Dragon Quest Creator Says Several Games In Development For 30th Anniversary

By Sato . January 7, 2015 . 9:32am


Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii has teased a few tidbits on the development of Dragon Quest XI on several occasions, but going by his New Year’s message on the Dragon Quest X website, it seems likely that we’ll get an announcement sometime next year.


Here’s what was stated on the message:


Happy New Year’s to you all. This year is actually the 30th anniversary-eve for the Dragon Quest series.


In February, we’ll have Dragon Quest Heroes, and we’ll release Theatrhythm Dragon Quest in March. Other than that, we haven’t announced anything else, but we’re jostling through a great deal projects as we head towards the 30th anniversary.


As for Dragon Quest X, we’ll release Version 3 this spring. I believe that it’s a good time for all of you, along with our staff, to look forward to what’s coming.


Life is a role playing game.

Thank you for your continued support of the Dragon Quest series!

Yuji Horii (January 2015)


Now, Horii doesn’t mention anything about Dragon Quest XI, but let’s rewind about nine years back. In 2006, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest IX for their 20th anniversary, followed by Dragon Quest X in 2011—so going by their recent trend of announcing main-numbered titles on milestone anniversary years, it seems likely that we’ll get an official announcement for Dragon Quest XI sometime next year.


Horii also mentioned that Dragon Quest XI is being developed simultaneously with Dragon Quest Heroes, which releases next month. He also said that the game is in development for home consoles.

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  • Eric Harris

    DQH looks super. Of course I am gonna hope for PS4 DQXI like all of you.

  • Strawberry Starlet

    Aw man. I want Dragon Quest Heroes so much. Especially if Debora makes it in, as DLC or otherwise.

  • Kaihaku

    Yes… But my question is will you start giving the series international releases again? I wasn’t alone in investing a lot in Dragon Quest last generation on the DS…why are so many 3DS titles sitting untranslated?

    • ElAbuelo69

      They are coming…to mobile!

      • Kaihaku

        That’s what I was afraid of…

        • Barrylocke89

          Hey at this point I’m so desperate for DQ that I’d take mobile localizations over none at all.

      • GH56734

        Recent DQ iOS localizations bombed worldwide, for what it matters.

        • They did? I’d love to see the numbers on them :o

        • ElAbuelo69

          That’s interesting, I missed the news I guess. Got any source? (Not challenging you, legitimately interested)

          • GH56734

            It wasn’t news, and I can’t seem to find again the forum page where this popped up. Take with a grain of salt of course.
            The download numbers are tracked somewhere for all apps, and the numbers for the English iOS DQ games (the Loto trilogy plus 8 and some DS remakes) are between 4K and 10K, even lower than the DS sales considered by SE as failures.

    • Totally Da Real Ducked

      Are you on Wii U Daily?

      Remember me? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Kaihaku

        I’m all over the place and how could I forget you?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    alllllllllllllllll for the ios/android market. you know they love hyping up Mobile games

    I hope I’m wrong about this………….

  • Adrian Duran

    Either a console/handheld game only in Japan, or a mobile game in either region

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Perhaps maybe a HD Remaster of a Dragon Quest VIII for PS4 as well? That would be awesome. Makes wonder if Square-Enix will bring any of it’s DQ games to the west.

  • JuVu

    Dragon Quest VII and Monster remakes foe 3DS to America and Europe. That’s all I ask. After trying out those mobile ports of the first games I was baffled about how these are the ones we’re getting. So utterly disappointed.

    • GH56734

      At this rate, the fan-translations will be coming earlier. Yes, they’re now possible.

    • Kaminari683

      Yes! Soooooo sick of Squenix getting my hopes up with a new DQ only to have those hopes smashed to smitherines when they later announce it will be a mobile exclusive.

  • BillyMK

    Did we get anything overseas new after the 25th aniversary? Mobile doesn’t count.
    Well since region lock is not an issue with DQH, will happily import it.

    • SilvaStarRippa

      Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 and (if you count it) Fortune Street. Other than that and the new mobile re-releases, no. Still waiting for a western release of both Dragon Quest X and the remake of VII.

  • ronin4life

    I am going to throw out: NO nintendo games.

    Despite their success on the platform. Despite it making the most sense on those platforms.

    I Just can’t shake the feeling they are ditching Nintendo.

    • awang0718

      Theatrythm Dragon Quest is a 3DS exclusive, though it is a also spin-off.

      • ronin4life

        I mean going forward.

        I would love to be wrong though.
        edit: typo lol. Fixed.

    • Eder García

      yes after all the love Nintendo got from the DQ franchise, i believe DQXl will be PS4 exclusive because of that closed mind ideology of JRPG fans are on Sony consoles

      • HarakiriKami

        The ones who like cutscenes are on the sony systems.

        Though they’re coming around since they play the souls games so they can play something a little more hardcore and less “flashy”

        Bet thats why the SAGA game is being put on vita

      • Jon Turner

        My take: it’ll be multiplat. Be on both WiiU AND PS4/3.

    • Serge

      Probably DQ XI it’s gonna be on PS4 and PS3, and then the 3DS will get some spin-off title to calm the Nintendo fanbase… We’re talking about Square, they did the same with Final Fantasy and others games.

    • British_Otaku

      I’m sure the Nintendo hardware and Playstation hardware will get a healthy amount of games, though some are going to nitpick over whether one has “enough” by nature.

      The 3DS is on very good footing and DQX so far has stuck to Nintendo hardware along with the PC. I would be interested in another Dragon Quest Swords spinoff for the Wii U as well.

  • DudeJericho

    No mobile no mobile no mobile no mobile.

    • Giordan

      Why? They’re insanely popular in Japan.

      • DudeJericho

        Yeah exactly, I want more DQ on consoles.

        • Kaminari683

          This! They need to bring DQ back to consoles… Preferably Nintendo, but that’s just me. The wii u just screams DQ!

          I love your avatar btw. Too kewt! Great… Now I need an Okami den plushie…

          • DudeJericho

            Thanks :P
            I was actually looking for one of those plushies before on ebay, the prices are kinda nuts..

        • Metabble

          Its stated that its gonna be on a home console, not on mobile or handhelds.
          My bets are PS4 or Wii U, but i think they’ll go with PS4. THey even made a limited DQ PS4!

        • Giordan

          Maybe if consoles were more popular in Japan, we wouldn’t get so many mobile games.

          • DudeJericho

            There isn’t exactly much on offer at the moment in terms of games for home consoles, that’s why handhelds dominate Japan’s market. I guess it’s natural for mobile gaming to be popular from that, especially since everyone generally owns a phone and most don’t want to pay for a gaming specific device.

          • Giordan

            well that and it’s like PC. You can play games and so much more with a phone.

          • HarakiriKami

            Play games worse and get interrupted frequently unless you change your setting.

            iOS is the most gaming oriented phone platform because its closed. Android is like PC

          • Giordan

            Which is why you should put it in flight/airplane mode

      • Alos88

        Squeenix has more than enough games in the pipeline for that platform already, it’s time for something more exciting imo.

  • James Grimswolf

    I’m definitely happy for Dragon Quest celebrating this aniversery… I’m just also praying (To the ambiguously named Goddess of the series of course) people outside of Japan will be invited to the celebrations. I may even be willing to forgive Square Enix for seemingly abandoning DQ localization in recent years (DQM:Joker 2 Professional, Terry’s Wonderland remake, DQM 2 remake, DQ:VII remake… yes I know they’re all remakes or expanded versions but I’ve still been dying to relive my childhood again through these games! Oh, and the new Rocket Slime game would be nice too) and for the utter disappointment I had with the writing, pacing and overall game design (Art and music aside) of Bravely Default… if they just localize some of these things as part of the celebrations!

    Just… really don’t understand the current attitude towards Dragon Quest localization. Maybe not the largest market for them in the west, but when I’m able to play a host of other off the wall games that have limiited western interest compared to big name block busters within months of their Japanese release (Thank you ATLUS! Yes I know they seem to have difficulty localizing in the EU but I’m really grateful for what they do in NA!) it really baffles me how a company like Square Enix could fail to figure out a means of profiting off of the localization of something as relatively well known as the Dragon Quest label.

    • AndyMAX

      If it didn’t happen for the 25 Anniversary it wont happen for the 30 Anniversary.

      • James Grimswolf

        I have a feeling you’ll be right. I really liked the look of that anniversary Slime covered 3DS too.

  • Riverstyx9

    What I want Square to do with DQ XI.

    1. Western release.
    2. Not an mmo.
    3. Vita version.

    Don’t let me down Squeenix!

    • AndyMAX

      Already confirmed that DQXI wont be on a handheld console .

      • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

        yeah but We’ll have to see if they keep their word with DQ XI they still sounded iffy on it coming to the west they used the words maybe. so until it actually happens….

    • Shiki

      They could totally do DQ8 Remastered and put in on PS3/Vita like FFX. I think since Square Enix did Kingdom Hearts and FFX remastered, this is a no brainer. But then again, they might be worse than having no brain.

      • WeretigerRei

        unlikely since the mobile version came out

    • Christopher Taylor

      And what is wrong with DQX mmo?

  • Nikhil Kulkarni

    Just bring everything to the West on the 3DS

  • lolcatz6657

    I’d love to see a dq ix remake.

  • Metabble

    The games in development are Dragon Quest Heroes (ps3/ps4), Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (3ds), a brand new Dragon Quest Monsters (announced in famitsu a few months ago; for an unespecified platform) and Dragon Quest XI (Mr Horii has talked about it a couple of times. All we know is: its gonna be home console; its NOT gonna a mmo; and its gonna be for 2016 in Japan).

    Maybe some more unannounced games are there, probably a new mobile game for the japanese players (they do already have 2: DQM:Most Wanted and DQM: Super Light).

    I wonder if he will try to get his games localized in the West as part of his celebration…

    • HarakiriKami

      If its a monsters game then its on the 3DS or new 3ds

  • Please let the West celebrate the series too.

    • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

      they claim we won’t see this til XI with the Wiiu & ps4 we’ll have to see if that actually happens though. They used the words maybe & were iffy about it.

  • The Ultimate Weapon

    no female protagonist?!

    • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

      You’ll have them all in Dragon quest Heroes who helped you in most of the prequel titles. but weren’t playable til now.

    • AndyMAX

      The patriarchy attacks again.
      *tips fedora*

  • Ah, but how many projects will reach us here in the West?


    Let’s get that out of the way RIGHT. NOW.

  • Kris Janssens

    Come on squeenix, just a bit more love for Nintendo, please. I’d love more DQ on my Wii U instead of DS or tablet. Some remakes would be nice or even better some new DQ in glorious HD

  • Rintarou

    I know this isn’t an INCREDIBLY popular opinion, but a new Rocket Slime game would be most welcome. On the Wii U would be the dream, but at least one for 3DS is likely.

  • Kudan

    As long as they bring them to the west, but most of those games will probably be mobile only.

  • Mark Lengod

    One of them must be XI, right? RIGHT?


    As long as it’s a mainline game, it’s not heavy text like VII or a MMO(and it won’t be, because X), I’m pretty confident west has a chance to receive it. (still too much variables tho, sad)

  • WeretigerRei

    im curious as to why xseed or atlus hasnt jumped on localizing DQ games

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