Meet Uma Musume Influencer Curren Chan

Curren Chan gacha

Make sure you’re following the hashtag #CurrenChan, because Uma Musume recently introduced a new horse girl, Curren Chan, into its roster. Curren Chan appeared in the gacha on April 15 and remain on rate-up until April 26, 2021. In addition, for a limited time, even players who do not have Curren Chan can read through the first part of her character story.

Curren Chan has a precocious personality. Because she knows exactly how cute she is, she is able to use her looks to garner a mass following on Umastagram (Uma Musume’s version of Instagram) and is treated like a real-life social media influencer in-game. In order to let more people call her “cute,” she decides to participate in the Twinkle Series.

She is considered one of the easiest horse girls to train. All she needs to complete her story and win the URA is speed and some power. Curren Chan is an uma musume who excels at short-distance turf races.

You can view Curren Chan’s trailer here:

The real Curren Chan is a Japanese Thoroughbred racehorse born in 2007. She garnered the reputation of a first-class sprinter after winning five consecutive races in 2011. Yu Sasahara voices the uma musume Curren Chan. Other roles by Sasahara include Akari Amano in Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood and Emilico in Shadows House.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a Cygames game that was meant to release in 2018, but it got delayed until February 2021. It is available on mobile devices in Japan.

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