Steins;Gate To See English Release On iOS, Too

By Ishaan . December 17, 2014 . 9:28am

5pb. will bring the English release of Steins;Gate to iOS devices after the PlayStation 3 and Vita version, the publisher confirmed via Twitter today. The company made the statement in reply to an inquiring fan.


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  • AlphaSixNine

    I tried this once on my Nexus 5, the JP version. The VN’s a crawl on it, doesn’t play smoothly and crashes from time to time. Just wanted to see how it plays. It was so bad, I gave up after a few minutes. Glad I have the choice of getting it on Vita or PS3. :3

  • Michael Richardson

    At least we’re getting proper console versions as well.

  • Fronkhead

    More of this please, NISA’s still ignoring the iOS/Android versions of Danganronpa and I’d happily double dip on them, and these are the sorts of high profile visual novels that’d probably get promoted by Apple/Google. Tried the demo on my phone and it’s a good port.

    • aizen310

      I would actually care for Danganronpa mobile version, because I don’t have a Vita. And it’s a big compliment coming from me, since I really-REALLY don’t like mobile gaming.

    • Poyon

      Agreed, would love to double dip on Danganronpa.

    • Funny enough, IBM recently did a promo with Steins;Gate in a series of mini episodes:

      Not quite as close association with Google, but it would be cool. I mean, Google did a promo ad with Miku, I think…

  • FTM

    This would be great if mobile had any sort of concentrated standard.
    Will this work on Ipod Touch 3rd? 4th? 5th?
    Iphone 4s? 5? Etc.

  • >creator says he doesn’t like seeing non-physical releases of his game

    >decides to release S;G on iOS

    Blatant joking aside, maybe this gets Steins;Gate a little more public recognition. Wouldn’t play it on iOS but to each their own.

    • ShugoTakahashi

      Actually that was just the western publisher who said that.

      In Japan, Steins;Gate is already available on 360, PC, PSP, iOS, PS3, and Vita.

  • Brimfyre

    Visual Novels were born to be played on tablets. Wish more would release that way.

    • edeneast777

      You can just play them on a tablet running the Windows OS…

      • winsantz

        Sometimes, yes, but a lot of VN engines weren’t developed with tablets in mind so they can be awkward to control or practically unplayable with touch input. Steins;Gate itself is the worst example I’ve found, since it won’t respond to touch input at all unless a hardware mouse is connected. To give another example, Grisaia no Kajitsu doesn’t understand long-press-for-right-click so you can’t bring up the menu without resorting to workarounds.

        (Also, there aren’t any widely available 4:3 Windows tablets that I know of, so I’d prefer to play VNs with that aspect ratio on my iPad if possible. Though I’m increasingly tempted to buy a 3:2 Surface Pro 3 and call it close enough…)

      • Fronkhead

        As a Surface Pro 2 owner I can say this isn’t true, though I just realised winsantz has pretty said what I was going to.

        Traditional win32 programs don’t play well with touch, sadly. It’s hit and miss, and even then you’ll be playing them off the desktop, which just wasn’t designed for large thumbs.

  • Naygen

    Is this all in order to promote the new LN?

  • PenguinPlayer

    That’s great, now I can recommend it to all my friends that don’t own a PS3 or a Vita.

    Everythings pretty good so far, all I would want now is for it to be released in Steam too. Every cult thing that falls in Steam seems to be a massive success. See also: Valkyria Chronicles

  • Keko

    I’m all in for VNs to be ported to phones and tablets, if that means more popularity, thus more localized titles. I’m just against the idea of VNs being phone-exclusive. Thankfully, S;G won’t be this way.

    …or maybe I’m just jealous because I own a Kindle Fire that runs no good weeb apps (besides that MoeNovel VN).

    • The Red Comet

      If I’m right the Kindle Fire’s OS is based off Google’s Android OS and should be able to run Android apps just as long as you manually install the .apk’s through your computer.

      Then again I may be wrong, but if not may I recommend weebing your tablet up with a copy of VNDS, School idol festival (or whatever that Love! Live! rhythm game is called), or some live 2D (like one of the Talking girls SECOND or MiraiClock3 apps) kind of app.

      • Keko

        Yes, most apps will work if you install the .apk, but the ones that need to connect to the internet (like Love Live!, Guns Girls Z, etc) won’t work and crash on start. Tried VNDS, but it was way too big, so I just installed Splashtop; pretty great for reading Grisaia.

        So far, I haven’t really found any interesting app that isn’t a game and does work on Fire OS.

  • Michael Kelehan

    I’m definitely going Vita on this one. PS3 would be a great way to play on the TV, and iOS would be a great way to play on the go, but with a Vita and PSTV, I can do both, so it’s quickly becoming my favorite way to play.

  • David GarcĂ­a Abril

    Tell me you’ll release it on Android and I’ll go to that version like crazy!!!

  • Abel_Nightroad

    Ok, so what’s the best version ?

    • Satoshi Ookami

      Vita obviously =D

  • Antonio Potter

    The anime series is amazing. How does the game add to what I already know of the story? Are there any mysteries or backstories I can’t be aware of without playing the game?

    If you can help me figure that out in a non-spoilerific manner that would be great :3

    • Alexzander Shelton

      The game has six endings, and is vastly longer than the anime series in terms of content. It’s basically the same story, but you get more details than what the anime could show you.

    • saima

      Well, most adaptions into anime/movies is a watered down version of the original source material, in content and characterization. For example: do you think you know everything about the Lord of the Ring books after watching their movies? I always try to take in both “versions” if possible and the original is always superior, at least for me personally. The anime is maybe better for people with shorter attention span or don’t like reading :)
      There is a reason the game is called a “Visual Novel”.

      • Antonio Potter

        Yes but no. Decisions made in the production of adaptations every once in a while surpass the original material in one way or another. I was wondering if I wanted to pick this up because I don’t think Steins;Gate setting is particularly rich and it comes down to the story, plot twists and characters. If the anime series “spoiled” most of the visual novel surprises (and this is not a complaint) I probably won’t bother. To draw from your exemple, I think LotR has a vast world and reading the books is by far the best way to navigate that.

        • saima

          That’s why i said “most” because those brilliant decisions are just too rare to count on.
          Well, i would say this depends on your relationship with V.N. If this is your 1st time then you might want to stay away since you know the true ending already, everything else is just extra and might bore you. I want to point out one of the biggest difference is that you get to know what is inside the MC’s head, helps you understand him and his decision better. If you don’t care then its not like you are missing out much.
          My gamer OCD and love for novels just compels me to get all endings and know everything about the world and characters. You have to decide if thats for you, its a big time investment after all.

  • Cool, But I’ll wait for the Vita version

  • asdf

    I wonder if the iOS version will have any compromises?

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