200% Mixed Juice Celebrates 10 Years Of Its Japanese Developer



Fruitbat Factory has announced that it’s publishing Orange_Juice’s old-school RPG 200% Mixed Juice on Steam. It’ll be available soon for $6.99 and can be pre-ordered on the Fruitbat Factory store.


200% Mixed Juice is a celebration of 10 years of Orange Juice games. As such, it features a big mix of the Japanese studio’s characters from its range of games – “a 200% mix of OrangeJuice characters,” as Fruitbat Factory puts it.


You play as the Sleeping Princess as she is awoken by the fairy Navi who has created a number of worlds for her to visit and give her something to do. The worlds relate to various Orange_Juice games, and so there’s one that lets the Princess experience lively school life, another that sees the skies crowded with airplanes, and another which has fallen to ruin from endless wars.


As you adventure with the Sleeping Princess to these worlds you’ll battle over 80 different characters and experience other strange encounters with the inhabitants that my be a little less hostile. The game also has an online multiplayer component but how that works hasn’t been made clear.

Chris Priestman