Monster Hunter Producer Promoted Within Capcom


Capcom have made a couple of changes to their management structure over at their Japanese headquarters—two of the company’s general managers have been promoted.


The first is Nariyuki Nobuyama, who is Head of Consumer Games R&D Human Resources Division and General Manager of R&D Promotion Department. Nobuyama is now a Corporate Officer in addition to those two positions.


The second is a name you’re likely more familiar with—Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of the Monster Hunter series (pictured above). Tsujimoto is Head of Consumer Games Development Division 3 and General Manager of Department 3, and is now also a Corporate Officer in addition to those positions.


Finally, the company has a new Executive Corporate Officer, Hirokazu Nakabachi, who is in charge of Internal Audit and IT.


Photograph courtesy Capcom.


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