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A Space for the Unbound Global Release Issue Resolved

A Space for the Unbound global release issue resolved

The issue revolving around the global console releases of A Space for the Unbound was resolved. PQubeChorus Worldwide, Toge Productions, and Mojiken Studio published a joint statement announcing the resolution. Chorus Worldwide, which was originally in charge of releasing the game’s Japanese localization, has also taken over the responsibility for global console releases from PQube.

The issue became known to the public when Toge Productions published a statement in late August 2022. It accused PQube of “predatory practices” as the publisher did not hand over either the publishing control of A Space for the Unbound for consoles or a diversity grant fund from one of the console platforms. PQube later published its own statement, where it denied the allegations while claiming that Toge Productions tried to “unilaterally enforce unreasonable revised terms.”

The new joint statement revealed the resolutions of both issues that Toge Productions had raised. PQube fully supported the return of rights to the Indonesian company, and Toge Productions had also received the grant fund that the UK-based publisher received from the console platform.

The official tweet containing the statement is available right below.

During Tokyo Game Show 2022, A Space for the Unbound also became one of the Future Division Award winners. The Indonesian game received the award together with upcoming major Japanese releases such as Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI, Capcom’s Street Fighter 6, and Koei Tecmo’s Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Representatives from Chorus Worldwide were present at the event and received the award on behalf of Toge and Mojiken.

Chorus Worldwide will release the console versions of A Space for the Unbound globally for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, while Toge Productions will publish the game’s PC version in 2022.

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