670 NES games for slightly over 20,000$


Actually, make that 21,000$ and rising, as a certain ebay auction hasn’t ended just yet. What ebay auction (I hear your sweet voices menacingly ask)? Well, that auction! An auction that beside the 670 NES games, obviously covering almost everything ever released on the console (thankfully Bible Buffet and other non-licensed horrors are mercifully absent), will also get you an impressive collection of NES accessories including the notorious Power Glove, ROB the robot, the Light (sorry, Zapper) Gun, a Game Genie and quite a few joysticks and joypads. Now, even if you aren’t planning to actually buy the whole lot -and let’s face it, you aren’t- you really have to visit the auction page. It’s a lesson in video game history and pathological obsession.