A Brief Tour Of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s Quest Area



Monster Hunter Portable 3rd takes place in Yukumo Village, located in a mountainous region and based on a traditional oriental aesthetic. As such, one of the first things Capcom revealed about the village was that it houses a natural onsen (hot spring).


The hot springs are more important than you might have initially imagined. They aren’t for fan-service — they’re your base of operations in Yukumo Village. The springs are located just outside the main quest area from where you manage your quests and related items. More on this in a second.



The hot springs are how you regain stamina in between quests in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. You’ll also have the option to upgrade the water in the springs by performing special quests for the owner. Look at how it sparkles!


Amusingly, you can even take your Felyne partners in with you and play with toys and enjoy a drink together. Now, you might be wondering how Felynes managed to gain accommodation into such luxurious facilities. There’s an answer for that, too. Look who runs the hot springs:

mhp3rd_bathmaster mhp3rd_bathhouse_03

It looks like Felynes and humans in general get along just great in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Another type of quest (this one also acquired from a Felyne working at the hot springs) lets you create special drinks that give you extra skills.



Moving on, you now have two new lovely ladies giving you quests instead of just one like in Monster Hunter Tri. Meet Konoha and Sasayu, who give you low and high-level quests respectively. To their right is the board for multiplayer quests, as well as the hunter’s store, with a small item box where you can take out items before starting a quest. You can’t make equipment changes, though. Only your home item box can do that.

mhp3rd_quests_02 mhp3rd_quests_03 mhp3rd_quests_04 mhp3rd_quests_05


Here’s how the interior of this area looks (click to enlarge):



Because of monster attacks, the village chief invited hunters in to protect Yukumo Village. Here’s the layout of the area:


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