Sega Made A Month’s Worth Of Valkyria Chronicles 2 DLC


    image Valkyria Chronicles 2 has enough downloadable missions to keep players busy until March.


    The first batch, available at launch, are free. The rest you have to pay for. Here’s the schedule, loosely translated into English.


    January 21
    Crisis in Melfair – 1 player / free

    February 4
    Strategy Battle Exercise against Squad F – 1 player / 100 yen

    February 11
    Fierce! Melfair Market EX – 1 player / 100 yen

    February 18
    Valley of Kougen – 1-4 player / 100 yen
    Scout Troop Back Course Certification Exam  – 1 player / 100 yen

    February 25
    Ultimate Challenge – 1-4 players / 100 yen


    Own Phantasy Star Portable 2 too? You can get two extra free missions.

    Request from the Guardians – 1 player / free
    Request from the Little Wings – 1 player / free


    image Sega has even more Valkyria Chronicles 2 tie-ins, but these aren’t as off the wall as the Pizza Hut shield in Phantasy Star Portable 2. Players can obtain Sonic, Bayonetta, and Hatsune Miku decals. Passwords to access these tank stamps will be posted on the Valkyria Chronicles 2 home page.



    image image image image image image image image image image image image


    Finally, there are three special decals.


    The Witch’s face is a pre-order bonus.


    You need a Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) save file on your memory card to get the Dream of Isara decal.


    Phantasy Star Portable 2 players get a Little Wing sticker.


    Some Japan-only games like Answer x Answer and Border Break are featured. Will make the cut for the English version of Valkyria Chronicles 2 or will Sega replace them with stuff more popular on this side of the pond like Madworld and The House of the Dead.



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