Morgan was the Most Popular SSR Character for Level 120 in Fate/Grand Order

fate/grand order level 120 ssr

Lasengle has revealed the five most popular Fate/Grand Order SSR characters that players leveled up to level 120. It revealed the ranking during the Chaldea Satelite Station 2021-2022 (Kochi) Stream. It’s based on player data from the Japanese version of the game. Additionally, Lasengle provided design documents for Sakamoto Ryoma (Lancer) and Oryo, as well as Arahabaki. Some of the characters appear in Lostbelt 6, so those who wish to avoid spoilers should proceed with caution. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Getting a servant to level 120 requires a significant amount of resources. In order to bring a character from level 100 to 120, users must have 300 servant coins, 10 Holy Grails, and 4,180 Gold All embers. As such, the characters that appear in the top five are likely to be the most valuable in a given player’s roster.

Below are the top five SSR characters to get to level 120:

  1. Morgan
  2. Mélusine (Faerie Knight Lancelot)
  3. Oberon
  4. Muramasa
  5. Space Ishtar

Much like the top SR character ranking from December 2021, Lasengle presented each character alongside some short anecdotes relating to their strong suits. Notably, three out of the top five SSR characters were introduced to the game comparatively recently as part of the Lostbelt 6 story chapter. Many of the top five characters are also those that boasted strong attack abilities.

In the case of Morgan, Lasengle highlighted the fact that the character is a Berserker and has the ability to increase allies’ attack and HP. Furthermore, one developer pointed out that Space Ishtar continues to stay in the top five likely due to the fact that she can fit into a wider variety of party compositions.

Fate/Grand Order is immediately available to play on mobile devices worldwide.

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