PlayStation 3

Admit It, Seiya Looks Kind Of Like Bruce Lee In His Practice Gear


    Seiya and his pals have down time too. And during those times, they like to kick back and do some kung-fu fightin’(those kicks were fast as lightin’). So it makes sense that the first batch of DLC for Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is the practice pack. For 500 yen, players will be able to get Seiya, Shaina and others in their practice outfits rather than their armors.




    As a bonus, you’ll also be able to get Shaina’s and Eagle’s masked and unmasked versions to fight with. Seeing as the universe of Saint Seiya makes these woman either fall in love or kill the person who sees them unmasked, we guess they opt for the latter.


    Check out the pile of screenshots of the new DLC below. The pack will be available on the 24th of October. It’s also inching closer to the November 26th release in the US and Canada as a PlayStation Network download!











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