Changes in the PS2 version of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters


    OK, we all know a port of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters is due out in a couple of weeks. However, Sony hasn’t mentioned much about the PlayStation 2 version other than it exists. Earlier today, I spoke with a representative from Sony Computer Entertainment America who explained that Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters has essentially the same content as the PSP version. The graphics have been cleaned up a bit, but there aren’t any new levels to explore. The biggest change is in the multiplayer department where the online deathmatch mode has been replaced with a two player split screen battle.


    I’m not surprised the online mode was removed. Configuring online play for the PlayStation 2 hardware and setting up separate servers would require a substantial amount of work. It’s still unfortunate and the removal certainly makes the PSP version more attractive.



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