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Advance Wars-Inspired Tactics Game Tiny Metal Is Headed To Nintendo Switch


Advance Wars-inspired turn-based tactical game Tiny Metal is headed to the Switch, Area 34 announced recently. They note that they hope the game brings to players a “simple yet deep gameplay,” as well as “an engaging story.

You can watch the following video to get a look at Tiny Metal’s tactical gameplay.


Here’s more on Tiny Metal and what the game has to offer from the game’s official website:

Tiny Metal is all about the gameplay. We are experienced Japanese video game developers who have come together to develop Tiny Metal. We believe that can make world renowned games again. Our history dates back to the golden era of Japanese video games.

We put Japanese war gaming into the latest graphicial package modern hardware can provide. Tiny Metal features 13 unique units and never before seen gameplay mechanics. Tiny Metal is the Japanese Arcade Wargame you wish you had as a kid.


Play as Artemisian Lieutenant, Nathan Gries, as he commands his units to victory against the villainous nation of Zipang. There will be several friends and enemies along the way with varied factions, units, and abilities in the 8-10 hours of single player campaign gameplay. Players will have to carefully consider varying terrain, positioning for attacks, and strategic advancements and defenses.

Game Features

  • Play 20 campaign missions to follow the story of Lt. Nathan Gries
  • Four units with Multiple upgrade options to customize each units
  • Select and deploy your unique combination of units to cater for each missions
  • Skirmish modes to replay all your favourite maps
  • English and Japanese

In the turn-based strategy game, Tiny Metal, players build their force consisting of several units and completes the mission on isometric grids. Each unit has it’s own speed determining its movement order. The game ends when the player meets their primary objective criteria like “destroy all opposing forces” or “capture enemy headquarters” or fails when the player can no longer compete or meet their objective.

Tiny Metal is scheduled to release for the Switch sometime in October of this year.