Narita Taishin Joins Uma Musume as a Nemesis

Uma Musume Narita Taishin story

Narita Taishin has become available in the gacha. Narita Taishin is the latest addition to the roster of characters in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. She will remain on rate-up until May 5, 2021. She follows “influencer” Curren Chan.

Narita Taishin is an uma musume who specializes in mid-to-long distance turf races. She is a stretch runner, which means that she is at her fastest near the end of the race. As well, her unique skill Nemesis facilitates in helping her get to the front of the pack. It allows her to accelerate when she starts to move up from the back at the final corner. As a long-distance horse, her scenario can be slightly difficult for inexperienced trainers. Her races are tougher, with stronger opponents, and it can be hard balancing what stats to raise.

Like when Curren Chan was on rate-up, the first part of Narita Taishin’s character story is available even for those who don’t have her. She has appeared in the game’s story before as a support card, and she is a major part of Winning Ticket and Biwa Hayahide’s scenarios. She is a rather cold and intense uma musume who has a complex about her small frame and size.

Keiko Watanabe voices Narita Taishin in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. She also voiced Momoko Suou in The [email protected]: Million Live! and Rea Katagiri in World’s End Harem.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is readily available on mobile devices and Windows PCs. Currently, it is only available in Japanese. However, the Chinese and Korean versions are under development, and there are plans for an English version as well.

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