Saito is Most Popular SR For Level 120 in Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order level 120

Delightworks revealed the top five SR Servants that users leveled up to level 120 in the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order. This news came during the Chaldea Satellite Station 2021-2022 (Fukuoka) stream. As the information deals with Servants from Lostbelt 6, players who want to avoid spoilers may wish to tread with caution. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

As this information is from data that Delightworks collected rather than anecdotes from fans, it is unclear as to why players chose these particular Servants to level up. It could be due to emotional attachment or simply because they are powerful and useful units. The five Servants that became level 120 the most on the Japanese Fate/Grand Order server are:

  1. Saito Hajime
  2. Mysterious Alter Ego Lambda
  3. Barghest (Fairy Knight Gawain)
  4. Baobhan Sith (Fairy Knight Tristan)
  5. Artoria Alter (Saber)

In order to raise a Servant from level 100 to level 120, you need a total of ten Holy Grails, 300 Servant Coins, and 5015 Gold All Embers. The mechanic of leveling up a Servant past level 100 is relatively new. During the update for the game’s sixth anniversary, Fate/Grand Order introduced the concept of Servant Coins and Append Skills.

Though it is not related to the above data, Delightworks is planning on making a plushie of Cernunnos. The Celtic beast god made its appearance during Lostbelt 6. Delightworks will reveal more information at the Shizuoka event on January 9, 2022.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices worldwide.

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