On Creating Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN’s Characters

By Spencer . August 22, 2014 . 12:58am


From Faust’s paper bag mask to Undine’s face in one of Dizzy’s wings, the Guilty Gear series has characters that ooze originality. Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN adds Bedman to the roster, a sleeping fighter strapped to a rollaway bed.


"I just came up with him," Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari laughed when Siliconera asked about designing Bedman. "I wasn’t lying in a bed when I came up with him. I was thinking of different ideas of a character who would be iconic and would stand out. One of them happened to be in a bed and I thought that was cool. Sometimes lightning strikes and I just get an idea. Otherwise, I think, think, and think to come up with an idea that’s different from other characters," Ishiwatari replied.




How did he come with Ramletherl Valentine, a boss character in Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN? "She sort of resembles the character from Guilty Gear II with different kinds of hats. I wanted to create a new type of female character that wasn’t in the previous games," Ishiwatari explained. "That was the source of inspiration for Valentine."


I asked Ishiwatari how he felt about getting the Guilty Gear license back since there were some rights issues after Sammy merged with Sega.


"Actually, I was surprised that we didn’t have the license," Ishiwatari laughed again. "We could’ve still made a Guilty Gear because the license was only for characters after X. So, we had the original core characters and we were able to work with them but we couldn’t use the Guilty Gear X characters or anyone after that." That explains why Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske could be in Guilty Gear 2: Overture since they were from the original Guilty Gear.


Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN has only been announced for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but what about PC? A representative from Arc System Works fielded this question, "We have BlazBlue on PC and also on Steam. What we’re doing is testing how it works out and depending on how it goes we could consider it, but we can’t give you an answer at the moment."

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  • Go2hell66

    lol who is RamlethERL

    • aizen310

      Ermahgerd’s long lost cousin? :D

  • Jadfish

    I can’t believe that the girl in the background of the top picture somehow manages to be even more crazily outfitted than Sin

    • Aisha Lee

      potential new playable character?

      • Jadfish

        if her hitbox extends all the way up to those ears, I’ll flip a table

        • TheBlackRabbit

          im sure they are for decoration…….i think

          • ForteWily

            Maybe… Maybe not… There is a model for her, so it is likely that she can be made into a playable character. The question is will she be one?
            Note I said the same thing with Sin.

          • TheBlackRabbit

            lol but sin was….the most obvious thing ever though.

          • Jadfish

            yup!, the second people saw his denim flag we wanted him in a proper fighting game.

    • I’m interested in knowing who she is.

      • Daniel

        Judging by the look of the character, I’d say she’s another Valentine. Possibly followed Remethal in secret to warn Ky and the others of her sister’s plan.

  • Shippoyasha

    That Bedman would fit in nicely in a Monogatari show.

  • Patrick Lucas Honeyman

    I know the Guilty Gear series is renowned for its unique designs but tbh I wouldn’t say the newer designs are that captivating. Valentine is a reiteration of her appearance in GG Overture and isn’t too bad. Bedman’s design is a bit too loud for me (like Zappa/Faust/A.B.A) where they are so different and bizarre that I remember them but don’t like them.

    On the flipside I’m happy they’re adding Sin to the cast. More characters and designs like him would be most welcome. I’m down with Potemkin so I don’t want the whole cast to fit into a narrow set of preferences, JSYK.

  • s6_miller

    Can we just have an Arc System Works game where every character is already on the disc this time? And there won’t be a re-release six months later?

    • Go2hell66

      you best believe this game will have a re-release, arc already said their team is too small develop all the content in one go

      • so I guess all we can hope for is that the re-release(s) will have a substantial amount of content added so than it does’nt end up just being characters and night versions of already made stages like ultimate marvel 3

  • aizen310

    No one comments about the PC thing?

    ASW says we have BlazBlue: Clamity Trigger on PC, on Steam. Yes, we have… without the ability to play online and fps wise it’s inferior to the original GFWL version, so really nobody wants to buy that. And they will make their decision based on the Steam version’s sales? …. …. ….

    I think we can safely assume that Xrd will never be ported to the PC. Such shame, Guilty Gear is actually loved by many and played by many on PC too. :(

    • thaKingRocka

      I was planning on buying it when it came out. I was excited, but then I saw it was the game I had played years ago on my 360. I couldn’t understand why they had published the original release instead of the most current version. I couldn’t imagine Capcom having ignored SF4 on PC, and just now releasing the original instead of Ultra. It is really sad that they will then use these sales numbers when they botched the job from the start.

      • aizen310

        BB: Calamity Trigger’s Steam port was handled by “H2 Interactive”. They merely got the rights from ASW to do it. So they decided to take out the online features.
        And ASW didn’t planned any further BlazBlue releases on PC. I think the port just happened because GFWL stopped, so people can still buy it thus ASW earning pocketmoney from PC BB sales. The only way to play the basic Continuum Shift on a PC is to get the arcade version’s emulator-ready files from a torrent.

        Hey! Pirating is bad, but if Arc System Works doesn’t care, why should we, am I wrong?

  • MrJechgo

    1) Take a high dose of that magical substance
    2) Let it happen XD

  • fairysun

    Just let your guilty feeling run your creative gear.

  • Armane

    Would have been better if they didn’t get the license back. Focusing on the core GG characters would have been interesting.

    • mckun

      Actually I don’t agree with this because X only had:

      Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Baiken, Faust, Potemkin, Chipp Zanuff, Millia Rage, Zato-1, Axl Low, Jam Kuradoberi, Johnny, Anji Mito, Venom and bosses Testament and Dizzy.

      So no I-no, no new characters, no Bridget, and no Zappa. It would be like GGxrd but with…..just those tbh.

      As a Bridget main I would had been a bit upset. I mean I’m kind of annoyed that I have to learn the game from scratch with Sin/Ky (Ky was my sub,) but at least the Baiken players can go down with me lol.

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        -a baiken player- ._.

        • Armane

          I can’t even play as Baiken, lol. All the characters I play as got in anyway.

      • Armane

        They didn’t have the GGX characters either, so the roster could only have: Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Millia Rage, Zato-1, May, Potemkin, Chipp Zanuff, Axl Low, Dr. Baldhead, Kliff Undersn, Baiken, Justice, and Testament.

        So no Venom, I-No, Faust, Slayer, and Sin Kiske. Bedman, and Ramletherl could have still been added.

        I don’t get why you’re against that when Bridget isn’t in the game anyway.

        • mckun

          Correction. Article said: “We could’ve still made a Guilty Gear because the license was only for characters after X. So, we had the original core characters and we were able to work with them but we couldn’t use the Guilty Gear X characters or anyone after that.” So that means only GG 1 characters could be used. I was thinking that X was included but it says right there they couldn’t use X OR anything after. My mistake.

          Because then Baiken would be in the game because she was a secret boss in the first one. The major complainers of Xrd are people who used: Bridget, Baiken, Dizzy, and Testament.

          From what I gathered with Dustloop. At least now with neither Baiken or Testament in the game I can say “Well my main isn’t in the game either !” I used to Sub Ky and main Bridget but I haven’t been complaining vocally like those that and I don’t really care.

          A person going from someone who uses Baiken to the new roster though is unnerving, which is why they complain. I understand that feeling too.

          EDIT: Also it would suck. No Dizzy means that Ky would be labeled as being ‘no homo around Sol again.’

          • Armane

            Ok, well you mostly sound like you’d just be mad since someone else’s main got in ahead of yours. But what difference would that make if the game launched with different characters in the first place? Slayer/Venom players would be swapped with the Baiken/Testament players. And there’s no guarantee they’d be in even if they did focus on GG characters.

            I guess I just don’t like the plot after XX. Hence why I think it would be interesting to see them go back to the original game.

          • mckun

            You answered your own question: its because my main wouldn’t be in. Its like how you didn’t like the plot after XX. Does that help? I liked all of the GG games and the plot. I especially liked Dizzy/Bridget the most because Bridget is Bridget and Dizzy is cute and used to be one of my subs.

            With Guilty gear xrd I only have to deal with Zato one again, who was pretty much top tier anyway in the old games. Oh and Slayer but I can probably beat him with. Plus I can use father and son which is fun.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    so…Dizzy is a milf?

    • yeah like a 4-5 year old milf

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        Hey shes a Gear so..I guess its ok?…….Don’t give me that look.

      • Go2hell66

        who cares you know you still would…

        • Dizzy Gear

          i would.

      • mckun

        Actually She’s 8 years old.

        Dizzy=8 years old with a 20-30 year old mindset.
        Ky= 27-28 with the same mindset as his age.
        Sin= five years old with a teenager mindset
        Sol=100+ years old with a 17 year old mindset. He was fighting someone his junior for years.

        EDIT: I wish I could add this onto the other post but herp derp I can’t apparently.

        • Setsu Oh

          WAIT!!! sol is a gear?

          • mckun

            You played GG and never knew this? Dragon install!!!

          • Setsu Oh

            GG was abig surprise a meet ofcapcom and snk but by X all of their ‘edgy’ rebelious side was gone: testament looked like a man and axl had pants.
            i left GG at X. never went back. X onward was ugly to me.

          • mckun

            Testament was always a man. Just that in GG one he had dual voices.

          • Setsu Oh

            he looked more androgynous in gg1

          • Vash bane

            lol how else would the guy be over 100 and still look like that.

          • Setsu Oh

            true.well there are heores in BB……………WAIT THE BB HEROES ARE GEARS??

          • colorblindnightmare

            LOL. Terumi being a gear would actually.not be a bad fit.

          • Death Metal

            Actually, Sol being a gear and all is the whole reason for the title of the series.

        • Guest

          sol just doesn’t talk much, “knowing what happened in the past between aria, thatman, and himself” something really bad happened to turn aria into a gear and sol into the proto gear. so i disagree with sol having a 17 year old mind set… more like a… “keeping to myself” mindset.

          • mckun

            I disagree. Reasons why:

            He fought with Ky for stupid reasons for years.

            He was going to kill Ky in front of his son for a stupid reason if his son didn’t interfere with the fight.

            He raised Sin pretty much half arsed which is why Sin is the way he is.

            His whole personality is do what I want the hell with authority. He pretty much broke into Holy orders to steal the swords he created without telling anyone.

            That’s pretty much like a teenager if you think about it with the last one. Considering that he’s a gear who used to be a scientist he’s kind of keep to myself about the gears BUT seems to be immature for the most part if you look at his endings.

          • Dizzy Gear

            *shrugs* i kind of see what you mean but…. most teens at the age 17 think about ” whens the next house party?” , “who is old enough to buy my alcohol?” , “man working fast food job sucks” , or “this class lasts forever”.

            ky is just a “goody-twoshoes” and sol is a guy who handles things by pretty much saying “fuck it”. with mind sets like those in the same room shit always goes down.

          • mckun

            It depends on the teenager. I mean look at May and Bridget. They both have carefree attitudes that remind me of Sol and don’t drink or party (May is suppose to be 18-19 in this game and Bridget was 14 back when he was first introduced so he’s 19-20 now.)

            Yeah I agree Sol and Ky do clash because of personalities but I wouldn’t call Ky a goody two shoes. He was pretty much raised by Holy order/sect since he was an orphan and has strong ties to that. So someone like Sol wouldn’t set with him.

            Heck he’s a DILF AND he sorta went into lolicon/unmarried/bestiality if you look at it so he’s not that much of a goody two shoes lol.

          • Dizzy Gear

            yeah i agree, ky is a loli lover based on dizzy’s age not her looks. and may is a loli by her looks not her age.

          • mckun

            This is the funniest conversation I had here ever.

        • HarakiriKami

          So she’s a dog

    • mckun

      Pretty much if you want to be technical.

      Also Ky is a Dilf.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        ..I laugh harder then should have

    • aizen310

      Something happened with Dizzy in Guilty Gear 2?
      *don’t have an Xbox360*

      • mckun

        You want spoilers?

        • aizen310

          Yes. As it is now, I don’t think I ever get an X360.

          • mckun

            *Spoilers of GG2 because I don’t know how to make spoiler tags*


            One of the canon endings of the last GG game had Ky and Dizzy living together.

            Daisuke decided to make that canon. So Ky fell in love with Dizzy, slept with her, ‘married her’ and ended up having an egg baby named Sin to the rage of the many yaoi fans and Jam/Ky and Testament/Dizzy fans.

            Ky’s biggest issue is that he’s being controlled by the government, is a puppet king of another country, and his son hates him because of the fact that he’s a puppet King or otherwise. (Mother complex *coughs*) Oh and that nobody can recognize his and his wife’s marriage despite loving her. Ky being the religious wangsty guy he is has problems with that too but loves his son and wife so.

            Dizzy is sealed away because Valentine, a clone of Justice (Aria) tried to get rid of all of the gears. She was vanishing so Ky used his sword to freeze time around her so she wouldn’t die.

            Sin was placed in the care of Sol because Ky didn’t think he would be a fit father with his wife dying/sealed away and being a puppet king in a crappy country. (REALLY Sol is much better?) So Sin has issues due to that and because of formentioned crappy country puppet ruler.

            There’s more but that’s most of it. GGXrd is after GG2 and the slot machine game so that’s why Ky looks different and has a different sword.

            To make it funnier Sin is five years old and 1/3 or so gear but he ages like Dizzy and has the mindset of a teenager. He could be smarter but due to Sol raising him half arsed he’s not.

          • aizen310

            So it’s another convoluted mess of a story a.k.a. BlazBlue-syndrome. I can live with that, though.

          • Astrotrain

            Sin was put under Sol’s care before Dizzy was seal in Ice. In fact it seems that it was Dizzy who called for Sol’s help when Ky was felling down because of all that political crap, and that’s when Ky asked Sol to take care of Sin.

          • Vash bane

            I see…interesting so the 2 GG games that I missed actually had the big chunk of info I needed to know cool thanks (defiantly will be looking forward to xrd story :) .. )

    • Aisha Lee

      C. Viper welcomes her in the ranks of Fighting Milfs.

      • Setsu Oh

        WHAT? viper has a kid?

        • Ryan Brown

          Yes. Viper’s real name is Maya, and her daughter’s name is Lauren.

      • SomeGuy

        Alongside, Jun Kazama and Sophitia.

    • Nicholas Quin Harris

      Keep in mind Dizzy is only 3 or so.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        loli milf

  • Setsu Oh

    REALLY? i just flew through the posts and NO ONE talked about Roujin Z?

    ‘i just came up with it-please dont sue us-‘

  • SgtKonus

    “I wanted to create a new type of female character that wasn’t in the previous games,” Ishiwatari explained. “That was the source of inspiration for Valentine.”

    Just say it Ishiwatari, she’s black lol.

    • Dizzy Gear

      he doesn’t have to say it, people can clearly see that.

      • SgtKonus

        Excellent point :).

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