JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Announced For PS4 And PS3

By Sato . December 16, 2014 . 1:30am


Bandai Namco released JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle last year, and fans won’t have to wait long for their next JoJo fix, as this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine announced a new game for the series. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


While details are pretty light on the game, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven is an action game with tag battles and 3D stages, where characters will fight in big brawls.


So far, they’ve revealed two playable characters in Diego Brando from Part VII: Steel Ball Run, and Rudol von Stroheim from Part II: Battle Tendency. More details on the game will be revealed soon, as it will be playable at the Jump Festa 2015.


[Image from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle.]


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven is in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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  • SHSL Big Bro

    This is the fate of the blood.

  • for some reason I feel like this might be the same as J stars VS just with JoJo characters filling the whole roster….. so in other words I’m ready!

    • Warboss Aohd

      that looks a little TOO good.

    • British_Otaku

      J Stars Victory Vs is sorta… bad to play.
      I don’t speak kindly about CC2’s games often but I hope that the game still has their flair and design rather than how rough J Stars Victory Vs turned out.

  • SeventhEvening

    I don’t know why they would make an action game with big brawls for a series that is almost exclusively one-on-one duels. I’d much rather see another All Star Battle with an expanded roster.

  • JustThisOne


  • Hagaren
  • GoopLord

    Yay Stroheim!

  • blackmanwithcomputer .

    *begins dancing/posing to Bloody Stream*

  • LightGenx

    How was the first game? Never got around to playing it.

    • Brotha Kyo

      IT was amazing for a JoJo game.

      As a fighter, while basic, it was pretty fun.


  • urbanscholar

    Diego Brando? Raptor Jesus?

    Yes! My favorite anti hero from part 7 SBR is in & I’m good

    • FlyByNight


  • KyoyaHibari

    Gdi they caved and made Stroheim playable ~.~. Funny though how they announce 2 new characters people wanted in ASB right off the bat. Nice move Bamco.

  • Dis Pater


  • SlickRoach

    Next you’ll say, “I hope this game gets localized too!”

    • Brotha Kyo

      Man, I hope this gets loca – ….!!!!!!!

      • NeoStrayCat

        Huh!!!! X3

    • Internet is Crash

      Daga kotowaru

  • HershelLousyton
    Kind of weird that neither of the first 2 characters they revealed were Joestars, but whatevs.

    • AkuLord3

      Well its a jojo game…OF COURSE THEY’LL BE IN IT. It be weird if they weren’t

    • Isuke-sama

      I hope that Bamco will take time to develop the game. I don’t mind waiting. Seeing how JoJolion is getting closer to reveal the antagonist, it would be great to see him included in the game.

    • Brotha Kyo

      Well, I mean, it’s kind of a guarantee that, should this be a sequel to ASB, that all eight JoJos will return. Rather, it’s pretty hype to announce another SBR character (After the severe lack of so in ASB) and Stroheim, a major character, from Part 2.

      • HershelLousyton

        I understand that and like that Stroheim is in (much as I love killing Nazis). I just kind of see it like announcing a VS. Capcom game without Ryu in the trailer.

        • Brotha Kyo

          I know what you mean, but I mean, we DIDN’T see a trailer for this (yet), so this was”literal word of god” rather than an official press release.

          If it means anything, the latest Jump magazine shows screenshots confirming Jotaro, Josuke, and Joseph, so it’s a start.

  • z_merquise

    Cool! So it’s an action game this time. I wonder who is developing this.

    I read that it’s still a fighting game with tag mechanics. Maybe we’ll just wait for more details.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Most likely cyberconnect2

    • CyberConnect2 has the highest possibility.

  • MSJ


  • Brotha Kyo


    • TiAn


    • FlyByNight

      He was a pretty good guy for a Nazi.

      • Brotha Kyo

        Leave to Araki to make me like the idea of a “Proud German Cyber Nazi who helps the main character”. Sounds like crazy fanfiction from an edgy 9 year old, huh?

        • FlyByNight


  • Rusworch


  • Isuke-sama

    Hell yeah! I love ASB now with this.

    Hope Diego will get a different voice actor this time.

    • Koibito888

      More like hype train all aboraoraoraora

    • British_Otaku

      Judging from the scan, he is going to keep the same voice actor.
      I don’t know what you didn’t like about the performance as I haven’t played the game but just because a voice actor returns doesn’t mean that the performance will stay the same.

      One Piece Unlimited Cruise (a Wii game) had a different performance type for Nightmare Luffy which wasn’t used in the anime (which showed the character later) and wasn’t used in the definitive version of the game on the 3DS.

      • Isuke-sama

        Don’t get me wrong I adore Koyasu but he already has 2 roles in the game, and they are both main antagonist. While Diego is an anti-villain, he’s still the last enemy in SBR (guess that’s a spoiler), judging from that stand, he deserves a different CV rather than recycling the same one. It’s biased like Blazblue.

        Jonathan and Johnny have different voice actors, while not Diego.

        • Thatguy

          *Spoilers maybe*

          But Jonathan and Johnny looks like completely different characters. While Diego *Dino* Brando looks like Dio. I bet many characters from Part 7 will be voiced by same VA, for example Stroheim, Abdul, etc. Hell, even Kira Yoshikage and Kosaku Kawajiri have same VA in ASB

          Also, Sugita voiced old Joseph Joestar :D

  • Elpizo

    I’m gonna be picking the first napkin and say that a brawler like smask with jojo cast could be a thing. With great battles accesibles to everyone with depth you can make people interested in the series. I remember the hype fire emblem has gotten since they appeared in melee.
    Could be cool.

    I hope they release this game soon.

  • Gosuke

    I have the first game. But I just don’t know how to pull out the characters moves mostly, only just the basic one :(

  • Koibito888

    Oh my god what if they took the great mechanics of ASB and turned it 360 degree giving the fights even more animation. Most of all what if it had real cutscenes like Naruto Storm? FREAKING STROHEIM CONFIRMED

  • jugun

    Too much win,PB Dio & DIO & Diego Team lol

    • Dexward

      Space Ripper Stingy Eyes + The World + Scary Monster

  • Funny that Play-Asia had a listing up calling it ‘All Star Battle 2’. Anyway so relieved that it’s finally announced and under a different name, the name is kinda cool. + TRIPLE DIO! HYPE!

    • There is only 2 Dio’s.

      • Phantom Blood Dio, DIO and Diego “Dio” Brando? Overall in the game that’s 3 seperate Dio’s. :P

        • Adam Sheridan

          As long as I can turn into a goddamn raptor I’m happy with any amount.

          • FlyByNight

            Hi Gyro.

        • Diego is Dio’s son, lil

          • Adam Sheridan

            Diego Brando from steel ball run is a professional horse rider and thief who gains the power to turn into a dinosaur.

            You’re thinking of Gio.

          • Yeah, thanks Adam. I thought Diego wasn’t counted as THE DIO though?

          • Adam Sheridan

            He is the Dio of that universe.

          • Ah, haven’t made it to that part yet.

          • Adam Sheridan

            It’s alright. Drags on a bit at times, but has some interesting arcs.

    • viaxon6 .

      -Dio Brando
      -DIO from p3
      -DIO from p6
      -Diego brando
      -Diego brando with The World from p7

  • Rafael Martines

    “action game with tag battles and 3D stages”

    hmmmm…. anyway I’ll get it :P

    • viaxon6 .

      JJBA:ASB also had 3d stages.

      • Rafael Martines


        but the “action game with tag battles” is the thing that I’m worried about

        • Herok♞

          Well it makes sense most of the time the Joestars are always fighting while someone else is helping so Tag Battles are a good addition.

  • The most important part to know here is: Who from Bamco is making this title? CC2 again?

  • Veloze

    So this sounds like it could turn out to be Jojo Ultimate Stand Users Storm + KoF. I’m interested but I’m probably gonna have to pass on buying it.

    • Adam Sheridan

      I mean, we know pretty much nothing about the game. Wait for more details.

      • Veloze

        If CC2 ends up in charge again, which is very likely, it’s pretty obvious that would be the direction they’re taking it.

        • Adam Sheridan

          I’m just saying we got a good game the last time around, wait and see what details come out about it before deciding to buy/not buy something.

  • Stroheim huh, been a while since I watched part 2 so I forgot his abilities. Isn’t he the german android guy?

    • Adam Sheridan


    • FlyByNight

      This is the guy Capcom got Guile from.

  • Kurai Buzzwagon

    Stroheim playable
    Oh boy cant wait to show people that german science is the best!

  • aizen310

    And I still don’t know what the hell is this all about. I mean JoJo.

    • viaxon6 .

      Vampires, Aztecs, gods, more vampires, murderers, mafia, prisoners, priests, heaven, western, sailors, more serial murders.

      • Fainaru Luna

        Also President, Dinosaurs, Body Parts, Eye Walls and Poses

      • aizen310

        M… My mind is full of… things. o_O

        • Brotha Kyo

          It’s time you dropped the other “Shonen” manga and actually read THIS Shonen manga.

          • aizen310

            Ahh, another one of those haters.

            Look buddy, I won’t drop anything just because it hurts your snob nose, but I will look into JoJo. I can promise that much.

            At least you were more polite with your comment than the average, so, that’s still something.

            Please don’t faint, but I actually love Bleach. Madness, right?

          • Brotha Kyo

            Ahh, another one of those “serious business” fans.

            Chill, dude. It’s okay to like whatever you want. What, god forbid someone actually pokes a little anonymous fun? Yeesh.

            I so happen to actually be a “Fan” of Bleach. Not my cup of tea with current events, so I don’t “hate” anything, so before you get holier-than-thou on me, you might want to relax before you slip off the soapbox, so to speak.

            And thank you for saying I’m polite; I try to be since there’s no point in “SMASHING ALL CAPS ON THINGS TO GET A POINT ACROSS” because god forbid, someone thinks, you know?

            No, I’m not fainting. People like a lot of things that are questionable and it doesn’t bother me any. :)

            tl;dr Shhhhhhhhh j/k bro

        • Isuke-sama

          And a guy with hat attached to his hair, a kid with shitty hairstyle, a guy with strawberry on his tie, an ugly fat president becomes sexy thanks to a humanoid bunny collecting Jesus’ parts for great Murica but hires terrorist to fight against a guy using balls to fight and a cripple guy who can travel to different dimension. Also a guy with four balls, bug battle, a guy with many balls in his hair.

          • viaxon6 .

            And there is a man who was drinking pee, but not, because he changed his tooth into jelly fish!
            And one aztec vapire god of fitness who was fighting with his… blood vessels? And this one fabulous god, and Good Robo-Nazi, and dinosaur, and Jolyne’s hair, and mangaka, who can read and modity minds, and this one who can create sounds and make them real, and this one who can somehow erase time (it just works) and…. even speedwagon is afraid of this series!!!

      • jugun

        Lost my shit at “heaven” lmfao Damn it Pucci

    • Look at this visual aid. It should help you explain and understand each part of JoJo in a nutshell.

      • aizen310
        • viaxon6 .

          Just go and watch/read it. It’s worth your time, captain.

          • aizen310

            I… will. lol
            It look so random :D

          • viaxon6 .

            Each part (arc or saga, whateva) is about different character and set in different place- from America to egipt or japan.

        • You have only seen a glimpse of the Bizarre. Now, it is high time that you venture forth.

        • You have only seen a glimpse of the Bizarre. Now, it is high time that you venture forth.

      • viaxon6 .

        This is sooo true!

      • FlyByNight


      • Steven Hunt

        Chef Excellence!?

        • Dexward

          He is a reference to Tonio Trussardi.

      • HershelLousyton

        Oh god, this is so accurate it’s not even funny.

      • 657rod

        The Part 8 one to say “The lucky one has 4 testicles”

    • FlyByNight

      “names Aizen” doesn’t JoJo. Big surprise there!

      • aizen310

        Oh, look! A hater. Again. “Big surprise there!”

        I’ll ask the same thing I always ask from the likes of you: what does Bleach has anything to do with the topic at hand?
        I assume nothing, but haters gonna hate, I guess, so here, have a like.
        2edgy4me *sigh*

        • FlyByNight

          You walk into something you know nothing about and you dismiss it by “I still don’t know what the hell this is all about” (btw I fixed your sentence BRO!) Why are you even here then? Why not go to a Bleach topic and release your zankbatoe or whatever the hell you call it? You have no right to complain about what people post next. Even if it is clearly a joke. As for the shot I took it was about how you ARE ignorant of anime or manga in general if you don’t know what JoJo is. Considering how far from it being obscure it is for the anime/manga crowd.

          • British_Otaku

            Consider yourself warned. Not everyone who pops up in this article is going to be a JoJo aficionado, aizen310 came into this thread curious about the series and games and instead of sharing the hype like konpon658 and others, you chose to antagonise him and any other Shonen he reads.

            Avoid doing so in the future.

          • FlyByNight

   It isn’t obscure that was the whole point. The whole post was a giant joke, I’ll avoid having any sense of humor in the future.

          • British_Otaku

            The user never claimed it was obscure nor shared any of the other series he is into short of Bleach (through the avatar and a later post).

            Definitely never said anything which would call for “Shut your pretty little whore mouth” or a post pointing out his username rather than whether JoJo is worth a watch/read/play even as a joke.

          • FlyByNight

            If you feel so strongly just delete my post/warn/ban me. I’ll be just fine.

          • aizen310

            Of course I could just read a wiki or something about JoJo but it wouldn’t be the same. I wanted opinions. Instead you gave me a snarky reply, which I get more then enough. As I said in the past, hating Bleach is trendy nowadays, people wanna go mainstream and hate too, I can see that, but it still hurts when people can’t look through my avatar and username, and instead of giving me an honest opinion, they give me insults.

            FYI, I have a healthy interest in this series now, NO thanks to you, but konpon568, viaxon6, Combo and Isuke-sama. They are awesome guys, they actually answered my question, and now I know this is something I need to see with my own eyes. I don’t have that much time, so I have to choose carefully what I watch or play, and they convinced me.

            Sorry, your humor didn’t came over especially not after “Shut your pretty little whore mouth.” And I’m certain that by any means I won’t be your “BRO!” after this.

            Be a grown-up and apologize, I will gladly accept it. If you don’t, it’s still fine, just please, avoid me then in the future, because, you see… I have to deal with enough haters these days. I really doesn’t need another one. Have a good night.

          • FlyByNight

            You honestly believed I was serious in the first post so I had some fun, not gonna reply to you either way you as come off as overtly sensitive and I’m overtly dick and you are prob a shy kid. I don’t want to be that guy. But keep the fine attitude that people are “haters”. Keep the faith strong!

          • aizen310

            First of all, yes. Since this is the internet, you may never know when is someone being sarcastic or trying to be funny or whatever. Without facial expressions or without knowing the other’s personality, you can’t really tell if someone is joking or not. After a comment, like “”names Aizen” doesn’t JoJo. Big surprise there!”… what did you expect? I’m not your friend, I don’t know your age, your gender, your hobby, your likings… I don’t know you. And that’s why emoticons exists. If you want strangers to see your comment as a funny one, at least type a friggin’ smiley. At the very least, it won’t gonna look offensive or THAT offensive. At least I will know your intentions. But as it is… it’s just a comment about “how typical of a Bleach fan that he doesn’t know other, FAAAR better mangas”. Just work on your wording and you’ll be fine in the future.

            The other thing: again with these assumptions. I’m not shy, I’m just tired. Tired of haters, you see. I gave you a chance to redeem yourself in my eyes, saying, “apologize”. People apologize in real life too, so I didn’t ask that much, I think. But no. Again, you gave me this smarta** comment, about “Keep the faith strong!” and… “I had some fun, not gonna reply to you…”. Well, some fun you had there, bless you. Was that worth it?

            Look, I’m not perfect, okay? Nobody is. It might just that you are right, you’re not a hater and you really did nothing, but wanted to “have some fun”. It just went wrong. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood today, that’s a possibility too. And I will apologize for that. See? Sorry for that.


            “Shut your pretty little whore mouth.”
            “Why not go to a Bleach topic and release your zankbatoe or whatever the hell you call it?”
            “as come off as overtly sensitive…”
            “you are prob a shy kid…”
            “Keep the faith strong!”

            Well, since some things you mentioned were ment to be in a derogative way, I think I still ask for an apology.

          • FlyByNight

            Sigh…I really didn’t want to reply. Just don’t let small things bother you or apologize/give an explanation for what you like or what you do. If you like something GOOD screw anybody else that tells you different. Don’t let comments bother you even if you think they come from malice. I honestly wasn’t trolling you if I was you’d definitely know I’m a huge dick then admittedly. There is also nothing wrong with being a shy kid, I like quiet.

          • aizen310

            On the other hand, I’ll never get a proper apology from you for “Shut your pretty little whore mouth.”, I see. Other people should learn how to admit their own mistakes too, not just me, if you catch my drift.

    • Combo

      Part 1: British guy fights his vampire brother and then they both sink into the ocean.

      Part 2: British guy’s grandson travels to a secret Mexican Nazi base to fight a big naked man, then goes to Europe to fight three more, armed only with a pair of balls.

      Part 3: Jotaro punches things a lot because his mom is hot.

      Part 4: Persona 4 with David Bowie and aliens.

      Part 5: Giorno punched that one guy for like seven years. Also everyone totally isn’t gay.

      Part 6: Black man wants to go to heaven, some white people are like “nah”.

      Part 7: Men ride horses to find Jesus.

      Part 8: Josuke has four testicles.

      That’s about it, you should be caught up now.

      • SlickRoach

        Part 5: Ripperoni in pepperoni Cioccolata. May the Pinsir that burst from his head feast in peace.

      • JoJo_649

        Part 7: Two Men ride horses to find Jesus while being pursued by a dinosaur and the president of the united states.

      • Elron

        Actually, in part 2 it’s giant naked vampire gods, and in part 8, Josuke has 4 testicles, otherwise, pretty spot on.

        • Combo

          Oh right, I mixed him with Kira. Which means I’m technically half right :V

      • Herman Near

        When you said aliens, it made me wonder if our good friend Giorgio would be there.

        PS. Giorgio and GioGio. Crossover anyone?

    • 657rod

      Actually part 3 could be: “You expected to see Hamon in Part 3 but it was me! Dio!” + Jotaro punches things a lot because his mom is hot and never forget Kakoyin milf hunter while a old man screams “Oh no!”.

  • Fainaru Luna

    Hurry up and show us some gameplay! F.F. Jobin Hot Pants Diego and Trish better be in this!

    • Tablethunder

      Jobin? Nah. We haven’t seen anything from him yet. We don’t even know his stand name yet.

  • “… is an action game with tag battles and 3D stages…”

    So it’s not like last year’s game? It sounds more like Anarchy Reigns or something, which could be super, super cool if done well. I would love to see more free-roaming fighters out there, and Namco does seem to be pushing towards that more and more with games like Rise of Incarnates and Pokken Fighters.

    • Mar Mar

      Anarchy Reigns had pretty good game play but lack of moves.

    • Jedahaw

      I was thinking of J-stars Victory Versus, but that’s just me.

    • Hunts Rattata

      Despite that description, the translated scan makes it look an awful lot like a sequel to All-Star Battle, touting Diego and Stroheim as newcomers, while also casually mentioning five other playable characters from ASB will be in the demo.

      You might recall that a lot of the pre-release news for ASB strongly avoided calling it a fighting game, even though it easily fits the mold of a traditional fighter. So I guess they’re sticking with that stubbornness.

  • PowerSerg

    Hoping this will not have the freemium crap the previous title had. Cool it’s on ps3.

  • FlyByNight

    I want to get this and hope it is on the PS4. Scary Monster or GTFO! Also HI GYRO!

  • Chido55

    *dinasour shriek*

    • FlyByNight

      “Arigato Gyro” – Johnny Terrorist.

    • Jedahaw

      Gonna be a captain here:

      I see: Jonathan, Joseph, Caesar, Stroheim, Jotaro, Josuke part 4, and Diego.
      Not sure who Joseph is fighting though.
      *flies away*

      • Foxie

        Joseph (tag teaming with Caesar) is fighting Jotaro.

      • 657rod

        Jotaro and Kakyoin vs Joseph and Caesar in the second image.

    • Chido55

      I came to deliver, now translated.

      • SlickRoach

        You’re doing God’s work. My body wasn’t ready for this much concentrated amount of hype.

      • FlyByNight

        BTW his stand’s (like ability) name is NOT Scary Monsters but Scary Monster. Scary Monsters was actually that environmental asshats powar. (Dr. Ferdinand)

        • Kamiye

          “Scary Monsters” is what is written on the Japanese page… He just translated what is written…

          • FlyByNight

            I’m kinda sad they’d miss that.

  • dahuuuundge

    Who will be the developer this time? ASB has great fanservice, but is a terrible game mechanically.

    • Captain

      Namco Bandai still has the rights, so I’m pretty sure it’s still CyberConnect2.

    • Rick Hawkins

      Nah. Back away from that keyboard, dahuuuundge.

    • Crow Winters

      ASB is a great game mechanically.

  • MaidKillua

    Inb4 Stroheim’s theme goes with everything

    • FlyByNight


  • Sol badass

    AWWWWWWWWW FAWK YAHS. JOJO FOR PS4. MY MONEY IS YOURS ALREADY. Glad we already get to see footage at jump fest

  • Captain



    • SlickRoach

      T-take this…my final…ripple…

      • Captain

  • Vallen

    Whooohoooo! ORAORAORAORAORA!!!

  • Lloyd Christmas

    From the scans it looks like they’re using the same models from ASB, which leads me to believe that this is a proper sequel. If so, then color me wrrryyyyyyyy~

  • man im all over this. please be 60fps this time. cant wait to see footage.

  • Yesss hyped for this since I missed out on the first title that was released last year but I’ll be getting a PS4 soonish so I’ll be able to enjoy this! Finally!

  • Spirit Macardi


  • Bentan

    ya wryy wa wryy daze

  • Kaibun

    Hey, those were my two most wanted characters. I really gotta play this now.

  • Scootalube

    oh my god von stroheim. today is a good day.

  • The College Student

    It said this game will be 3D gameplay. I’M HYPE!!!!

    • tommills83

      JoJo ASB is already 3D gameplay, with side-steps and horizontally attacking moves.

    • tommills83

      JoJo ASB is already 3D gameplay, with side-steps and horizontally attacking moves.

      • The College Student

        What I mean is a “Third person brawl game”. That’s what this game’s gameplay is going to be like. It said this “Go all out in extreme style in a 3D field with power of the PlayStation 4”. Like I said before I’M SO HYPE!!!

  • Hinataharem

    Diego! I love him

    • Brotha Kyo

      Your current display picture represents this comment best.

  • 657rod

    With the Naruto games getting released for PC I bet this one has a chance at it too.

  • If only this comes to EU

  • Chido55

    Confirmed playable so far ~

    • The College Student

      This game is definitely going to be a third person brawl game. It already show some gameplay of it. I AM HYPE!!!!

  • Charles the Returned

    Can we PLEASE get JoJo’s All Star Battle ported to the PS4!? Please CyberConnect2!! It’s one of the better fighting games I’ve ever played. We should all email them and ask for a PS4 port :D.

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