New Prime 1 Studios Evangelion Figure Will Cost $1,400

Prime 1 Studios Evangelion figure

EVA Unit-01 from anime series Evangelion is the basis for a new figure by Prime 1 Studios and is part of its brand of statues called Cutie1XL. The figure stands at 83 cm (32 inches) tall, and it will cost $1,400 USD. Its expected release date is October 2024. The Evangelion EVA-01 Cutie1XL figure is a limited run, with only 50 units available worldwide. Pre-orders are now open from the Prime 1 Studios online store. [Thanks, Dengeki Online!]

The Prime 1 Studios Evangelion Unit-01 figure is made of fiber-reinforced plastic. The figure is available in two editions, with a different color scheme for each. The regular edition uses the regular color scheme of EVA-01, while the special limited edition displays more vibrant colors by using a shimmering fabric for the manufacturing of the figure.

You can take a better look at the Cutie1XL figure of the Evangelion Unit-01 in the gallery below.

In other Evangelion news, a new escape room in Shinjuku, Tokyo features Kaworu Nagisa as its host. This particular escape room will use the actual city of Shinjuku as its playground.

The Prime 1 Studios’ Cutie1XL Evangelion Unit-01 figure will cost $1,400 USD, and it is planned to release in October 2024. Pre-orders are now open from the Prime 1 Studios online store.

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