Uma Musume Idol Smart Falcon is Ready For a Show


Cygames has added Smart Falcon into the roster of uma musume players can train in Uma Musume Pretty Derby. Smart Falcon is on rate-up from May 5 to May 16, 2021. This means she entered the gacha as soon as Narita Taishin’s rate-up banner ended.

Though Smart Falcon appeared in the game before as a support card, this is the first that trainers will see beyond her perky idol personality. Similar to Curren Chan, she hopes to be a star. In Smart Falcon’s case, she wants to be a top umadol (uma idol) but has trouble winning high-profile races due to her legs being more suited for dirt tracks.

Smart Falcon is a rare uma musume due to her aptitude in dirt races. With the addition of Smart Falcon, there are only five girls who fare well on dirt. She is a mile and mid-distance pacesetter. This means that trainers will need to heavily focus on her speed when raising her. In addition, her unique skill Kira Kira Stardom boosts her speed on straight paths during the middle of the race when another uma musume comes close to passing her. You can see the animation for Kira Kira Stardom here:

Smart Falcon is currently on rate-up in Uma Musume Pretty Derby. She will still be available in the gacha after May 16, 2021. Uma Musume Pretty Derby is readily available in Japanese on mobile devices and Windows PC.

Stephanie Liu
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