5 Fate/Grand Order Figures Appeared at WonHobby 36

fate/grand order wonhobby36

The British Lostbelt is getting its time in the limelight, as the majority of the Fate/Grand Order figures that appeared during Good Smile Company’s WonHobby 36 depict characters that hail from the Sixth Lostbelt. These figures and Nendoroids are all in various stages of development, so some figures will come out earlier than others.

Good Smile Company’s upcoming Fate/Grand Order figures and Nendoroids, according to WonHobby 36 announcements, are:

All of the characters are in different Ascension stages as well. For example, Oberon is in his Second Ascension whereas Morgan is in her Third Ascension. When Good Smile Company officially announces them and opens them for pre-order, we will be able to see what face plates and optional parts they will come with.

As mentioned earlier, three out of five of these figures are characters who debuted during the British Lostbelt. Oberon, Melusine, and Morgan are all prominent figures in the story, as well as popular characters for players to use and Grail. Morgan was actually the character that players leveled to 120 the most after Lasengle increased the level cap.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices, and Lostbelt 6 will go live in the global server soon. The Fate/Grand Order Nendoroids and figures that Good Smile Company announced during WonHobby36 will come out in the near future.

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