A Look At Some Of Monster Hunter Explore’s Lite Hunting Gameplay



Last year, Capcom shared a look at an upcoming smartphone game, Monster Hunter Explore, that focuses on exploration and light hunting action. The latest video for the game shows us a bit of its gameplay.



The video starts out with Maaya Uchida, the voice actress of the game’s main heroine Elisa, saying that she’s a fan of the regular Monster Hunter series, and she’s excited to try out the upcoming mobile spin-off game that lets you hunt with just one hand.


After Uchida selects the Great Sword weapon, the action begins at the 0:38 mark, where she encounters a Zinogre. As you can see from the screen, there’s an analog symbol with the Great Sword icon for the movement and a guard button just below. The monster also has a health bar, unlike in the main series.


While fighting the Zinogre, it appears that she’s always locked-on to it or a part of it until it breaks off. Additionally, we see a bit of a special attack that does a lot of damage to the fallen Zinogre. Uchida admits that she’s pretty horrible at Monster Hunter, but the simplicity of the controls and the special attacks made her feel good about her performance, and she was excited to see that even she was able to take down the mighty Zinogre.


In addition to the simple controls that makes it easier for even those who aren’t great at Monster Hunter, she says that the smooth movements of the characters shown on the screen are another charming point of the game, and that it’s exciting to hear new keywords being brought to the series such as “story” and “acquiring treasure”.


Monster Hunter Explore will launch in Japan sometime in 2015 for Android and iPhone.

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