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Digimon All-Star Rumble Announced For Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . July 31, 2014 . 10:11am


Bandai Namco have announced a new Digimon game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, titled Digimon All-Star Rumble. The game is developed by Prope and is described as a “party arena” multiplayer game. Here’s how Namco describe it:


In Digimon All-Star Rumble, the Digital World enjoys a time of restored peace after overcoming numerous wars and crises. However, the restless Digimon must still battle to Digi-volve, so they propose to hold their first ever “Digimon Evolution Tournament” to determine who is the strongest of them all. In the vivaciously competitive tournament, up to four players will be able to select from a roster of 12 popular base Digimon characters and play as a total of 32 Digimonforms pulled from every Digimon television series ranging from Digimon Adventure to Digimon Fusion. Players control these digital monsters and battle for supremacy in the main Versus Battle mode that players of all skill levels will be able to pick up and enjoy.


By powering up in battle, players can Digi-volve into a much more powerful form, creating a unique combat atmosphere where players must balance attacking while simultaneously attempting to Digi-volve and gain the upper hand. Utilizing special techniques during matches such as activating a Digimon’s “Evolution” power-up along with launching an aggressive attack or defensive strategy will provide colorful and exciting party-arena gameplay so that Digimon fans of all ages can face-off against rivals and become a true Digimon hero!


Digimon All-Star Rumble will be released in North America on November 11th and in Europe sometime this Fall. A trailer for the game can be viewed above and screenshots below.


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  • Souffrir

    Who wants to bet that if the west, by some miracle, does get a Digimon game in the foreseeable future, it’ll be this and not Cyber Sleuth?

    Just noticed it’s actually for the west to begin with. I’m an idiot. xP

    • Aemette

      “Digimon All-Star Rumble will be released in North America on November 11th and in Europe sometime this Fall.” :)

    • Smooosh

      To be fair, this is probably much less risky since it requires a lot less translation work and is on an established platform, unlike the vita.
      Maybe they’ll translate Cyber Sleuth if this sells well enough.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        yeah, if this is doing well, they’ll have good assumption on digimon games again like a few years ago

    • Mnoz

      LOL it’s a west-only game (at least for now).

  • Aemette

    Facebook’s blown up with people complaining how this game only has 12 characters and how they’re not going to support it… we know nothing outside of this little speck of information and people are already refusing this game. I think they’re probably add more characters in the form of DLC. Persona 4 Arena has been doing DLC characters so whose so say this game can’t as well.

    • Robert Hendrie

      I’m guessing this was just the easiest and cheapest way to test the market. Might not be the smartest test game, but it will give them numbers.

      • Aemette

        Precisely. Last Digimon game to hit the West was Digimon RPG in 2010 and before then it was Championship in 2008; we’ve been long overdue for a new Digimon game. I don’t have a PS3 but when and if I do, I’ll be getting this game.

        • Kaetsu

          Championship was really good.

          • Aemette

            Yes it was! It was everything I had ever wanted in a portable Digimon game. Those little sprites had so much life, so much emotion in them.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        nope, this game is made mainly for representing the existence of the ongoing anime series on nicktoons, heck it shows xros wars digimon, and there’s saban brands on it.

        just like digimon fusion fighter in iOS & android

        • Robert Hendrie

          I doubt, and of course Saban brand is on there they are the license holder outside of Japan. It’s like with Funimation, they don’t dubbed the DBZ games yet their logo is on them all

    • SlickRoach

      Welcome to the gaming community, next stop, entitlement alley.

    • British_Otaku

      You can’t blame them the whole way.
      They don’t even have a statement in their defense and even developers who PROMISE to have no DLC or Super editions go back on their word as seen with Capcom (Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter X Tekken) and Arc System Works.

      Bandai Namco have been treading into DLC with their licensed games quite a lot as of recent too.

  • Steven Hunt

    Holy poop I’ve wanted this so bad for so long.

  • Lunir Malheur

    This looks bad… Really bad. Why can’t they localize what we ask? I’m going to be like a total loser but I don’t even had those consoles. I prefer de Wii + PC + 3DS combo so… At least this is not getting my support

  • axess707

    Finally! Playable Shoutmon!

  • Kaetsu

    It looks kind of like Power Stone but only 2 players. It’s too early to judge the game but it’s kind of sad not seeing a Wii U version considering how perfect these kinds of games are on Nintendo systems.

  • Jesse Torres

    Wasn’t there a game like this years back?
    I’m surprised America is finally getting a Digimon game, but their problem is that this is not the adequate testing game for the West, if they released cyber sleuth or re;digitize or even Digimon Adventure, that is the best way to test the waters considering there is a large base that wants those games.

    • Steven Higgins

      There were two, DIgimon Ruble Arena for the PS and Digimon Rumble Arena 2 for the PS2.

      Who knows? If this sells well, maybe they’ll be more confidant about giving us those titles. For my part, I usually only buy one game a moth, but for this I will break that rule.

      • Jesse Torres

        Character roster is hurting the game, but hopefully there will be DLC. I nonetheless am happy that I finally get to play a Digimon after years of not getting them localized.

        • Steven Higgins

          IDC about the roster, that’s still two from each series. A real die-hard Digimon fan will get this simply to support the franchise in the west.

          • Jesse Torres

            That is not the point, simply for being a diehard fans means that I will be susceptible for mediocracy in that department. They know what they are doing and they know that nostalgia and commitment is our weakness.

          • Guest

            But still the fans mush realize that if this doesn’t sell, then there’ll be no chance for us ever getting a localized version of the better games like Re:Digitize and Cyber Sleuth?

          • Renaldi Saputra

            but Bamco must realize that brawling digimon games like this are kinda minor one or just a spin-off that won’t sell that well. I saw rumble arena series only do around 30-60k sales in total. Digimon is more major on its RPG one

            still, I don’t know how to describe “well” in their thoughts

          • Steven Higgins

            In Japan yes, but from what the company sees it’s as good as dead here.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            I still don’t know
            but this isn’t dragon ball which is more major at its fighting/brawling games

            I hope Bamco knows what digimon games are major at, and not being traumatic again if this game sells at a number they don’t expect to be “well”

          • Steven Higgins

            Like I said, from the company’s perspective Digimon isn’t major in the US at all, and small fighting game is less risk than a massive RPG.

          • Jesse Torres

            There is a petition going on where bandai said that it would help in favor of the fans if enough people signed the petition to localize cyber sleuth and re;digitize.
            Is there word of the game being digital download, if so and if its 15 bucks I will buy it.

            Here is the link if you want to sign it.

          • Steven Higgins

            I signed it already. But what if this is Namco-Bandai’s response? What if the only reason Namco-Bandai EU/US even made this game was because the JP branch is considering localization of the bigger titles but are still cautious so they reached out the the Western branches to test the size of the audience?

          • Renaldi Saputra
          • Armane

            “Instead of localising these games you want, here’s this unrelated game. Hopefully you won’t buy it so we can use it as an excuse not to localise those other games.”
            Why does Bamco hate money?

          • Just Tim

            They hate money only when it’s under Dragonball profits.

    • Kris

      Yeah, as Steven said, this is pretty much the ideal game to test western interest from a publisher perspective. It’s a smaller localization/VO undertaking than Re:Digitize or Cyber Sleuth and it’ll let them see if the IP has enough pull still to bother with one of these bigger, more expensive undertakings. I hope they do!

      That said, I’m worried about the fact that they’re using the name “All Star Battle.” Hopefully the JoJo game didn’t harm that brand too much…

      • Renaldi Saputra

        I also believe their plan of releasing it on PS3 and xbox 360 has a meaning, as ps3 and 360 are big in the west

  • Renaldi Saputra

    those 360 degree brawling looks fun as hell
    will definitely looking after this
    even though I don’t have ps3 nor xbox 360

  • Strain42

    Upon seeing the article title “Oh c’mon, stop with the Digimon titles that we’ll never get. My heart can’t take it.” Upon clicking and seeing USA at the top “Wait, what?”

    • Renaldi Saputra

      to be exact, this game is exclusively for US & EU, not a localized japanese one

      • Strain42

        Still a Digimon game in English being released here, so I’m happy.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          yeah dude, yeah

  • Namuro

    “Man, we worked so hard to earn this peace. It’s so peaceful… Yup…”

    “Okay, I’m bored. Let’s fight.”

  • zferolie

    Hate to be that guy but i hope Renamon is in it. And Lilymon.

    EDIT: Just forgot to say the game looks fun as heck too. reminds me of powerstone which was awesome

    • Steven Higgins

      Renamon maybe but I doubt Lilymon. With a roster of 12, that’s only two per season and we’ve already seen Adventure Agumon and Gabumon for the others I see

      Adventure 02: Veemon and Stingmon
      Tamers, Guilmon and Terriermon or Renamon
      Frontier: Flamon and Strabimon
      Data Squad: We’ve seen Data Squad Agumon so the other is probably Gaomon

      And we’ve seen the Shoutmon and Dorulumon from Fusion.

      • powerprotoman

        but its not 2 per series we have biyomon tentomon and gatomon http://gematsu.com/gallery/digimon-all-star-rumble/july-31-2014/

        • Steven Higgins

          Then some series are bound to be left out.

          And why can Biyomon become Phoenixmon while Tentomon can only become MegaKabuterimon?

      • Hagaren

        This is the first time I’ve heard of Strabimon. I googled him and now I really want him to be in the game.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          but I doubt starbimon will be in this game, it’s not known by people who only watch the anime

          • Hagaren

            That’s true, I never knew about him until now. Still, I really like his design so I hope he has a shot at being in.

  • TheSoullesOne

    Damn this reminds me of power stone that was a fun game but anyway the roster is to damn small for a digimon game and to be fair if i would prefer another digimon adventure i think it was called? That you’d run around a map fighting baddies but besides that this honestly doesn’t impress me if anything it does not do the series justice side note i would’nt mind seeing platinum taking a crack a this but thats just me

    • zferolie

      yeah i thought of powerstone too. i really liked powerstone

      • TheSoullesOne

        hell yeah it was fun i played it often in arcades at a local pizza place and when it came out on psp i got it and enjoyed it again it was fun i kinda always hope they would make another one

  • Steven Higgins

    All series? Does that include Frontier? The only ones I can see coming from that are Flamon and Strabimon, the latter of which was never in the anime.

    But Launching opposite Pokemon OR/AS in November is really going to hurt sales. :(
    I’m a fan of both but because Digimon needs more help I’ll be getting this at launch rather than Pokemon, even though I’m also getting Persona Q and it will force me to break my monthly game limit. I’ll get Pokemon later

    • Renaldi Saputra

      yes, including frontier I believe

    • Just Tim

      Move the release date AWAY to December or even better, on Black Friday.

      As for the roster size, 12 needs to be increase to at least the roster size of Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes. I can live with DLC bgm, but 12 is skimpy by today’s standards, while I recognize this is not Marvel VS Capcom 2. A roster of 30 MAX shall satisfy.

  • Hagaren

    The roster is what’s bugging me. Kinda small, but hey, a sequel to Rumble Arena 2 is more than welcome. We already know 8 base Digimon. I hope Flamemon and Impmon return.

    • Bobby

      There will more than likely be dlc, wether or not that would be good or bad is hard to say

      • Hagaren

        It’s possible, yeah.

  • Kroz

    spiritual successor to rumble arena??? Nostalgia


      Exactly! Rumble Arena anyone? Might check into this, but still not sure yet.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    I never asked for this.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      but anw there’s hope for digimon games

    • I did. lmao.

    • Gemlit

      Then, earn your degree in video game design and make the game you have asked for. Else, skip it.

  • 12 characters…eh..but i still loved the rumble arena games… i hope more digimon games come over here.

  • This looks nice but ehh… 12 characters? I hope they do expand that a little more.

    • Cheesy04


  • Spirit Macardi

    This is something of a net positive. It’s not the games we had been asking for, but it’s at least a step in the right direction.

    I just hope they actually dub it. A huge part of a game like this is the charm of nostalgia, and what most people here grew up with here was the Saban dub cast. Including the cheezy-awesome opening song.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      this is an exclusive game for US & EU (also australia)
      it’s being dubbed indeed, I also heard the sound “blue blaster” on the trailer, so, yep

      • Spirit Macardi

        I couldn’t really hear all that well, nor could I make out any recognizable voices.

        All I can say is that they’d better get Steve Blum back x3

        • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

          I could of sworn I heard Steve Blum in the trailer at the very end. I hope they get Black wargreymon and guilmon.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Did they purposely avoid the Wii U because it’s the home series of their bizarre counterparts?

    • Renaldi Saputra

      maybe Wii U isn’t a right console for it, as no digimon games had been released on Wii before, too

      • AuraGuyChris

        It’s not a good argument. They released an enhanced version of a Digimon game in the 3DS.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          I only mentioned Wii and Wii U, not NDS nor 3DS

      • British_Otaku

        Pretty unrelated if you ask me.
        A small install base makes a bit of sense at least, it is hardly like you can name any Digimon or anime licensed Xbox games to begin with.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          for xbox, well, rumble arena 2 and world 4 was on xbox, right? so, yeah

          • British_Otaku

            A library shared with the GameCube or PS2, according to Keikaku. :P

            It is moving the goalposts, but it goes to show that the previous platforms which had the games has nothing to do with their choices. The Wii missed out on games… Why? Probably cheaper to make games for the PSP and DS, why else has the PS3 and 360 waited so long.

            Why no Wii U or Vita? Install base.

            Thanks for showing why I shouldn’t make claims without using Google first though.

          • JonathanisPrimus

            “Why no Wii U or Vita? Install base.”

            Well, one of those platforms is getting a better looking Digimon game anyway.

        • phayroent

          Digimon World 4 was on XBOX. And the XBOX does have anime games, especially in Japan, not that it matters there. Chaos Head is an anime.

      • Cyber Sleuth is the 5th Digimon Story game and it’s not on the 3DS so I guess they’re throwing more of their focus at sony right now.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          I guess you’re right, since most of digimon games are on sony console, though the very first console game was on the old-but-gold SEGA saturn

  • Captain Levi

    Must… buy.

  • Cypher013

    What the hell man, is this a joke? No one wanted or even remembered this type of digimon game existed, I guess this is their answer to our petition, you don’t get real games, you get a rip off and you like it

    • I’ve wanted a Rumble Arena 3 for years, so I guess that makes me “no one.”

      Also; You didn’t see Saban at the end? This is clearly a low budget game that’s been in the works for a while for promoting Fusion.

      • Just Tim

        Japan pretty much dismissed XROS Wars as, “TOO MECHA, TOEI!”, just like how it did like for Frontier with “TOO TOKU, TOEI!”

    • Steven Higgins

      If this sells the chances of localization for Re:Digitize and Cyber Sleuth increase exponentially.

      • British_Otaku

        Let us not get carried away to the point of supporting trash like One Piece Romance Dawn (3DS) again (as many people wanted Unlimited World RED – which I ended up not loving as much as I wanted but not the point), as much as I think every region deserves to play every One Piece game I think a lot of us went too far out of our way to support crap for that reason. >_>

        • Steven Higgins

          But we haven’t had a Digimon game in years, probably because Digimon World Champion had such terrible sales.

          Besides, Ruble Arena has always been fun, for me at least.

          • World Championship was sadly the downfall because people expected it to be a Dawn/Dusk sequel and threw a hissy fit :’C (( much like most of the people on this page complaining about how we’re no longer getting cyber sleuth and decode – from the looks of it this game has been in development for a while, before they even pushed anything about the petition)) I think this is just something to tie us over and is a very beautiful looking sequel to rumble arena.

          • British_Otaku

            Still don’t see that as an excuse to support just anything with the license and small chance of increasing the localisation odds for something else.

            Remember Ubisoft and how many games they have used to see whether people want Beyond Good and Evil 2?

            Support this if it is good, if it isn’t don’t support it and focus on making your interest clear in the other works.

            Even Bamco know when their crap smells and there are specific products in a franchise or line up not worth localising. I hope.

          • Steven Higgins

            How can you tell whether it sucks of not if you don’t play? Like I said, I enjoyed Ruble Arena, and I’m sure I would have enjoyed Ruble Arena 2 if I’d ever had the chance to play it.

          • British_Otaku

            I can’t tell yet and to be honest, despite never playing a Digimon game or Power Stone (for more than 30 minutes), this doesn’t look bad at all.

            I’m just saying that we don’t have a studio or any real proof of whether it is worth your money to commit to supporting it as that is the only way to support Digimon games.

            How will we know in the future? Demos? Renting a copy? Videos online? Reviews?

            Wait to see whether this is a true Rumble Arena successor or trying to cash in on your love of the older games.

          • Steven Higgins

            I wouldn’t trust professional reviews. they tend to be hard on niche titles like Digimon and there may not be a demo but videos and renting are good ways. For me I’m not going to do any of that, I’m goign to buy it because of the experience I had with Ruimble Arena and because I’m starved for Digimon games. Maybe not the best reasons, but they’re my own.

            IMO a person’s own reasons for getting a game are better than anyone else’s reasons for not doing so. The reverse is also true.

            Unfortunately, like I said it’s already at a disadvantage releasing opposite the most anticipated Pokemon remakes ever.

          • British_Otaku

            I never said anything about professional reviews, just find someone who knows what they are talking about and clearly justifies their points or multiple people who do that. Whether they have seen any Digimon or even been paid for a review shouldn’t be that much of a factor.

            Your reasons are the same as the ones which lead me to be disappointed with Romance Dawn and Unlimited World RED (or countless others with Aliens Colonial Marines), I’m just saying they don’t need you to purchase the game immediately if it happens to be good.

            If forced to pick between a niche thing like this and Pokemon, I would wait on Pokemon as it will be in stock and around the same piece for years to come. Still I would wait unless given a good reason not to.

            I agree that your own reasons are the boss but waiting long enough to be informed does you no harm. Ignore other people after you have heard them speak.

    • I am sure everyone wanted a Rumble Arena sequel though. I know I did.

    • Chido55

      Ripoff? wow

    • Renaldi Saputra

      rip-off? what?
      fighting/brawling digimon games had existed since 2001 the Tamers Battle Evolution (rumble arena 1)

  • We’ll have more on this game next week. We’ve seen it already…

    • British_Otaku

      You guys…

    • Aemette

      D: Next week can’t come sooner! I need more details!

  • ivanchu77

    Put Ranamon plz

  • GoldLiger(Bijuu no Sennin)

    With the technology of today you would think that they could have included more then 12 brawlers?

    • British_Otaku

      We would have to jump back many generations to think of technology which couldn’t include more than 12 brawlers. I’m more concerned but the design though I’m aware there are like 11ty billion Digimon so twelve seems like a weak line up.

      • ShindoW

        At least if they’re not giving us more Digimon from the get-go, give us DLC Digimon…

  • jugss

    teriermon pls!!!! I hate Xros wars though.

    • Cheesy04

      Save ur hating for the Hunters, Xros Wars was ok! Nah I’m joking people have different preferences. Try to finish the 2nd half that’s where XW gets more interesting. And avoid hunters.

      • Spirit Macardi

        I actually loved Hunters, though I’ll admit it was mostly due to the fact that Gumdramon is voiced by Kumiko Watanabe x3;

        • Cheesy04

          Gumdramon was the only reason to like Hunters! I hope he shows up again in other stuff!

  • phayroent

    I’d bet that the West would see this new Digimon Rumble game much sooner than any of the recent adventure-styled games

    • Strain42

      You mean the one being made in the west and already has a western release date? Yeah, you’d be right.

      • Steven Hunt

        How is it “made in the West” when it’s being developed by a Japanese studio?

        • Strain42

          Typo on my part, sorry. Meant to say “for” rather than “in” but yes, a game that was announced on this site with a Western release date first and no word of a Japanese release date is more than likely going to come out in the West before the other Digimon games out there.

  • tubers

    Mmm… I smell higher chances of Digi: CS :P

    • Strain42

      Yeah, it could go either way. If this sells decently, it could help send the message that Digimon still has a marketable fanbase here in the west, but if it doesn’t it could have the opposite effect.

  • ShindoW

    Well, we’re screwed for any form of a localization of Cyber Sleuth.. This won’t sell the numbers it needs to as it will barely appeal to hardcore fans and won’t appeal to fighter fans at all. I doubt many will buy it on release day, either… :( Much rather would have had a digital, bare bones translation release of Digimon Adventure than this… Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll still play it, but it won’t be worth the $40-$60 they’ll be charging.

    • Uh, no we’re not screwed? If anything this is a good sign not a bad one.

      • ShindoW

        I really want it to be a good sign but unless fans AND others support this release then its just going to tank. :( I imagine this game will end up as one of those $20 lazy-day titles and I will LOVE it, but I just don’t have any hopes that the sales will meet what they need to to localize Cyber Sleuth, or you know, a PSN release of Digimon Adventure… :/

        • Eh, I think a lot of people are just upset over them releasing this instead of Cyber Sleuth (which isn’t even a finished game yet??? ) I mean it’s visible that they showed enough care for Digimon to put the time and money into actually making this so I consider that a good sign ya know?

          • ShindoW

            I know where yall are coming from, I’m just trying not to get my hopes up. I will be buying this day 1 if its in the $40 range, just to support the US demographic, even if its probably going to be worth half that. :/ Here’s hoping for some awesomesauce DLC like all the Adventure’s mega/perfects. I don’t think we’ll get Frontier stuff (is it still owned by Disney or did it expire?) and Japanese music ect would have to be liscensed, which costs money. :/

        • Well I guess the same people that have petitioned will have to speak with their money.

  • Kornelious

    Y’know what surprises me the most is that this is exclusive to NA and Europe…..That is VERY rare! O_O

  • Mila

    Sweet ^o^
    PS : I hate it when mods mention Xbox 360 first before the main platform
    Such a disgusting way to market the xbox brand as if its the source of Digimon

    • DanielGearSolid

      Thought I was the only one…

      It’s petty, but true.

      I could understand if X came b4 P alphabetically

    • Letrico

      Ishaan is Xbox fan.

      • Mila

        Welp .. That’s a bummer ._.”
        Considering Digimon originated on Playstation , I think Ishaan do know that the majority of siliconera visitors here are actually PS and Nintendo fans , i don’t appreciate from Ishaan a stealth marketing for M$ whether the Xbox is his console of choice or not , i just notice this from him in some news before .. Ishaan you are better than that , Xbox is filled with shooters not JRPG’s -__-

  • Learii

    I want a digmon RPG not digmon fighting game =(

  • Oh god…..This is coming to NA but nothing on Cyber Sleuth? *sigh* I’m not that interested on it but I’ll buy it to support Digimon. Maybe provide some alternative to Playstation All Stars.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Seriously? This is the Digimon game we get? Dafuq mang

  • You all should stop complaining about not getting Cyber Sleuth because that isn’t even finished yet lmao

    • Re:Digitize is plenty of finished though.

      • Romored

        The fact is that both Decode and Cyber Sleuth are text-heavy games, so more risky than a game like ASR, which is a fighting game. With this game they obviously want to test how big the core Digimon fanbase really is, and then decide if the localization of Digimon jrpgs is doable.

        • Just Tim

          If that were the case, I would love to see a Digimon game that uses the Tekken engine.

        • You got a point.

  • Based Ignacio Puppo

    Nice nice nice, I loved the PS1 and PS2 games ;_:

  • Tincho Kudos

    Hey Bamco, when we said we wanted a Digimon game we meant the handheld one, not this (Altough a spiritual successor to rumble arena is neat)

  • Just Tim

    Hey, Namco Bandai, care to offer the show’s OP/ED/IN songs as justified DLC? Everybody knows those worldwide DragonBall and Naruto profits are buoying various Namco Bandai IPs.

    What’s the roster list?

    • Steven Hunt

      You’re not going to get a roster list on announcement day.

  • Bob Slim

    This isnt the 1 I want. I hope enough people buy it so they can bring over the vita digimon game. I wont buy this

    • waterblaze123

      I don’t actually even. Whatever. Keep calling yourself a Digimon fan ¬¬

  • Abysswalker90

    That’s one Digimon game I’ll be skipping.
    Looks horrible, sounds even worse.
    Please stop spending money on making shitty, western Digimon games instead of localizing the actually good ones.

    It’s going to flop hard, and we all know it.

    • Shinobikens

      You know if it flops it’ll give them all the reason they need to never release another Digimon game in the West

      • Abysswalker90

        They don’t anyway, and I don’t care.
        Digimon is handled very poorly in the west, so poorly that I’d rather ignore it, and just import from Japan.

        In Japan, they at least cater to the older fans, and put a lot of effort into the franchise, but in the eyes of the west it will always remain a children’s cartoon.

        • Shinobikens

          It’s just like SE only releasing mobile ports of Dragon Quest games…they want them to fail so they can say nobody wants them like do now even though all the DQ sold way better than Bravely Default. Being a Western Japanese game fan is suffering

          • Abysswalker90

            Bamco of Japan are becoming more aware of the western fandom, and it really shows.
            They even welcome western fans to watch the August 1st live stream. Western Digimon could die off for as much as I care, it’s not like I was ever a part of their demographic since 2001.

          • Letrico

            You know you practically insulted every western digimon fan. Not sure what the hell are you talking about the last digimon being 2001. Last worldwide released digimon game was digimon world 4 in 2005. Since then it was digimon world DS and digimon world dusk and Dawn in 2007 for NA. No region lock on DS so fans were enjoying it.

            Seriously if you are not a fan, just don’t speak.

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Last time I checked Digimon was still popular in the West it’s just Bandai Namco’s lazy ass that refuses to localized great titles not named Tales Of or Anime games.

          • ShindoW

            Um… to be fair, Tales of… fans have been fighting FOR YEARS to get the games we only just started getting. If anything, Digimon is where Tales was a few years back. :/ Hopefully this a good sign that they put out other Digimon games, but I already posted my concerns.

          • Princess_Eevee9

            I agree but still back then more games were released then what we’re getting.

        • “they at least cater to the older fans” uhhhh……..do you even know what this game is? >V>;;;

    • Steven Hunt

      How the deuce is it a “Western” game?

      • It’s not releasing in Japan. Or at least not scheduled for release outside of NA/EU currently.

        Though it’s made by a Japanese dev, so it’s a stupid claim all around.

  • ShiShi

    We get a hype Digimon Rumble Arena successor that looks like it could be better than the second one by far and everyone complains. No wonder Digimon is dead.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      dead? nope, the fanbase is still big
      but I agree people should not complain too much
      it’s been very good Bamco still remember us

    • Not everyone. It’s gotta be split at least 60/40 positive/negative here.

      And the negative is split like 90/10 “This isn’t what I wanted”/”this look terrible”. So there’s a chance even some of the haters will end up trying this and liking it in the end, to support their Digimon, yo, lol.

      Bamco just needs to make sure and push a demo out there. If it’s fun, haters will stfu.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I’m all over this. I loved Digimon Rumble Arena for the PS1.
    Maybe a new Digimon RPG is in our future, too?
    For now I’m just happy to have this.

  • ZetaSiren

    Holy shit. Pardon the French. But goddamn I’d thought wed never see another title in this series. Today is a great day.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Still waiting on that ReDigitize Decode tho

    • mike dickson

      its not worth waiting for the game is terrible

      • shadowind

        How can the game be terrible if it’s not even out yet, unless you’ve somehow been to the future and played it…

        • mike dickson

          I have the PSP version RE digitized and its not good at all decode is just a port of the PSP but on 3ds with new content

          • Renaldi Saputra

            not just new contents but fixed bad systems/bugs

            that’s the only game that had big nostalgia for the fans

            it’s all your opinion of saying “not good at all”

            but please understand that many people demand that one

            you only played the PSP version, me too
            but you can judge Re:Digitize Decode easily without playing it first
            what the hell

          • mike dickson

            Well yes you can like every other port sure the button configuration will be different it still won’t change anything perfect example metal gear solid 3 snake eater on ps2 vs the one on 3ds there the same thing only difference is the ps2 version follow more aspects of first game while the 3ds version has slight differences u have the option to swith between fps and tps you csan control the camera its pretty close to peace walker lets leave it like that

          • Renaldi Saputra

            you can’t just say like that unless you’ve tried playing it

            anw we need more digimon games in english, that’s all
            what’s bad for you is not necessarily bad for another people

          • mike dickson

            im simply saying if you play the original the port will flat out be in different its not lazy developers its just flat in different and yet again the game is bad ill give you my reason the digimon age system is terrible i could understand why you want the game to stay difficult ( the game isn’t even hard ) but you give the player infinite resources to make any digimon but he’ll in X amount of days due to dumb reasons example colon cancer ( yeah that can happen XD) and also the game battle is none existent sorry putting two digimons in a grudge match with probably the worst tamer of all time tell his digimon to take others out with scream at your digimon or give him a chip or run thats it thats the battle system yeah totally worth localizing whatever at least Cyber sleuth looks truly promising compared to Re;digitize

    • Renaldi Saputra

      don’t worry bro, this is the beginning of all

  • Serge

    This is not the game we wanted, but it’s the game we need…

    • If I buy a 1000 copies Cyber Sleuth might be localized…

  • I started laughing when he got hit by the train at 0:48

    • Renaldi Saputra

      lol, me too
      it’s hilarious

  • Ardus

    Never expected to see a sequel to the digimon rumble arena games, I still have a physical copy of each of them.

  • AuraGuyChris

    And BN’s explanation for why it’s not on the Wii U is because of the same reason Ubisoft used the last time: “It’s not selling well enough.”

    Well, screw you guys. Promoting your mascot in SSB4 wasn’t enough for you.

    • William Carpenter

      “We’re”? You say that as if you’re part of Nintendo; as if you’re taking this personally. =/

    • JonathanisPrimus

      They said that? I figured they would’ve kept quiet after that Adventure Time Vita fiasco.

  • I don’t really know why but I’m totally hyped for this

  • Renaldi Saputra

    I wonder why people are complaining and even insult this game
    I know the graphic is kinda err even though it’s still smooth one, but we should be thankful that Bamco still remember about us digimon fans. This might be the beginning of all, and we have to make bamco so that they can believe in digimon games market again like when it was 2000-2006. If we keep complaining, they won’t respect us anymore.

    • Captain Levi

      I have to agree.

  • Alestaos

    Gatomon is in it so im totally getting it

  • MaskedHeroxx

    Fuck reviews. .fuck ppl comments buying this day one

  • Kalis Konig

    Successor to the Rumble Arena series but with full 3D movement. I must say that I am disappointed that this only has 12 base Digimon. However Bamco has been big on DLC lately so I expect a few more at least. Terriermon better be in this!

  • William Carpenter

    Anybody know if they’ve said anything about this being retail or downloadable? Not that it’s a deal breaker for me or anything, but I do prefer physical media. I’ll be getting it either way though for sure! Gotta support my Digimons.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      There will be a physical release.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      it’s being retail in europe and australasia
      but they don’t say about the america one
      hopefully all will be retail

  • WhyWai

    big fan of Rumble Arena when I was a little kid. getting this for the sake of nostalgia… too bad I’m not familiar with new digimons after Season 3

    • Renaldi Saputra

      as long as it’s fun, you don’t need to be familiar with those digimon you don’t know :p

    • Princess_Eevee9

      YouTube helps.

  • WhyWai

    I hope this means Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is being localised as well..

  • monkey king

    Looks like a sequel to rumble arena 2, which was actually a lot of fun.

  • JonathanisPrimus
    • Renaldi Saputra

      to me it’s looking very good

      except some aspects

    • eh, a stage demo where an exhibitor is walking gamers through it who have never played it before is DEFINITELY not something you should base your impressions on though.

  • Notquitesure?

    Thats nice and all but where’s guilomon.

  • Janrabbit

    *patiently waiting for Digimon world remake*

  • Yue D Andre

    Oh please…localized ReDigitize would you??

  • Fallen_Persona

    Somebody was paying attention to Tales when they made this. By the way, guys, stop complaining they’re not localizing Cyber Sleuth on Vita, and realize that this is a visual quality Digimon game (it’s using their new Digimon Style, like Sleuth) and if the US shows there’s an interest (they won’t…) Bamco will take the West seriously.

    The problem was the West never showed an interest in older Digimon games. I believe this time can be different because their new visual style really is accurate to Digimon. Especially Cyber Sleuth which has some of the best graphics on Vita.

    So even if you don’t support this, try to get others to support this. I’m waiting until these kinds of thing go Next-Generation (Bamco is always one of the first) but them releasing on Xbox 360 means something. This is a test for the West. They would never release on 360 otherwise (hint: Japan gives 0 cares about 360.)

    • shadowind

      I never knew it was a crime to complain about a certain Digimon game not being localised or various other Japanese games not being localised… If people want to see them being localised, why shouldn’t they be allowed to say so?

      • Fallen_Persona

        That’s not what I’m saying at all. What I’m trying to say is that Bamco is giving us a chance to prove to them the West still cares about Digimon games. They specifically targeted English audiences with this announcement and:


        ^ This.

        If they get support, the games will get localized. Once upon a time we didn’t get/got half-translated Tales games, now we get them fully (on consoles and even a Vita release!) and help push a title in the series (Xillia) over a million sold on only one console.

        I’m not attacking people complaining, I’m saying this is our big chance, and it is probably a good idea to take advantage of it. Namco has proven that if the fans are willing to pay for it, they can make it happen when it comes to localization. That’s what I was trying to say. More of a, “I understand where you’re coming from, but this is a big step forward. Let’s please not miss it.”

    • The Watcher


  • Hentailover

    Playable Renamon or go away.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      And Gatomon?

      • Renaldi Saputra

        it’s playable

        • Princess_Eevee9


  • sd28

    if they were using this to test the market for digimon games then a 3ds and vita version should have been announced as well as both platforms have a digimon title that they could sell.

  • natchu96

    They . . . do realize that a lot of the fanbase probably liked the RPGs more right?

    • Renaldi Saputra

      but localizing a heavy-text one is more risky, so maybe they decided to do this first so they can believe in digimon market again if this does well

      • natchu96

        Yeah, but this is a completely different genre, brand name or no.

        Even if it’s Digimon we might not even care enough to buy it :(

        • Renaldi Saputra

          but it’s the successor of rumble arena series

        • raymk

          Please, this isn’t the first rumble arena game we’ve had localized. Those games did very well over here so of course they’d capitalize on this.

  • The Watcher

    Looks way better than PS All Stars, that’s for sure.

    • raymk

      It really doesn’t, we’ve seen no real battle videos are anything to go off of. This game could be just as broken come time when better people demo the game than the staff. I’m tired of this PS all stars hate just for the sake of it.

      • The Watcher

        It really does. The fact that there is a HP bar automatically makes this game better. #FACT
        But seriously, who thought only using supers to get KOs was a good idea in PSAS? It really wasn’t.

        • hazelnut1112

          Don’t get me wrong, PS All Stats had a pretty neat concept and the game wasn’t that bad. My biggest complaint was the music which made some levels boring and the very lackluster roster, especially that roster.

        • raymk

          Well who thought smash bros system was a good idea when it was created? It just ended up being fun luckily. But having an Hp bar doesn’t mean the game is going to play good.

  • SonicRulez

    I remember liking both Rumble Arena games as a kid. If the gameplay on release looks good, fuck it, I’ll check it out.

  • mckun

    Wonder does this tie in with the Digimon anime in 2015?

    • Renaldi Saputra

      maybe this is what Bamco western gives for celebrating digimon adventure 15th anniversary odiaba memorial day

      • Just Tim

        I watched the Nico stream.

  • hazelnut1112

    Definitely getting it. Loved the PS1 game back in the day.

  • Ultima-X

    Awesome! Rumble Arena all over again.

  • Vash bane

    smash style digimon…well wallet looks like your going to go hungry in a few months

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