A Look At Super Robot Taisen OE’s Original Characters And Battle Features


Super Robot Taisen is known for featuring and assortment of guests from various mecha series, including many from the Gundam universe and, as previously reported, from Sgt. Frog, Zoids, and Gurren Lagann, who will be joining the latest game in the series, Super Robot Taisen: Operation Extend.


In addition to their many guests, Namco Bandai also introduced their original new mecha and pilots via Famitsu.



Weapon: Waver Gun


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This mobile suit was originally created by Super Robot Taisen: Operation Extend protagonist Seishiro’s mother. It features a superior body frame with the ability to perform an emergency evasion maneuver in times of crisis. Its main weapon, the “Waver Gun,” also has an offensive ability that allows Seishuro to perform a maximum power mode.


Seishiro Kusaka (Kanji reading for surname subject to change)


Seishirou is a lively 22-year-old young man. He is talented in both literary and military arts, but he’s also puts a lot of effort into what he does, regardless of whether he is noticed for it or not. He has followed in the footsteps of his father and decided to learn the ways of the sword, which has taught him to be strict on himself while being generous to those around him. However, he can be a little too serious at times.


Himari Yaegaki



Himari is an 18-year-old girl who knows how to handle her studies just as well as sports. She can be a bit of an airhead at times, but her pleasant personality always brings joy to those around her. She’s usually a positive person and always means to do good, but it is said that she can lack wariness at times.


Moving along, here’s a look at three featured combat systems in Super Robot Taisen: Operation Extend.


System 1: Knock Back Attack


While attacking with a weapon that has a “Knock Back” effect, it will be possible to push enemies from their position on the map. In addition to knocking them off platforms, you can also push them into objects and other units for extra damage. It is a useful feature, as there’s not much enemies can do to defend themselves against Knock Back attacks.


System 2: High-Angled Shot



In Super Robot Taisen: Operation Extend, you won’t be able to attack enemies if there are objects that get in between allies and foes. Using a High-Angled Shot will allow you to hit these targets regardless of what’s in the way. If the enemy does not have a weapon with a High-Angled Shot ability, you won’t have to worry about taking any hits from counterattacks either.


System 3: Breakthrough Attack



The Breakthrough Attack is a special attack that allows you to attack all enemies on the route you travel. Similar to the Map Attack feature in past installments, this will let you hit multiple enemies at once. This attack will especially be useful when you’re rushing into a crowd of enemies.


We previously reported that Super Robot Taisen: Operation Extend will be a little different, as it will be available to download in eight parts. By purchasing the game via download card, you’ll have access to the Real PG (Perfect-Grade) Gundam, piloted by Sergeant Keroro!


Super Robot Taisen: Operation Extend is slated for release this Summer for PSP.

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