See The Visual Improvements Coming To Wind Waker-Like Oceanhorn Next Month

By Chris Priestman . November 22, 2014 . 9:28am

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker-like action adventure Oceanhorn for iOS will be getting new graphical optimizations in an update on December 11th.


The split image above shows how the game looks now on the right, while the screenshot on the left shows how it looks with the forthcoming visual improvements.


If you look at the wooden barrel and the fence in particular, you can see how the right angles have been smoothed out into curves. The leaves on the plants look more lively, as does the character’s face, too.


You can see another screenshot comparison above. In this one you can really notice the extra detail in the rock faces.


These improvements have been made specifically for the new improved screens of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2. With the update running, the game will have four times the original number of polygons, run at 60 frames per second, and have ambient occlusion, and other lighting effects.


If you haven’t already, you can purchase Oceanhorn for $8.99 on the App Store.

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  • Star-Lord

    Anyone know how good this game is?

    • Pretty good game. If you’ve ipod 4g or whatever it sometimes crashes, but I think it was fixed in the next update. & Yeah, the gameplay is basically TLOZ WW & pretty much inspired by it in gameplay & story. But yeah, never beaten the game cause haven’t been able to play it in along while.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    What is this?

    • “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker-like action adventure Oceanhorn for iOS”. Literally the first sentence…

      • BlackC#Bro

        Think it would be better in the first sentence to not mention a completely unrelated game before the actual game itself…

        • Have you played the game? Even the devs stated they were heavily inspired by Zelda and wanted to translate that same experience on iOS. Plus comparing this game to a much more known game helps avoid the questions like “what is this game?”…Oh wait….

  • You know, it’s kinda refreshing to see iOS devs supporting their releases so much. Everyone always claims mobile phone is taking over and iOS games is the future, but at this moment I don’t see serious gamers shifting completely anytime soon. The reason being: most iOS devs don’t support games on the long term; everyone wants to make quick bucks on the short term, and drops support as soon as a new OS releases, and games become unplayable like a year later, whereas you can play your games on their dedicated handheld forever (gameboy color games for example).

    • Anewme…Again

      It depend where you look.
      Paid smartphones game don’t often get support for a long times, but F2P games often get support for a really long times.

      • That’s my point though (see the use of “most”)? Often isn’t good enough. Nothing ensures that the devs will continue updating the games for newer OS, whereas your Picross DS cartridge will always work on a DS or 3DS. Sometimes I do wonder if people really take time to read comments or just throw some “intelligent-sounding” sentences to appear knowledgeable smh.

        • Anewme…Again

          Most is an exageration..
          Smartphone games get far more support in general than consoles/handheld or PC games except maybe MMO.

          True once you buy a games on an handheld you will be able to play on it forever, but that’s because handheld never change OS.

          If you would buy a smartphone and never change the OS on it you would be able to play a game you download forever too.

          It’s just stupid to expect every developers to update their games to a new OS each times a new OS is released.

          • You missed once again the whole point of my post. I am not stupid enough (as you stated) to hate on people who want to make a living in the gaming industry. I am comparing the reality of both platforms: mobile and dedicated gaming. Vita and 3DS are also getting OS updates but no games on them are rendered obsolete. Mobile updates mess up the apps constantly. That’s what I am pointing at. Hence my first post about how cool it is for a mobile dev to continue supporting a game with constant and FREE updates when they could have also charged for them. Seriously if this post still doesn’t get the point across I am out of dumb ways to vulgarize the thing smh.

          • Anewme…Again

            I think it’s you who’s missing the point.

            I understood from the beginning that you found it nice that a developers continue to support his smartphone games and indeed it’s, but you made it seem like it was a rare case when it isn’t at all and you made a comparison that doesn’t make sense.

            Handheld and smartphone are completely different, comparing them is like comparing a console to a PC -_-

          • Letrico

            u wot m8? Yes Handheld and smartphones are different but current console generation and PC? It is the same.

          • Annette Rogers

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  • Spicydicey

    It already looked really nice, although I wouldn’t say no to the new one.

  • Rinku

    I’d kinda like to try it, but no iphone : )

  • lisa5295

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  • Harry Potter

    no android ? T^T

  • tom

    An extra vase, cool.

  • Fronkhead

    Interesting: my guess is the developers have built the app with Metal, Apple’s new API which allows developers to code “closer to the metal”, bypassing OpenGL. It only supports those devices with an A7 or higher, so those with PowerVR series 6 “Rogue” chips (Vita’s on series 5).

    Nice to see you get a smoother framerate and tonnes of new graphical enhancements for free. Apparently Disney Infinity 2.0 is also being built to support Metal.

  • Jesus Christ

    I wish they’d release this on Steam or android.

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