gets you to buy a lot more stuff.

  • MrJechgo

    AWESOME NEWS! Now if they can just reveal Margaret and give her the same treatment ^_^

  • z_merquise

    So it’s similar in Skullgirls’ DLC characters ; free for a limited time.

    Because of Skullgirls, I can see how expensive it is to just create a single fighting game character so I think their situation is justifiable. I think it’s the same case for Arc Sys especially that hand-drawn characters in games are more time-consuming.

    • miju

      The only difference is that there was a development period between the release of the game and the release of the DLC characters (….company bullshit aside, it took them about a few months to put out each character once they got themselves settled).

      In the people’s eyes, since Marie and Adachi are available at launch, they could have been included into the game originally rather than extra content that was created after the game is out. Even worse is when the character shows up in an unplayable boss state in story mode already in the game and you’re just paying to “unlock” them to play as them (Terumi in BBCP). That’s what everyone complains about.

      By example, if Celica and Lambda were to be released as DLC characters for BBCP, people wouldn’t complain as much about paying for them because they weren’t completed at launch and there’s no way their data could have been in the game already.

      But yes they are pretty expensive to make in total and even the Skullgirls ones were made at a discount because the entire staff took pay cuts to lower the amount they tried to make in the campaign.

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        Think of it as an investment that Atlus is making on behalf of the consumer, they’re dropping an additional 500k+ to bring two additional characters into the game that people could have at launch (at no cost) if they so choose. Those who were not able to get it for free would need to provide funding for the cost of creating them.

        Honestly, these characters didn’t NEED to be added into the game. Atlus could easily have released P4U2 without them, and would have made the same profit. The fact that they are even willing to risk an additional lump sum to add more content to the game (and intentionally decrease their chance for compensation by making them temporarily free) makes the presumptive outcry rather silly in my book.

        *This comment isn’t really directed to you as it is to the people with the mindset to which you refer.

  • Espoir

    A Vita port would be nice too. Just saying.

    • Digidyne017

      Right with you, if Blazblue CP (which I’m playing now one my vita) and its prequels have made it to the vita, along with a re-tuned version of Guilty Gear, then Ark System Works has no excuse to not bring this to the vita.

      • Tyler Beale

        Vita version makes sense. Xbox 360 version in Japan does not.

        • Vesperion

          why not?

          • Tyler Beale

            Because Xbox is totally dead in Japan, despite Microsoft’s futile attempts with the Xbox One.

          • Vesperion

            I already knew what you were gonna say, but i just wanna to know how you were gonna say it. The Xbox is pretty dead in Japan, but that has nothing to do with America.

          • Tyler Beale

            Xbox being dead in Japan makes me wonder why bother releasing that version there (much like Destiny, or even Final Fantasy XIII – both games have Xbox versions out here in the West, but in Japan, they’re PS exclusive).

            But then again, Capcom does the exact same thing with their fighters (maybe there’s some professional players in Japan who’d rather use Xbox 360 FightSticks?).

          • Vesperion

            Well they would just waste money over there. 360 games sell fine here. Arena sold ok back when it came out in 2012. It’s what i bought it on

            I knew a few sad people when CP ended up not coming to 360

          • Tyler Beale

            When it comes to CP, Xbox literally never crossed my mind until Mori said something about it. (requires too much compression)

          • Vesperion

            Yeah Mori is full of it. They pretty much took turns pinning the responsibility on each other for explaining why they didn’t do it in the first place (aksys and arcsys)

          • Mastery

            There’s also the whole myth of “PS3 Lag” among the FGC, and you know, the FGC is pretty international.

          • ShadowDivz

            They’re exclusives in japan?
            That’s news to me. Did not know that.

          • Vesperion

            Destiny will be PS exclusive in japan, but FF13 came out on Xbox in japan.

            It was also the first Final Fantasy with a official Chinese release.

        • Digidyne017

          Xbox in Japan doesn’t make sense either..

          You know what else makes sense for the vita? King of Fighters and Ultra Street Fighter IV, lets not forget Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Under Night In Birth (also by Ark System Works)

    • I wouldn’t ask that much but if we could stream it from ps3 that would be something. But sony blocked the streaming system for ps3 a few years ago dunno why… (even though it works correctly, has you can see in youtube ppl playing P4A in vita by streaming form a CFW ps3)

      • Tyler Beale

        That “blocking” is just a line of code in each game’s header file. Sony didn’t block it – developers never enabled it.

      • Espoir

        Not everyone has a PS3 or PS4 to ‘stream’. Plus actually playing it rather than streaming is waaaaaaay better >.>

        • Yeah, but not all developers feel like creat ports of a already made game. Is not a simple “copy/paste” in the code and “puff*port*made” u know…
          At least with the streaming they wouldn’t have to do anything at all. :/

        • yeah but not everyone wana waste time re-coding a game to fit another plataform and risk it not being sold… :p
          (At least make it streamable wouldn’t imply costs to anyone, and you could still enjoy it portably) :3

  • James Reilly

    This Persona DLC is already being handled better then the BB DLC.

  • dknighti

    This is so smart, making sure they secure those day one purchases

    • AnotherTime

      Uhm…you can download it without having the game. A smart person would just do that, and buy the game at any other date they could if they couldn’t do it on day one.

      • Guest

        They might have DLC codes in game case, we don’t know how the characters are being distributed yet…

        • there are no dlc codes in the game case.

          it’s on psn you dont even need the game to download it

      • ShadowDivz

        A smart person?
        Have you ever been to a forum?

        If there’s nothing to complain about, make something up.

        • AnotherTime

          I…uh…no, I haven’t. Not very often, anyway. Not at all if Siliconera doesn’t count.

  • Arcade Bumstead

    With the way psn dlc works can’t I just download it and use it later

    • Zeik56


  • vileBrenman

    All this free dlc the first week makes the day one purchase of this all the more sweet

  • Kornelious

    Just keeps getting better and better, All we need now is a release date :)

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    And then everyone who contributed to the “PAID CHARACTER DLC? NO BUY ITS ALREADY ON DISC” shitstorm of last thread was forced to hold that.

    • Fidelis

      That’s a welcome shitstorm in my eyes

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        Point being that people should stop jumping to conclusions and starting something no one wants to see for the nth time.

        • God

          Huh? Why was my comment, and even it’s answer, deleted?

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            Not sure, but I didn’t do it.

          • God

            Meh, doesn’t matter, must have been a mod.

    • Blazblue CP says hello

      • Cazar

        But this isn’t BBCP.

      • IkariShinji

        Most of Blazblue CP characters are not free though nor was Extend. You had to pay for some of them. Two of the characters so far are free, ignoring if they decide to put Makoto/Marg in the game too.

    • PowerSerg

      Except this is still on disc DLC and is only free for a week. “Oh my internet is out for a week guess I have to buy characters.” Plenty of issues can occur with this. Beyond that people without internet just won’t get these on disc characters even if they bought it day one, even if they defend atlus, they still ain’t getting these characters.

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        Oh, please. It’s already been made so easy for you. All of these complaints like “no internet” and “people who dont keep up with the game will miss it” are all nit picky. God forbid if you are in such a rare position that you would actually be forced to contribute to the funds needed to create the bonus character! Maybe atlus should try crowdfunding, it seems to avoid all of this stigma while being essentially the same thing.

      • ShadowDivz

        Dude, you could just go to the library.
        Or your school(if you’re a student)
        Or mooch of some wifi with your phone.
        Seriously, you can access the store from anything that can access websites and buy it. I bought Squiggly(for free) on the last day, while i was at school.

  • Reki Honoo

    So now we just need the official release date from atlus! And no, i’m not believing the whole september 30th release date, until atlus usa themselves come out and say ultimax will be coming to north america september 30th

    • Vesperion

      Yu Namba already said late september

      • $1392518

        Ah. I know his sister personally, shame I still haven’t met him.

        Though is that atlus’ habit of release dates? Being skittish with them that is?

        • Vesperion

          Well the the first game was only 2 weeks apart from the japanese release, so i can’t see why they wouldn’t honor the Sept release with the game complete and all.

  • Everyone should just tag these DLCs to their accounts before the end of that week, and they can worry about buying the game itself later.

  • friendly neighborhood_dude

    …..That’s it! This will be my first completed cast fighter! Even if they release more DLC (Makoto!) I’m all game!

    Love you Atlus! Keep up the good work.

    • miju

      I had to reread your comment several times because I kept thinking squirrel and not emo bluehead.

      • Fitzkrieg

        Makoto Nanaya for Persona 5.

        • ShadowDivz

          I’d be cool with it.

      • friendly neighborhood_dude

        I’m really confused too. Do I call him Makoto or just stick with Minato??

        They always rename Persona MCs for some reason :(

        • magicalfollower

          Makoto is such a generic name.
          Minato is much better.

          *prepares for incoming arguments*

        • Steven Higgins

          According to the Persona 4 side of Persona Q Minato is the canon name as that’s the name given to him when you choose Yu as your playable character and Q is canon.

          I don’t see Minato showing up because this game is canon and takes place long after P3. There may be a third Arena game because iirc Arena and Ultimax take place during Golden Week which is a three day vacation so they can have one game take place each day. So if Elizabeth manages to save him in this game he may show up in the next. if not, or if this is the last Arena game, We’ll never see him again.

          • IkariShinji

            Actually Minato is the canon name from the manga. In Persona Q he doesn’t really have a name in particular so I’m guessing that they are either going to name him Makoto like the movie, which is canon, or something else.

          • Steven Higgins

            He does if you follow the P4 route.

            If you choose the P3 Protag than the P4 protag is called Yu, if you choose the P4 protag than the P3 Protag is called Minato

          • IkariShinji

            EDIT: bobrossfreak video has the better translation than the other one I looked at so that’s moot LOL.

            I personally use both but most people will jump up and down and say Makoto is the canon name due to Hibiki/Yu given the same treatment (anime comes out and they have canon names instead of manga based names, which proves that the manga isn’t canon blah blah blah blah.)

            EDIT again: I personally don’t care either way. Tomato/Tomato.

          • Steven Higgins

            It would be pretty award if your’re playing as Yu and there’s a character without a proper name. So I would think that they’d give him a canon name. and Like you said, the translate used that so that’s what I’m going with.

          • IkariShinji

            Wait what? I…ummm…I couldn’t understand the first part. I also re-edited my post too lol.

          • im pretty sure they changed minato to P3 Protagonist in persona q

      • Shirogane Takeru

        well… why not? XD

      • ShadowDivz

        This. I was like “Makoto Nanaya? From Blazblue?
        Well, same makers, but seems rather odd….. OH!”

    • ShadowDivz

      He will always be
      Minato Arisato

  • Asura

    What’s the point of this?

    I’ll download her. I won’t buy the game until it drops to $20 though. So what does this “one week!” shenanigan accomplish?

    • Dyne

      A:if you want her,then you need to pay more then $20
      B:Trying to get more people to own the game with it comes out so there be more online.
      C: if Konpon568 is right, then they are a bit dumb for how they are doing it.

      that all i can think of.

      • James Reilly

        A: He can download her free without buying the game in week 1. He is implying that he can just wait for the price drop before getting the game while still securing the dlc.

        B: Atlus could care less about how active the online community is they just want to secure purchases that are not “Used”. Let’s be real the majority of the consumers are more interested in the single player component like story, golden arena, etc [Highly likely majority of Persona rpg fans don’t have fighting game backgrounds so they won’t advance past mashing auto combo strings].

        The competitive fighting game crowd are the small piece of the pie and after the first month a good chunk of the casual crowd will move on to the next game just like how things went with the first Arena game

        C: Remains to be seen if this buisness tactic will pay off for them. Then again the extra characters could have easily remained on the disc so any purchases is extra money. Sort of worked out for Skullgirls since the IGG campaign backers essentially pre-purchased the dlc characters so anybody could have them for free in a three month window.

        • Zeik56

          Atlus has actually done a lot more to push the game to the fighting game community than most publishers of fighting games. They made a pretty dramatic push with the original game, setting up sponsored tournaments and bringing in people from the fighting game community to break down the mechanics.

          I don’t suspect they’ll go quite as far this time, but they did have that lengthy stream recently where they brought in people from the fighting game community to go in depth on the new characters and changes to old characters, which is still more than I can say for a lot of publishers.

          While there are plenty of casual players who will move on quickly, Atlus seems keenly aware that there are also plenty of fighting game fans who won’t touch a fighting game if they don’t think there’s going to be a community. A game like this does not succeed purely on casual players alone.

    • James Reilly

      Implants the image to consumers that Atlus is being generous. These characters could just as easily be included into the main game but why do that when you could sell them separately and make more $$$?

      However to avoid the inevitable “BOO PAID DLC!” consumer complaints Atlus makes a compromise to temporarily make these characters free via download in a week period. That way they save face and in the end still make extra money.

      Let’s be real: There are gonna be people who will fail to download the characters in the one week window because they either

      1. Don’t keep up to the following on the developments of this game on the internet and are unaware of deals like this.

      2. Are new fans of either persona or fighting games and just got into this game after the free download period.

      3. Anomalies like procrastinating consumers that keep telling themselves “I have a whole week to download it I’ll do it later” and end up missing it. This kind of mentality was present with the Skullgirls THREE MONTH free dlc character window.

      TlDR: They still make some extra money while still maintain the benevolent positive image to their consumer base is the primary reason.

    • MrJechgo

      Week-1 sales can be important for a company. Also, y’know, people don’t like expensive DLC, so they’ll either download the character for safe-keeping or swallow their pride and get the game on day one.

      • ShadowDivz

        Agreed. I did this for Squiggly.

    • IkariShinji

      It makes people who complained about getting her due to being paid DLC can now get the game and play with her their hearts desire. If you don’t want to buy the game release then don’t but I’ll sure do it and train while you wait until the price drops :D

  • heavymetalmixer

    That week the PSN servers will paralyze :v

  • Snorlaxation

    I just can’t wait. I’m getting Marie, Adachi, Tarot Cards (although I Loved the P1 and P2 versions, the P3 and P4 versions are special to me), and I can later download the Original P4 and finish off the story on my own, then play the new one.

    I’m a very happy fan.
    (Does this sound as cheap and commercial as I think it does? It’s how I feel, but it looks like a spambot wrote it.)

    Anyway, the only thing that could make me happier would be a few more characters added to roster (Margaret? Maya Amano? Minato/Makoto? Dante?)

  • IkariShinji

    She’s free so guess what…I’m happy.

  • ShadowDivz

    God that’s awesome.
    And i love her artwork…but mostly i just love her.

    So do i have to play the first one, to find out what happens after P4 because i heard the story takes place after. (although the guy who told me that is pretty dumb). Or can i just get this and there’s a recap or something?

    • God

      You need to play the first one, or at least watch a let’s play, but don’t worry, the first game is a dlc for this one.

  • artemisthemp

    So happy that I, will be able to play with Marie from Day 1 :)

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