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Fire Emblem Heroes Unveils The Secret Behind Lif With New Animated Cutscene

By Alistair . July 22, 2019 . 9:48am

The latest update for Fire Emblem Heroes released today, bringing characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and surprisingly, Intelligent Systems also released a new animated cutscene for the new story chapter.

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Graffiti Kingdom Developers Looking For Testers For The New Smartphone Game

By Sato . July 22, 2019 . 5:15am

A new Graffiti Kingdom game is in development for smartphones, and Taito is looking for testers to try out the new “Rakugaki System” that brings illustrations to life as 3D characters.

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Mega Man X DiVE Announced As An Action RPG For Smartphones

By Sato . July 22, 2019 . 3:00am

Capcom Taiwan announced a brand-new Mega Man action RPG with Mega Man X DiVE for smartphones, where the Mega Man X games and your memories as the player are stored in a digital world.

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Touhou: Lost Word Announced As A New Touhou RPG For Smartphones

By Sato . July 19, 2019 . 8:00am

Good Smile Company and NextNinja are working together for a new smartphone project for the Touhou Project series, titled Touhou: Lost Word. Pre-registration is now live in Japan.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Asks You To Choose A House In New Three Houses Banner

By Alistair . July 18, 2019 . 9:32pm

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed its latest upcoming banner, based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which releases next week. The five new Heroes are Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and Byleth (F).

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SINoALICE Worldwide Launch Delayed, New Launch Date To Be Announced Later

By Sato . July 18, 2019 . 3:00am

The fairy tale-themed smartphone game, SINoALICE, directed by Yoko Taro and developed by Pokelabo, was expected to launch worldwide today but has been delayed with a message from the management team.

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Tales of Crestoria’s Special Skit Talks About What It Takes To Be Popular In America

By Sato . July 16, 2019 . 5:00am

At Anime Expo 2019 fans got to check out a special skit for Tales of Crestoria, and Bandai Namco just uploaded the skit featuring Kanata and Misella who talk about getting swole to be popular in America.

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Pokémon GO’s Next Collaboration Is With One Piece, Adds A Special Straw Hat Pikachu On July 22

By Sato . July 16, 2019 . 4:30am

The Pokémon Company announced the next big collaboration coming to Pokémon GO is with Eiichiro Oda’s manga and anime series, One Piece. The event starts July 22 with a special Straw Hat Pikachu.

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Twisted Wonderland The Hades-Inspired Ignihyde House

By Alistair . July 12, 2019 . 5:00pm

The official website for Twisted Wonderland has added introductions to the Ignihyde House students, based off Hades from Hercules. Additionally, the protagonist’s partner, a cat named Grim, has also been introduced.

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Dragon Quest IX Creators Talk Possibilities Of A Remake Or Sequel For Switch Or Smartphones

By Sato . July 11, 2019 . 10:05am

During the Dragon Quest IX 10th Anniversary Special Livestream today, series creator Yuji Horii and the original co-directors Jin Fujisawa and Akihiro Hino talked about the possibilities of a remake or sequel.

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Graffiti Kingdom’s New Smartphone Game Revealed With Trailers, Story And Gameplay Details

By Sato . July 11, 2019 . 1:30am

Taito announced a new smartphone game for Graffiti Kingdom, known as Rakugaki Kingdom in Japan with a couple new trailers, some info its story and gameplay details.

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A New Graffiti Kingdom Game Announced By Taito For Smartphones

By Sato . July 10, 2019 . 1:00am

Taito developed the original Graffiti Kingdom game, known as Rakugaki Kingdom in Japan, and it was announced in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that they’re making a new game for smartphones.

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Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare Shows Off Characters And Gunpla Units In Opening Animation

By Sato . July 9, 2019 . 5:30am

Bandai Namco released a new trailer for the upcoming 3D mecha action mobile game Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare. The video shows its opening animation featuring various characters and their Gunpla units.

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Dr. Slump’s Arale Gets A Puyo Puyo-Style Makeover Costume For Feli In New Collaboration

By Sato . July 8, 2019 . 3:30am

Puyo Puyo Quest’s next collaboration is with Dr. Slumb and the collaboration character Feli got a Puyo Puyo-style makeover of Arale for the occasion.

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Dragalia Lost Changes Directors; Upcoming Events & Features Detailed

By Alistair . July 7, 2019 . 11:44am

This week, it was announced that Dragalia Lost’s director Hiroki Matsuura would be stepping down. New director Yuji Okada has detailed upcoming events as well as incoming updates.

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