A Gardening Robot Learning About Love And An Angel That’s Afraid Of Water


In addition to the two difficulty modes, Sega also gave us a look at the character sub-scenario system in Shining Ark. By increasing character impression points, their sub scenarios can be triggered. The sub-scenarios will continue to progress along the main story.


Here’s a peek at some of Shining Ark’s sub scenarios:



– Panis hates water?

The villagers gave the crew some swimming gear to go for a nice dip, but for some reason, Panis refuses to go in the water and seems rather afraid of it…



– Shanon sprouts faint thoughts.

Shanon wanted to talk to Freed as his sister but she seems to have some sort of internal conflict going on.



– Viola’s other side?

Whenever she sees a classroom, she can’t seem to stand still. Could it be some sort of inner strict teacher side to her?



– The feelings that programs don’t have.

Adam begins to show an interest in ‘love’. It’s hard enough explaining it to another person, but a gardening robot?



– The elf princess that ventures the world on a boat.

What could the elf girl who has grown faint from the travels around different worlds be thinking about?


These plot lines may be vague at first but as your relationship grows with these characters and many others, the sub-scenario story will unfold in Shining Ark.

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