Amber’s Magic Shop Juggles Shopkeeping & Multiple Fantasy Romances


Amber’s Magic Shop will have players trying to run a magic store while dealing with the varied affections of men, women, and magical beings, offering all manner of relationships to its players.


Players control amber, a dark elf woman who’s trying to run her own magic shop. As such, it will be up to the player to help her run the store and craft items for it through different minigames. These games are optional should players wish to get to other aspects of the game rather than running a store.

Her customers may be far more interesting than shopkeeping, though. Various mages, warriors, and adventurers, as well as magical beings like vampires and elves, are all very interested in the dark elf shopkeeper. Players can couple up with the various men and women of the game, as well as begin a polyamorous relationship with some of them, as they make decisions throughout the romantic side of this visual novel.


Each character line offers four different endings, allowing for a great deal of variance depending on how their love affairs play out. Player choices won’t only affect these romance outcomes, but they will also change their dark/light alignment throughout the game, which will also affect how they interact with other characters and what occurs in the story.

Amber’s Magic Shop is available now on Steam and through the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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