Strider 2 Headed To North America As A PSOne Classic

By Ishaan . October 1, 2014 . 2:00pm

Strider 2 is headed to the PlayStation Network in North America for PlayStation 3, PSP and PS Vita next week, Capcom announced today.


The game includes a port of the original arcade Strider as well, Capcom confirmed, and will be released on October 7th.


More recently, Capcom and Double Helix released a new Strider game for PC and consoles. That game took a more Metroid-esque approach to level design.

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  • Kaihedgie

    Awesomez o:

  • Mastery

    It’s on the PSVita. You happy, Siliconera?

  • D. Collins

    Sweet! But they should just port Rival Schools to the PS3 in the U.S and Europa

    • NeoStrayCat

      Would be nice though, but I’ve read there was an article somewhere (dated a couple years, I can’t remember) where they cannot port the English release due to license issues. Though they do have the JP version on the JP PSN (which includes the School Life mode though).

  • Caleb Kinkaid

    Fantastic game! Highly recommended to anyone who likes action games. Glad to see more PS1 classics coming out!

  • I have the original PS1 release and I simply cannot recommend this enough! Both games are amazing and should be experienced, especially if you like games with badass ninjas.

  • OniLuigi

    YES! I was wondering if they would ever do this for North America.

  • Yorai Dragon

    Waiting for Breath Of Fire 3 and Legend Of Legaia on PSN.

    • Jesse

      I’d like to see Legend of Legaia on there, too. ^^ I’m not sure who to ask about putting it on the PSN, though; I don’t know it’s developer’s, Contrail’s, situation right now. Maybe Sony?

      • Yorai Dragon

        I believe it was an Eidos branch.

    • disgaea36

      oh snap i thought this was marqus houston for a sec i was about to be like he plays rpgs lol. same here for legaia

  • CONSIDER YOURSELF BOUGHT!!!!!! Too bad I can’t play this on my PS4 so PS3 it is.

  • Tazo S.

    This is bought *?!*********!!

  • Axle

    Fucking WIN!

  • Ryudo9

    Cool I’d buy it if it didn’t come free with my physical copy of Strider 2014

  • KillerRamen

    Aww… I was hoping to a sequel to Strider (2014). Although, Strider 2 (PSOne) going digital is cool too. Although, it does beg the question as to why PSOne Classics aren’t available on PS4 yet…

    • colorblindnightmare

      I loved Strider 2013 so I’m in the same boat! Strider 2 is in my top 5 PS games so this makes me crazy happy.

  • Nuragna

    HAAA! HAA!! cant wait to say that over and over as I STREAM across the SCREEN Tearing through Baddies on vita XD Muahahah

  • disgaea36

    about damn time now wheres my suikoden 2 lol

    • Hound

      Just the curiosity would have had so many people buy Suikoden 2 when PSOne Classics that weren’t “Greatest Hits” became a thing.

    • AoC

      I mainly want Suikoden 2 on PSN because there’s no way in hell I’m paying whatever exorbitant amounts of money people are asking for a used copy these days.

  • buddyluv324

    Wooh! First the the 5 Volumes of the Namco Museum Collection gets released on PSN and now this! Seems to be a busy month for classic gaming!

  • Jadfish

    Hoping so hard for a EU release holy fuck

  • That’s f*peep*ing awesome! :D

  • YEESSSS!! Strider 2 is so much better than that recent remake.

  • pimpalicious

    Sweet, glad to see Capcom releasing classics on PSN again(also MMX4-5 recently), now hoping for Mega Man 8 and Breath of Fire III.

  • Death Metal

    Wow, great. Strider 2 was great!

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