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Genshin Impact ‘The Road Not Taken’ Anime Short Announced

HoYoVerse announced that an anime short for Genshin Impact called “The Road Not Taken” will come out soon. The official social media accounts will reveal more information about the animated short in the future.

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The teaser image for the Genshin Impact “The Road Not Taken” animated short features Aether and Lumine lying together in a field of flowers. Lumine’s eyes are open, while Aether’s are closed. It’s unknown if this is a hint to Lumine being the POV character or not. Judging by the appearance of the teaser image, it looks like the company that usually does HoYoVerse’s animated shorts will be in charge of this one as well. But we will have to wait until HoYoVerse provides more details.

In September 2022, HoYoVerse announced that ufotable will handle an anime series based on Genshin Impact. However, there has been virtually no information on the series since then. Since then, ufotable has focused on Demon Slayer, with the Hashira Training Arc airing now. Other properties that ufotable handled include animated cutscenes for Tales series post Xillia, The Garden of Sinners anime films, and Fate series such as Fate/Zero and the Heaven’s Feel movies.

Genshin Impact is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. The “The Road Not Taken” animated short based on Genshin Impact will come out some time in the future.

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