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Early Switch Indivisible Game Release Was An Accident

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The Nintendo Switch Indivisible game launch has been a saga. It went from not having a release date to suddenly appearing abruptly on August 28, 2020. Even Lab Zero, the developer,

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didn’t know what was going on. Initially, 505 Games issued a statement to USGamer blaming an “unexpected series of event” for it appearing in April instead of May, also calling it a “happy accident.” Now a full explanation has been offered on the official website that also tells how Indiegogo backer keys will be distributed. It all comes down to a release tool issue.

As 505 Games mentioned, the Indivisible Nintendo Switch version wasn’t supposed to appear until sometime in May 2020. This is connected to an issue pointed out when the game did launch, which is that it was an older build. The May 2020 debut would have accounted for that and had a day one update released alongside it that would have had features like 1080p docked resolution, an option to choose your framerate, the appearance of Roti, Ajna’s tapir, and other improvements. (The Indiegogo update confirmed, “Co-op and New Game+ were not going to be part of the original Switch launch, and was something that was communicated to Lab Zero in advance.”) However, the release tool still had April 28, 2020 set in it, which was the tentative initial release date.

The official update also addressed backer copy issues. Due to the surprise launch, no keys went out when it happened. 505 Games says it is working on getting BackerKit surveys out in May 2020 to help send them to those who deserve them. Due to shipping and manufacturing delays caused by the state of the world, the company noted that physical copies will be delayed by between one and two months. On its IndieGogo page, it asked people to provide an updated address by May 10, 2020.

You can now find Indivisible on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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