Awakened Fate Ultimatum Shows More Of Its Cheerful Angel Jupiel

By Sato . August 1, 2014 . 3:28pm


The protagonist Shin is a god in Awakened Fate Ultimatum, and will receive help from two trustworthy angels. However, one of them will inevitably die, and it’ll be up to you to choose which one. The game’s latest video is all about Jupiel.



The video starts with Jupiel introducing herself as the angel who will be supporting Shin. As reported in previous coverage, Shin has suddenly became a god out of nowhere.


While Jupiel openly displays her love for stuffed animals, she’s also quite the devoted angel, and will do just about anything to help Shin. She might be pretty hard on herself, but her cheerful personality has already made her a fan favorite.


Now, if you had to pick between Jupiel and her red-haired counterpart, Arle, who would you pick? You can read more about the two in our earlier report.


Awakened Fate Ultimatum is slated for release in North America and Europe in Spring 2015 for PlayStation 3.

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  • Kintama

    I’m gonna feel sorry for her…
    (Since I’ll be choosing Ariael.)

  • chibidw

    I’m kind of curious how an angel of all things could die. Is it like re-frying a bean?

    • DyLaN

      In this setting, angels and demons are just another species of living things.

      • chibidw


  • You’re right guys. Jupiel is cute. Buuut I’ll be going with Arle on my first playthrough. lol

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “As reported in previous coverage, Shin has suddenly became a god out of nowhere.”

    That’s not good. He better hope there aren’t any teenagers with demons running around. Thanks to them, gods have a tendency to drop dead.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Epic crossover time?

  • IS | 桂木

    I keep reading her name as Junpei, it’s fucking with my brain yo

    • magicalfollower

      So i’m not the only one, thank god.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        Wait wait I’m not fawning over”Who’s the man” ?!? My whole life is a lie!

  • Nerroth

    Ariael’s video went up also:

    The website only links to the video of whichever character whose theme you pick when accessing the site for the first time.

  • Anontastic

    Watched both (Thanks Nerroth!). I’m still trying to get a better grasp of this “choice” we make. From the sound of it, it just boils down to “which route will you play for your first run?”, but I hope it holds a little more depth than that. I’ll just end up playing the other through NG+ anyway, right?

    I wonder if they’re gonna do one of those things where you can unlock the “true” (harem) ending by beating both sides and conquering some absurdly difficult challenge?

    • Nerroth

      Well, to be fair, DyLaN posted the info about the two videos in the comments section of the last AFU article here.

      It’s probably a sign of how popular Jupiel seems to be over Ariael, since the “default” update posted is the one for that character.

    • DyLaN

      To be more in detail, the “divinigram” is split into two that correspond to both angel/devil God Mode. And one of the method to get points for it is frm conversation choices bet Jupiel/Ariael.

      I have this feeling as well.

  • TheManWithPants

    o////o Damn… gonna be hard to choose! Cute, pure waifu Jupiel or Sexy, crazy scientist waifu Ariael… It’s times like this I wish the PS4 could run PS3 games… ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • Xerain

    So does the main character end up with stronger feelings for the one that lives, or the one that dies?

  • James Darkly

    Imai san kawaii

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    two angels and one will die… just two supporteR? uhm….

  • Here is Ariel for those that want to see

  • Jadfish

    they are openly stating that one of them will die!
    that sure takes a lot of the impact out of something so grim by letting us evaluate the two and choose their fate way before the game is out.
    Not a huge fan of this…

  • ivanchu77

    Is she voiced ny asami imai? that voice sounds really familiar….

    • ShootThatWay

      Yes. I recognize that voice anywhere. Now I know who’s going to live and who isn’t. *Asami Imai fan*

    • Nerroth

      Not only that, but Ariael is voiced by Hara Yumi, another (Puch)[email protected] alum.

      Those two seem to be showing up together in a number of games as of late; Shinovi Versus (Ikaruga and Yumi), Neptunia U (Noire/Black Heart and Famitsu-chan), and… a few others I fail to recall right now.

  • Kornelious

    Well I know who I’m picking! :D…..That’s just me though, I’m into the young innocent kind-of-heart type…..Don’t judge XD

  • GVmanX

    hope this game actually forces me to choose a side instead of giving me
    one of those neutral routes that I can pick. The story has more impact
    if I have to pick a side and deal with it, instead of having a “Why
    can’t I have both?” route. If I pick the angels, I want to have
    horribly mixed feelings, with one part of me feeling just and righteous
    and the other despair at how I’m committing genocide. Too much Japanese
    entertainment period gives the protagonist a middle route nowadays.

    • God

      Why not a relativist route? It’s neutral, but not in the “save them all” kind, hell, it could even be like Satanael, and just make the main character kill everyone depending on a coin flip, or simply make him kill both angels and demons alike, maybe if like Renya he finds out angels are demons are actually the same thing, it will pop a choice that is; “kill angels”, “kill demons”, “kill them both”.

      • GVmanX

        That’d be neat, too.

        • God

          A god can dream…

      • GVmanX

        That’d be neat, too.

  • God

    I got stuck with an “angel” last time aroung, might as well choose the “demon” now.

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