pspdiss Someday digital downloads could replace UMDs. Not quite yet, though! Most PSP owners still get their games on physical media which means load times.


A few publishers are tackling the problem with the help of larger Memory Sticks on the market. Their trick is a partial data install similar to what a handful PlayStation 3 games offer. Mana Khemia: Student Alliance, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and if a menu screen is anything to go by Irem’s Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 (Disaster Report 3) will too.


Dissidia: Final Fantasy has a rather creative data install feature. You choose how much space you want to use: 243 MB, 371 MB, or 520 MB. More space means shorter load times in between battles.


Of course none of these games are out in the US yet, but two of them are guaranteed to come. Do you plan to take advantage of the data install feature in the future or is your Memory Stick space filled up with media?


Images courtesy of Square Enix.



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