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Over 8.5 Billion Omnics Were Destroyed By Players During Overwatch’s Uprising Event



Last month, Overwatch began its seasonal event, Uprising, wherein players got the chance to go back in time and experience the Omnic uprising first-hand. In addition, the event brought tons of new character skins, sprays, emotes and more to the game. The event has since ended, and Blizzard Entertainment has released a new infographic featuring a ton of stats gathered over the course of the event.


In all, over 145 million Uprising brawl matches were completed, with a staggering 8,546,653,485 Null Sector Omnics destroyed in total. When it came to the most-picked Heroes in the brawl mode, Bastion, Orisa, Mercy, and Soldier 76 were the top-four characters that players picked. Additionally, during the event, over 815,000,000 Overwatch Uprising lootboxes were earned.


To see all of the compiled statistics from the event, you can check out the infographic below.








Overwatch is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.