Future Atelier Games May Have Dual Audio Voices Again Say Tecmo Koei


Atelier Ayesha, which is being published in the west by Tecmo Koei instead of NIS America, is the first Atelier game in a while that will not feature a dual-audio voice-track. Prior to this, the Atelier games featured both Japanese and English audio—a trend that Atelier Ayesha is bucking by only including an English voice-track for its western release.


The good news is, the trend may return with future Atelier games.


Siliconera got in touch with Tecmo Koei Europe to ask about the dual-audio issue, and learnt that the publisher is regretful that the issue exists.


“We are very sorry. We have confirmed the voice option information with [Atelier series developer] Gust and for this title, it will be English only,” Tecmo Koei Europe representative, Chin Soon Sun, shared with us.


They added: “We know how important this is for you and we will try to implement the voice option in the future Atelier releases.”


While discussing the matter further, Tecmo Koei Europe reiterated that they aren’t happy with the lack of dual-audio either, and that they understand and share the concerns of the Atelier community.



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