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3-Star Air Groove and Mayano Top Gun Appear in Uma Musume

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As of May 28, Narita Brian is no longer on rate-up in Uma Musume Pretty Derby to make way for 3-star versions of existing 2-star horse girls, Air Groove and Mayano Top Gun. The current banner will last until June 10, 2021. Aside from Air Groove and Mayano Top Gun, there are four new support cards in the game for Kawakami Princess and Hishi Akebono. The new story event, Blossoming Maiden’s June Bride, has also started. It focuses on Mejiro Dober.

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The Sunlight Bouquet version of Mayano Top Gun wears a white summer dress as opposed to the more casual look of her original form. Her skill Flowery Maneuver activates at the final corner and it changes the effect depending on her position. If she is near the front of the pack, her speed increases. Then, if she is at the back of the pack, her acceleration increases.

While Quercus Civilis Air Groove’s original outfit looks slightly more Japanese-inspired, her new dress is reminiscent of a wedding gown. Her skill, An Eternal Moment Upon a Violet Breeze, activates during the middle of the race. When she starts to move up from the front of the pack, her speed increases.

Because Mayano Top Gun and Air Groove are still the same characters as their original 2-star form, they do not have new story modes. In the simulation mode they have new events to go with their new outfits. In general, the gist for both is the same. This is similar to when Mejiro McQueen and Tokai Teio appeared in the gacha with their alternate versions.

Mayano Top Gun and Air Groove are on pick-up in Uma Musume Pretty Derby until June 10, 2021, and they will remain in the gacha afterwards. The game is available on mobile devices and Windows PC, though there is currently only a Japanese version.

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