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Indivisible Builds And Improves On The Valkyrie Profile Formula

By Jenni . October 11, 2019 . 12:00pm

Indivisible clearly is inspired by Valkyrie Profile. But, there are times when it feels like it takes the lessons learned from that to build on the game and become something different and, in a way, more comprehensive.

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Watch Siliconera’s Indivisible Livestream

By Jenni . October 6, 2019 . 11:45am

At 12pm PT/2pm CT/3pm ET, Siliconera will hold an Indivisible livestream for about two hours.

Post 803572

Studio Trigger And Titmouse’s Full Indivisible Opening Movie Shared

By Jenni . September 20, 2019 . 9:00am

The full Indivisible opening movie, which was made by Studio Trigger and Titmouse, Inc, shows Ajna, her Heruka form, and her allies.

Post 796535

Indivisible Will Finally Bring Its Valkyrie Profile-Like Adventuring To Most Platforms In October 2019

By Jenni . August 8, 2019 . 10:30am

Help Ajna gather incarnations of warriors to fight alongside her in Indivisible, an upcoming Lab Zero RPG that has elements reminiscent of Valkyrie Profile.

Post 771306

Indivisible Introduces Master And Beast Duo Kushi And Altun

By Alistair . March 18, 2019 . 3:00pm

Over the weekend, Lab Zero put out a new update for Indivisible that introduces Kushi and Altun, a duo pair of master and flying roc who can fight as one.

Post 737838

Indivisible Introduces Thorani, The Cool Water Deva

By Alistair . October 3, 2018 . 9:30am

After a long hiatus, Lab Zero has continued with their update posts on Indivisible, this time introducing the water deva Thorani.

Post 718894

See Part Of Studio Trigger’s Introduction For Indivisible

By Jenni . July 9, 2018 . 11:00am

Indivisible’s opening animation is being created by Studio Trigger, and a new trailer shows off 30 seconds taken from that introduction.

Post 711581

Indivisible Shows Off The Fantastic Places Ajna Will Visit In The E3 2018 Trailer

By Alistair . June 10, 2018 . 11:30am

Indivisible got a new E3 trailer this week that shows off the various environments Ajna will visit in the game.

Post 707699

Indivisible Designer Mike Z Explains Why The Game Has A Vague Release Window, And More

By Alistair . May 23, 2018 . 4:00pm

Indivisible and Skullgirls lead designer Mike Z recently appeared on a podcast, talking about why the game’s release date was delayed to a vague ‘first half of 2019’, who the new staff members are, and more.

Post 705886

Indivisible Delayed To First Half Of 2019

By Alistair . May 16, 2018 . 2:00pm

Indivisible, Lab Zero’s latest game in development, has been delayed from a 2018 release date to a first half of 2019 release date, thanks to the sheer number of required assets.

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Indivisible Shows Off The Updates To The Battle Mechanics

By Alistair . March 8, 2018 . 8:30am

Indivisible sent out an update video yesterday, showing off how the battle mechanics have improved by adding Guard mechanics to enemies, Guard Crush attacks, and changing up how juggling enemies works.

Post 677389

Indivisible Closes Off Crowdfunding And Pre-orders At A Total Of $2,216,972

By Alistair . January 4, 2018 . 8:00am

Lab Zero Games announced that pre-orders and crowdfunding for Indivisible has been closed as of January 1, 2018, finishing at a total of $2,216,972 raised.

Post 636359

Indivisible Heading To The Nintendo Switch

By Jenni . June 1, 2017 . 10:30am

Indivisible, Lab Zero Games’ upcoming RPG, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC simultaneously in 2018.

Post 530715

Indivisible May Get Full Voiceovers, Multiple Endings With Stretch Goals

By Chris . December 28, 2015 . 4:00pm

Lab Zero may have got all its funding for Indivisible through Indiegogo on December 2nd 2015 but it’s not over yet. Stretch goals are still being eaten up.

Post 525618

Lab Zero Reaches Its Funding Goal For Indivisible, Reveals Stretch Goals

By Chris . December 2, 2015 . 2:30pm

After 57 days, Indivisible has reached its funding goal on Indiegogo.

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