5 Aksys Switch Otome Games Appear at Anime Expo 2024
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5 Aksys Switch Otome Games Appear at Anime Expo 2024

At the Aksys Anime Expo 2024 panel, the company revealed it will be releasing five more Switch otome games in 2024 and 2025. Among the announcements were more details about known games like Despera Drops, new announcements for titles like Utakata no Uchronia, and a new platform for existing game 7’scarlet

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First, two Aksys otomes we already knew about ended up with updated release windows revealed at the event. The first is the Virche Evermore Epic: Lycoris fan disc. That will launch on November 7, 2024. Despera Drops will follow, but that won’t appear until Spring 2025. 

The other three were all new announcements, though one is a game we’ve seen before. 7’scarlet, which Aksys previously handled the Vita release for, is among the new Switch otome games coming in 2025. That involves a woman looking for her missing brother and uncovering even more unexpected events and people. That will launch in Spring 2025. The other two are so early in development, they don’t have English titles yet. One is Mistonia no Kibou: The Lost Delight, which involves a maid named Applause in the fairy-adjacent kingdom called Grand Alvion. She’s going undercover to get revenge, but may also find love along the way. Meanwhile, Utakata no Uchronia sees a young woman named Hinagiku meet an amnesiac and, in so doing, get a chance to leave the flying city she calls home.

For a reminder of what 7’scarlet is like, here’s Aksys’ trailer from the Vita version of the game that appeared in 2018:

This is the trailer for Mistonia no Kibou: The Lost Delight from Japan:

Here’s the Utakata no Uchronia Japanese trailer, which highlights all of the love interests:

Aksys also made a number of announcements not related to its otome titles. Here are the other games it is working on:

  • Blazing Strike PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC release: October 17, 2024
  • Ed-0: Zombie Uprising PS5 physical release: October 10, 2024
  • Fitness Boxing feat Hatsune Miku Switch DLC bundles will appear after the September 5, 2024 launch.
  • Raging Bytes Switch and PS5 physical release: December 12, 2024
  • Tales from Toyotoki: Arrival of the Witch Switch and PS5 release: August 22, 2024
  • Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Switch release: July 25, 2024
  • Zero to Dance Hero Switch release: November 2024

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