Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes And Phantom Pain Are Coming To PC

By Ishaan . August 13, 2014 . 11:11am

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phnatom Pain are both coming to PC via Steam, Konami announced at Gamescom today.


Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima said that a release date for PC cannot be announced yet, but that Ground Zeroes would be released for PC first.


Additionally, the box you see above will be an in-game item that you can use.

  • Weeb

    Welp back to having no reason to get a PS4. Thank you Kojima!

    • Namuro

      Same here. I mean, I would LOVE to have a PS4, but right now, the only game that I want on it is MGS5.

      I knew I paid a lot for my PC for a reason…

  • disqu

    Dat Steam box. Goddamn i love based Kojima

  • Kai2591


    …just as long as its NOT region-locked like Revengeance thank you very much!

  • Michael Richardson

    Amazing! Now I don’t even need to worry about getting a next-gen console besides the Wii U.

  • Adrián Alucard

    They should release it on netflix or youtube

    • CozyAndWarm

      Just wait for a cut scene dump on youtube, that’ll be like 75% of the game content anyway

  • Venus in Furs.

    Just got a new PC :D I can hold off on buying the PS4 for a while longer.

  • Robert Kupper

    I am super happy. I already own ground zeroes, but I can’t wait to play TPP on PC.

  • SuperSailorV

    NOW they tell me.

  • Nicholas Perry

    YES. YES. YES.

    Now, let’s hope they don’t lock off CVARs for the SP mode so we can extend those draw distances and reduce LoD!

    Hopefully they don’t gimp it like Koei did with their DW8 port either.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Okay, this is cool. Metal Gear Revengence came to PC, now Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming to PC. I hope the inevitable next step is that one of those Metal Gear Solid collections comes to PC. That’s what I want. I don’t play Metal Gear, I never have. But if the entire franchise through 4 was bundled up into a single package on Steam like it is on Playstation…. yeah, I’d try that.

    MGS V being on Steam isn’t that big a draw on its own, because I know Metal Gear is all about the crazy storylines and characters and continuity and frankly I would want to play the franchise sequentially.

    • $18114340

      Playing the series in chronological order of the story might not be the best place to start, speaking as a Metal Gear fan. The best place to start would be the first Metal Gear Solid, onto the second game, then the third, then the fourth. In fact, I’d argue that release order may be the best way to experience the MGS series.

      Why? Partly because MGS is a classic and deserves to be experienced first, and also because the gameplay drastically evolves from one installment to the next. It’s difficult to play Snake Eater or Guns of the Patriots and then to try and go back to the first MGS. It’s just plain awkward.

      I’d argue that the strength of Metal Gear’s narrative lies in the character drama rather than the overarching plot, simply because the overall plot for the games is really convoluted and after so many years has experienced a ton of retroactive continuity. In this sense, a lot of the games stand pretty strongly on their own, and while it’s cool to follow the characters from one game to the next I feel it’s more a matter of fanservice and familiarity than any sort of comprehensible thread connecting the games. But that’s just my opinion. Out of the first four Metal Gear Solid games, none of these tie directly into each other in terms of timeline or even plot. MGS2 takes place a few years after MGS1, MGS3 takes place several years in the past, and MGS4 takes place several years in the future of MGS2. For the most part, while they share in common a lot of characters, themes, and events, the plots for each game are mostly self-contained.

      The possible exception to this would be Peace Walker, which doesn’t have a strong connection to previous MGS games since whether its prequel (Portable Ops) is canon is still subject to debate, but at the same time ties pretty strongly into Ground Zeroes (with PW taking place directly before GZ) and subsequently the Phantom Pain. If you don’t play Peace Walker you’ll probably have no idea what’s going on in MGSV, but not playing Peace Walker should have no effect on your enjoyment of the Solid Snake arc (MGS 1, 2, and 4 as well as the original Metal Gear games on MSX) or the beginning of the Big Boss arc (MGS3).

    • Shippoyasha

      Just saying… you really need to give the series a try if you haven’t. it’s really worth going through it at least once (or hundreds of times if you’re like me). Just catching up to the lore is intriguing enough. Not to mention the many threads of intrigue within each games, the over the top insanity of bosses, the amount of easter eggs in each game and all manner of intricate elements of the combat even in Metal Gear Solid 1.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Eh… the issue is that actually I’m not that into stealth games. I feel like my appreciation for Metal Gear Solid would be for the silly Kojima hijinks, but as soon as that wore off and I was just faced with a level and asked to complete it I wouldn’t have a ton of fun.

        This franchise is famous for silly storytelling and characterization but never so much for accessibility. So I reckon it’s not a great fit for me. I would buy the franchise on a Steam sale, but only on a sale.

    • CozyAndWarm

      There’s always ePSXe and PCSX2.

  • pokeroi

    I knew it!

  • HououinKyouma

    F- YESSS!

  • Namuro

    Nice. About time I make full use of my PC!

    I’ve just been using it to play Touhou games all this time. LOL

  • Brandonmkii

    Woo, enjoy it PCbros. I’m still staying a dirty console peasant though.

  • John Hayabusa

    Now this is good news. It has been more than a decade since we had a MGS game coming to PC. Now I hope this is not region lock like MGR.

  • AndyMAX

    PC and WiiU for the win. =D

  • Heisst

    That just saved me from having to buy a PS4, thanks Kojima.

    • CozyAndWarm

      Feeling the same way. Even though they won’t come out till 2016-2017 at the earliest, FFXV and KH3 PC announcements when?

      • Teariki Gatzilla Tama

        now that sounds highly unlikely but who knows

      • Your Face

        Likely never.

  • Cyrus

    There it is, the Steam Box, it’s a thing.

  • DesmaX

    Finally, MGO on PC’s!

    This is like a dream coming true

  • Codename: D.A.V.I.D.

    That’s great, I’ll be playing a Metal Gear for the first time then :D
    (GoG would have been better, but the good thing it’s coming to PC)

    • cirE

      I love GoG as well, but I think that Steam is the entire reason a lot of titles that were formerly console exclusives are even coming to PC at all. They look at Steam’s massive number of users and realize that it’s a huge untapped market.

      I’m all for DRM-free games whenever I can get them, but I don’t mind using Steam at all if the games are cheap enough, or if Steam’s reputation attracts games I wouldn’t be able to play at all on PC otherwise, like Killer is Dead or Metal Gear.

      Just continue to support those who do release on GoG. That’s the only way more will follow. Most notably as of late is XSeed…if you haven’t bought Trails in the Sky on GoG you should probably go do that! :D

      • Codename: D.A.V.I.D.

        Well said, I haven’t but I will certainly do it now,

  • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

    It’s cool that pc players get on the MG action let’s just hope they get a proper port this time.

  • Sion12

    Why so secretive? atleast tell use if it will be release on the same time as console version. but meh still happy we get pc version at all

  • Suicunesol

    Huh. Suddenly I can foreseeably play this game.

    Well, I’ve never even played an MGS game before. Is this a good place to begin?

    • Nesther

      No. It’ll be incredibly confusing. Start with Snake Eater, it’s on PC too.

      • iamamoogle

        Despite its numerous versions, MGS3 isn’t on PC. It is originally on PS2 but there is an HD version avaiable for PS3, PS Vita, and XBOX 360. There is also a version for the 3DS.

        After MGS3 I’d suggest Peace Walker which is originally available for PSP. The PSP Version is playable on the Vita, but there is an HD Version of it on PS3, and XBOX 360.

        Technically there is a game between the two chronologically: Portable Ops, which is only available on PSP. Its still quite enjoyable, but less important in the grand scheme of things than Peace Walker.

        • Nesther

          He could insert the PS2 disc of Snake Eater into his PC and run it via PCSX2. Seeing as he’s interested in PP on PC, I’m assuming his PC will be strong enough

          • aizen310

            It’s not a native PC version, so it’s still applies, that MGS3 for PC doesn’t exist.

          • Nesther

            Someone looking to play Snake Eater on PC will not care about these pedantic technicalities. So yeah sure: Snake Eater is not on PC, but Snake Eater is playable on PC.

            I’m glad we cleared that up, that was really helpful.

          • aizen310

            The main difference is that a native PC version will always run better than an emulated one. That’s why people might interested in a PC version specifically. My old PC couldn’t run MGS3 through PCSX2 since it was a relatively weak system. However, given by MGS3’s level of detail, that same PC could run a native version like a dream.

            I’m glad we cleared that up.

    • SolRevr

      Not a great place to start. If you have a PS3 you could get the Legacy Collection which has all the main games in it, or get the HD Collection which just has 2, 3, and Peacewalker.

      I still think the original PS1 game is very fun and playable. If you can stomach the old graphics, which are good for a PS1 game, then I’d go with that one just because it’s so classic.

      MGS2 is also a good jumping off point I think. MGS3 is probably the best game, but I feel like 2 would ease you into it a bit more. You might appreciate 3 more if you play 2 first.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Everyone saw this coming. It’s good that it was announced sooner rather than later though.

    Still don’t understand what Kojima’s beef with the Wii U is though…

    • HarakiriKami

      If he did make a game for it, it’d probably be an exclusive since he kept talking about making a “unique” game for it pre-release

  • Suzaku

    Not surprising, but I’m still really happy. The longer I can put off buying a console, the better.

  • Kango234

    QUICK someone tell me where to learn how to build a PC.

    • jsecula

      in most cases if your a new builder…i find it better to get a prebuilt one for cheap (not a prebuilt gaming pc but a prebuilt standard desktop) you can get asus or dell with an intel i5 for around 400-500$ THEN you can just buy a decent GPU (graphics card) and a PSU (powersuply unit—whic is needed to power a good graphics card) and you’ll be good to go for around 700-800$ total) installing GPU’s and psu’s are simple and a good start to a novice wanting to egt into pc building. later down the road you can pop in better ram (at leas 8 gb to start) and your good to go for a few years on that build.

    • dothackjhe

      Better buy one that is already pre-built with the specifications of your choice. Or, had anyone who knows how do it for you. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of trouble doing so. Building a computer from scratch can be tricky, although it gets easier as you familiarize yourself with its hardware and settings.

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