505 Games To Publish Skullgirls Studio’s Action-RPG Indivisible, Prototype On Its Way


Lab Zero Games – the studio behind Skullgirls – has announced that it’s teaming up with publisher 505 Games for its upcoming action-RPG Indivisible.


Currently, Lab Zero is developing a prototype of Indivisible that is being funded by 505 Games. Once this is finished it will be released publicly so you can all give it a look. The plan after that is to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in September.


At this point, 505 Games will match the initial crowdfunding goal if Indivisible manages to raise it. If the initial goal isn’t met then 505 Games will not offer any money to Lab Zero for the game’s development and, in fact, the game will be cancelled entirely.


“Lab Zero has learned a lot from our previous Indiegogo campaign, and so we expect that to go more smoothly this time around, especially when it comes to manufacturing and shipping physical rewards,” Lab Zero writes. You can see one of the cuddly physical rewards above – a tapir plushie.


“And, perhaps most importantly,” Lab Zero continues, “thanks to 505’s involvement we’ll be able to offer a physical release of Indivisible on the platform of your choice.” If everything goes smoothly, then, it seems that Indivisible will be heading to a range of platforms including PC, consoles, and maybe handhelds – we’ll have to wait and see.


505 Games has built a teaser site for Indivisible where you can sign-up to get the latest news and offers regarding the game.

Chris Priestman