Time Travelers Director And 999 Producer Jiro Ishii Goes Freelance

By Spencer . January 1, 2015 . 11:58pm

image Jiro Ishii, the writer behind the critically acclaimed visual novel 428, was working at Level-5. There he created Time Travelers, a story driven video game set in 2031 Tokyo where a Space Elevator is in the center if the city. Both games have a mechanic where you see the story from different protagonists who are seemingly unrelated.


Since both of those titles were only released in Japan, Ishii is probably best known in the West for the Zero Escape series. He was the producer on Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.


Ishii announced that he going freelance and working independently. Right now, Ishii is creating the story for Under the Dog, a Kickstarter funded anime series, along with Yusuke Kozaki and Masahiro Ando.

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  • Keiji Johnson

    Well, so much for any hopes or any small chances for either of those games receiving any sort of English localization outside of Japan… :(

  • Harry Potter

    i played the vita version looks cool but its japanese

  • Hinataharem

    I still want to play Time Travelers

  • Postnjam

    He made 999? So…….virtue’s last reward 2 kickstarter?

    • GH56734

      Producer for 2010’s 999 (and the earlier 428 Wii VN and Pok√©mon Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue). No involvement in Virtue Last Reward whatsoever.
      He used to work in Level-5 as of 2013.
      It means chances for Time Travelers 2 (which already bombed) are lower, but not non-existent if he parted on good terms with them.

      He’s going freelance now, in the same sense Armor Project (of DQ fame), Inti-Crates and Nobuo Uematsu are. He can still collaborate with Level-5 or Chunsoft.

  • idrawrobots

    I saw Time Travelers and I got so excited. :(

  • SMT

    I saw “Time Travelers” AND “999” in the title but this wasn’t localization for the former or the last sequel for the latter…

    I’m gonna go cry in a corner now, thanks ;_;

  • Envatta

    I still have (diminishing) hope for a Time Travelers localisation. However, a third Zero Escape gets all my hope and want. Hopefully he’ll create a Kickstarter for it if he lacks funds, as I’m sure many fans will support him, even if it’s in 5 years time.

    • mikebrand83

      I think the involvement of Kotaro Uchikoshi in any hypothetical ZE3, is a bit more important than that of Jiro Ishii.

      • Envatta

        Of course it is. They’ll also need more than just the two of them. I’m just meaning that this gives some slight hope to those of us who really want to see ZE3.

  • Gaisaph

    Whenever I see a news that has the title 999, or Zero Escape that has no news about the third chapter announcement, I cry.

  • Michael Kelehan

    We all need to get together, start a company, and then localize Time Travelers and produce Zero Escape 3.

    • Raine

      Yes :D

  • H_Floyd

    The author might want to clarify Masahiro Ando *the anime director*. A fairly prominent composer/performer shares the same name. I was very disappointed after visiting the kickstarter page and seeing that Ando the composer wasn’t doing the music.

  • Alex Jones

    I <3 to TIME TRAVEL.

  • Gamias

    I’ll pledge $500 if there’s a Kickstarter for a spiritual sequel to 428.

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