5pb’s First Browser Title Is A Strategy Game With Girls In Outer Space

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While 5pb. and Mages are known for various visual novel titles, they’re now taking their first shot at a browser game, titled Hyper Galaxy Fleet, which begins beta testing later this month. 4Gamer shows us more on the upcoming title.


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Hyper Galaxy Fleet takes place on a space immigrant fleet, a “space opera” title that involves various female characters as crew members. After Earth is attacked by aggressive aliens, mankind escapes to outer space, searching for a new home in the galaxy.


As the player, you’ll be the commander of the space immigrant fleet, a job that has various responsibilities, while working with all the girls.


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During your journey, you’ll take on missions and become friends with aliens, space monsters, and robots, all while upgrading your fleet and aiming to become the galaxy’s number one commander.


While we did say that you’ll befriend aliens, space monsters, and robots to join your party, they’ll (naturally) take on the form of cute girls after transforming when you do.


Here’s a look at a couple of them:


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When these girls are in the ship, they’ll take on their girl-forms, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place for your giant space monster friend to rest.



Those who register early can get Ayaka Ukai, one of the crew members.



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Hyper Galaxy Fleet has a “Communication Part” that is all about interacting with the girls to learn more about them. These are filled with all kinds of events, and special conversations between you and the girls.



If these girls look pretty familiar to you, they’re actually designed by Nan Yaegashi, known for his work on the Senran Kagura series, who designed the crew girls for Hyper Galaxy Fleet.





Hyper Galaxy Fleet begins its beta test sometime in the latter half of this month.

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