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Action Henk Is Coming To PS4, Xbox One With New Local Multiplayer Mode


Developer RageSquid is bringing its speedy platformer Action Henk to PlayStation 4 in early March and Xbox One on March 4th. And it’ll have a new local multiplayer race mode that currently isn’t available in the PC version.


This new mode lets you and friends play as any one of the 30 action toys and race against each other across the game’s 70+ tracks. And if you haven’t got anyone round to play with you then you can always compete on the global online leaderboards to get the fastest times.


Action Henk has been described as a crossover between Toy Story, Sonic, and Trials. It takes place inside a toy box world and sees you competing to be the fastest toy. The main story follows the titular Action Henk, a toy out of his prime and now overweight, who still wants to beat an old rival.


To increase your time across the tracks you’ll need to use a mix of running, jumping, and butt-sliding. You’ll be rewarded Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals depending on how quick you are. There’s even a pro Rainbow medal. With these you unlock new worlds and harder challenges.


Finally, starting February 9th, you can vote for Action Henk to be one of the PlayStation Plus games in March. The other two options are Assault Android Cactus and Broforce.

Chris Priestman