Uma Musume Pretty Derby Introduces Racing Monster Narita Brian

Uma Musume Narita Brian

Cygames added a new uma musume, Narita Brian, for trainers to raise in Uma Musume Pretty Derby. Smart Falcon, who was on rate-up last banner, is still available in the gacha. Her banner started on May 17 and will last until May 27, 2021. Narita Brian will remain in the gacha even after May 27.

Narita Brian’s unique skill is Shadow Break, which allows her to accelerate if she passes another uma musume from the outside at the last corner. Though this seems like a fairly limited skill, she is a stretch runner with high mid and long distance race proficiency. This means that exact situation has a high possibility of happening in the majority of her races.

Narita Brian is not a new face in Uma Musume Pretty Derby. She plays a fairly major role in the story modes of Uma Musume like Mayano Top Gun and Biwa Hayahide. She has a stoic and taciturn personality, with a high sense of responsibility. Her powerful racing is both an inspiration and a source of anxiety among the other uma musume. As a result, she is searching for someone who can not only challenge her but won’t give up when faced with the difference in talent. Like Narita Taishin, she is not an uma musume who immediately opens up to the trainer, and is rather cold in the beginning of their relationship.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is available on mobile devices and PC in Japan. There is currently no concrete news about a global release.

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