2 New Battle Angel Alita Figures Arrive in 2024

Battle Angel Alita figures

Prime 1 Studios announced two new figures for its Premium Masterline series based on the Battle Angel Alita manga series. The figures are based on Alita, or Gally in the original Japanese version of the manga. Gally Rusty Angel is the first of the two figures announced. It costs $1,099 USD. Meanwhile Gally Repair Angel costs $399 USD. Both figures are estimated to ship between July-October 2024. They are available now for pre-order from the Prime 1 Studios online store. [Thanks, Dengeki Hobby!]

The Gally Rusty Angel figure recreates Alita as she was drawn for one of the most iconic illustrations of the manga, with iron wings and parts of her mechanical body exposed. The scale of the figure is 1/4, and it comes with the Japanese logo for the series as a bonus part.

You can take a better look at the Gally Rusty Angel figure here:

The Gally Repair Angel figure is a bust of Alita in the broken state she was when she was rescued by Daisuke Ido at the beginning of the manga series, and before she was repaired. The scale of the figure is 1/4 as well.

You can check out the Gally Repair Angel figure here:

In other Prime 1 Studios news, the figure manufacturer recently announced an Evangelion figure of EVA Unit-01 that costs $1,400 USD.

The Prime 1 Studios figure Gally Rusty Angel costs $1,099 USD, while Gally Repair Angel costs $399 USD. Both Battle Angel Alita figures are set to release sometime between July and October 2024. The figures are now available for pre-order from the Prime 1 Studios online store.

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